Sunday, February 17, 2013

In The News

Obama Gun Grab Based On False Assumptions
West Point Cadets Taught That Patriots Are Terrorists
Missouri Dems Introduce Legislation To Confiscate Firearms
Interesting Civil Rights Column
We're Even More Hated In Pakistan
Seen At The Gunsmithing Shop: Everyone Makes Mistakes
Magpul Threatens To Leave Colorado
10 Rounds Is Not Enough
Security Guard Defends Himself And Others With AR15
Homeland Security Has Enough Ammo For 2yr War... Against Citizens?
Obama Fiddled
The .46cal Semi Auto That Changed The World
Flash Mob Violence Ignored By The Media
Climate Change Will Destroy Maryland
Police Allowed To Enter Homes To Inspect AR's In Washington?
Why Does Homeland Security Need 1.4 Billion Rounds Of Ammo
Libya Arrests Christians
Egyptian Christians Run Over By Tanks
Obama Gives More Tanks To Egyptians
Cop Accidently Shoots Partner, 3rd Cop Panic Fires
The Forgotten Victims Of Christopher Dorner
Liberal's Letter To The Editor
Don't Buy A Scope Without Reading This

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