Monday, September 8, 2014

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What Cops Really Do
Officer Separations For The US Army
Naked Man Beats Off 12 Cops, Self
Mike Brown - Not Convicted Of A Serious Felony As A Juvenile
College Hate Crime Hoax
Sig P227 Review
Kel-Tec SU16 Review
S&W M&P9 Review
SIG 1911 Match Elite Review
CA Police Confiscate Guns Altered To Look Fake
Home Defense Ammo For Your Handgun
Stand Down Order Given In Benghazi
Kansas City Sniper - Kind Of Ignored By The MSM
No Global Warming For 215 Months In A Row
IRS Mysteriously Loses More E-mails
Even More Lost E-mails At The IRS
IRS Continues To Lie About Lost E-mails?
Foreigners Own Over $6 Trillion In US Debt
Conflicting Accounts From "Eye Witnesses"
Witness Knew Michael Brown
Brits Let Child Rape Continue Out Of Fear Of Being Called Racist
Letting Child Rapes Occur Due To Multiculturalism
UK Employee Calls Rapists "Asian Men," Gets Sent To Diversity Training
Cops Did Nothing In UK Child Rapes
Double Hypocrisy- Obama Fanboy Takes Private Jet To Germany For Healthcare
Mysterious Cell Phone Towers Intercepting Calls Across The US
The Anti Gun Billionaires
Texas Dems Use Cocaine To Buy Votes
Victim Told To, "Shut Up And Get In The Car"
Gang Beating After Sexual Harrassment - With Video
16 Year Old Beaten For Acting _____
New Witness Claims That Mike Brown Had Hands Up When Shot
Tea Party Groups Helps Out In Ferguson
Elderly Couple Attacked In Restaurant
Concealed Carrier Stops Criminal With A Knife
Beating Victim From Kroger Speaks Out
Kroger Mob Beating Victim Speaks
"Ex-Marine Who Swatted Black Shopper To Death In Walmart Changes His Story"
Mainstream Media Ignores Child Sex Abuse When It's Committed By Muslim Community
1400 English Girls Raped By English Multiculturalism
Rotherham's Collaborators
Self Defense Shooting Outside Of Kroger
Holder Staff Member Accidently Calls Issa Staff For Help Spinning IRS Scandal
Surprise, IRS Loses E-mails From 5 More Employees

Saturday, August 30, 2014

In The News

CA SWAT Team Surrounds Man With An Umbrella
Unarmed Epileptic Teen Shot 24 Times By Police - Media Silent
Teen Criminals Have 35 Felony Arrests, Guns Used In At Least One
57 Police Officers Were Fatally Shot By 'Unarmed' Suspects
Fox News Brings In An 'Expert' To State Gibberish About The Brown Shooting
Medical Examiner Slams Brown Family Hire
Hey, We Really Do Have Copies Of Learner's E-mails
NYPD Blames Guns For Their Own Officers Incompetence
About Those M4 Dust Tests
Guns, Ignorance, And Superstition In Africa
The Truth About Chicago's Crime Rates
Thugs Flying Palestinian Flags Attack Jewish Couple
1400 Children In Great Britain Drugged, Raped By Multicultural Sensitivity
Imams Promote Child "Grooming" Rings In UK
Marine Vet Attacked By Mob Angry About Mike Brown Shooting
White Youth Killed By A Black Police Officer? Media, "Nothing To See Here" Will Cost $1.7 Billion
Another Crazy Rant From Farrakhan
Another Gov Agency Cooks The Books On Global Warming - Aussie Style This Time
5 Nevers Of Self Defense
Nah... Not A Hate Crime Despite The Racist Epithets
Another Case That Doesn't Meet The Key Criteria For A Hate Crime
The NYPD Has A Hip Hop Squad To Prevent Celebrity Shootings
Foley Rescue Mission Failed Due To Obama's Dithering
ISIS Sells Yazidi Women As Sex Slaves
Sleeves On Extended Pistol Magazines
Media Ignores Tea Party In Ferguson
A Modern High Tech Lynching Of A Police Officer
Almost Half Of America Is On Welfare
High School Graduation Rates
Most Guns Seized In US Cities Are Handguns
'The Most Drunk Democrat In Texas'
Anti Gunners Hate Self Defense During Disasters
This Chart Shows How Guns Are Used In The US
Woman With Gun Drives Off Bat Wielding Criminals
Cops Shoot Unarmed Teen 18 Times, Media Ignore Story
An Honest Conversation On Race
Debunking The Myth About Steel Not Being Harder Than Brass
Myth Of Artic Meltdown
How To Load A Shotgun In Competition
DOJ Sues Police Dept For Treating Women Equally
"Then The Next Thing I Know He Doubled Back Toward Him"
Witnesses Claim That Brown Was Shot From Behind, Autopsy Says From The Front
"Journalist" Can't Tell The Difference Between Bullets And Earplugs

Friday, August 22, 2014

In The News

AR15s Not Covered By 2A?
Unibrow Attackers Call Cops On Homeowner Defending Himself
US Terrorism Database Doubles
Obama's Successes... Not
A Timeline Of Events In Ferguson
Slain Teen Was Suspect In Strongarm Robery
Huffpo Reporter Mistakes Earplugs For Rubber Bullets
Brown Shot Six Times In The Front
"Gentle Giant" In Robbery Video
Supporters Claim Brown Was Photoshopped Into Video
Police Let Looters Run Wild, Business Owners Protect Their Property
Innocent Store Manager Lives In Fear Of Looter Trash
White Guy Protests Police In Ferguson, Gets Beaten By FSA
Black Cop Shoots White Teen, Media Silent
Star Witness In Mike Brown Shooting Charged With Theft, Filing False Police Report
Supporters Of Darren Wilson Roughed Up By Ferguson Protestors
Perry Grand Juror Was An Active Democratic Party Delegate During Jury Proceedings
Eyewitness: Mike Brown "Kept Coming Toward Him"
Chicago & LA: Faking Crime Numbers
Almost 110 Million Americans On Welfare
Most Dangerous Cities In America
IQ Points Dropping, People Becoming More Stupid
USMC Adopts New 5.56mm Ammo
US Army Issues New "Green" Round
Captured Yazidi Women Forced To Wed Jihadi Trash
Is This The Next "St. Skittles?"
When The US Switched Sides And Helped Al Qaeda
Cause Of Global Warming Hiatus Found Deep In The Ocean
Has The Earth's Missing Heat Been Found?
Island Disappearing Due To Global Warming, Not Really
Global Warming May Take Another 10 Year Pause
Ironman Backpack For Machinegunners
Massive Amount Of Vietnam War Pics
Handgun Etiquette For Beginners
Another Billionaire For Gun Control
The Seven Deadly Sins Of Shooting
Homemade .410 Revolver Carbine
Big Political Donors In The Next Election Cycle
Flakes Doing Slut Walk On The Left Coast - Lots Of Fat Chicks
Top Three Pistols For The Money
27 Deadliest Mass Shootings In US History
Black Cop Shoots White Teen, Media Silent, Everyone Behaves
Must Be Seen To Be Believed
Gun Violence Stats From Business Week And The CDC
Star Witness In Mike Brown Case Has Arrest Warrant, History Of Lying To Cops
Interesting Fact About Mohammed
Black Cop Shoots Dillon Taylor

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Interesting Story About Surviving The LA Riots

  In light of what's going on in Ferguson, I thought this was worth posting. It's the experiences of someone that was present during the LA Riots.

Jew Without A Gun

Past Gun And Knife Reviews

Earlier gun and knife reviews on this blog are here.

The Tools Of Murder

  Yes, I've been playing around on the FBI's website. I'm that big of a geek, and have a decent amount of time on my hands. No, I don't live in my parent's basement.
  The link below lists what's used (and the percentages) for murders in the USA. Remember this information when the MSM is telling us what a scourge upon society "Assault Weapons" are.

Expanded Homicide Data Table 8

Stats That The Grievance Industry And MSM Never Talks About

  Links are provided below to FBI crime statistics.

Who's Killing Who In The US
Crime In Our Cities Broken Down By Race
Crime In Our Nation Broken Down By Race