Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Prepping And Shelf Life

  Here's a few links that I've run across regarding the shelf life of food and meds.

General Food Storage Shelf Life

9 Foods That Can Outlast You

5 Different Shelf Life Studies

Gov Medical Study

Meds And Shelf Life

Meds Shelf Life Extension Program

Canned Food Shelf Life

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Lynching


   This video seems a lot like the coverage that I've seen from a few cable news networks. Other than the facts, logic, and common sense in the video... it's just like the reporting on CNN and MSNBC.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Little Monday Morning Snark

  President Obama recently took some time off from planning his after vacation vacation to discuss the phony scandals that are keeping Congress from enacting more HopeyChangey legislation. I won't go into all of the failed policies that Obama has tried to enact. I'd grow old while sitting at this keyboard trying to list them all.

 Instead, I'll talk about the "Phony scandals." I have to wonder if the 5 dead Americans at Benghazi are "Phony" corpses, and if the wounded are in "Phony" pain.
  Perhaps the President is referring to the "Phony" Fast And Furious scandal, and the 2,000 "Phony" bodies that can be tied to the gun running program. I'm sure that the parents of the slain Border Patrol agent will be happy to know that his death was a "Phony" murder.
  Hmm... maybe Obama is referencing the NSA program that collects data on every aspect of your life in America. A government agency illegally gathering credit card info, cell phone information, and computer data is clearly a "Phony scandal." After all, it's not like we have privacy rights.
  I suppose that the Dear Leader could be thinking of the "Phony" IRS scandal in which a government agency specifically targeted Americans for their political beliefs. Any scandal involving a government agency trying to influence elections or handing over confidential donor lists to Liberal groups is clearly "phony."
  Yeah, it's all just some crazy Rightwing racist conspiracy to keep Obama from being a success. The scandals must be "Phony" since no one was held accountable for any of the instances list above.

  Let's talk about Anthony Weiner. First of all, it's amusing as hell watching Matt Drudge make up Weiner puns. Maybe I'm just easily amused.
  I think that Weiner should drop out of the race for his scandal (is this phony too), but I don't consider him that horrible of a person. He's just a normal run of the mill Democratic perv. The party has a whole closet full of them, and has never worried about them serving in the past.
  You don't believe me? There was Barney Frank, and the escort service being run out of his apartment. Gerry Studds and the congressional page scandal. About 1/3 of the Congressional Black Caucus have been probed for ethics violations. Bill Clinton and the Kennedys are in their own category, and need no further mention.
  What's another local Democratic politician sending dick pics? When I put that up against all of the national politicians that tried to recently gut the 2nd Amendment, it's small potatoes. When I think about a President that treats our Constitution with the same respect that he gives toilet paper, it makes Weiner look harmless.

  Soooo... I don't really care that much about Weiner's behavior. It amuses me. I don't live in NY, and they can deal with their own trash. I will say that at least no one has accused this doofus of hanging around with terrorists and communists.
  Hell, he may be a worse husband, but he's probably a better person than the current occupant of the White House. My view of Anthony Weiner isn't that high. My opinion of Barack Obama is that low.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

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A Little Thursday Afternoon Snark

  "They say that George Zimmerman is going to change his name to Ben Ghazi so that Obama and the media will stop talking about him."

  BTW, George Zimmerman recently helped  to save 4 people involved in a car crash. Obama let 4 people die at Benghazi.

  If George Zimmerman changes his name to Marcus, Jamal, or LeBron, there will be no interest from Al Sharpton in any of his future self defense shootings.

  Who would you pick when choosing neighbors, Zimmerman or Martin? One gentleman volunteers to help his community, tutors children of all races, protested the beating of a homeless man, and helps rescue people from trapped cars. The other gentleman is a thief, and a drug user. Who would you want around your family? Which man would you trust with your house keys while on vacation?

  No one was killed for wearing a hoodie, buying Skittles, or being black. The 17 year old was killed while attacking someone. Period. If you don't know this, then you're uninformed, or easily led by liars with an agenda.

  I'm confused. Was George Zimmerman on trial, or was it Miss Cleo? Unless Zimmerman was psychic, there was no way for him to know if Martin was going to beat him for 30 more seconds or 20 more minutes. He also had no way of knowing if Trayvon Martin was going to kill him.
  Many on the Left seem to believe that he should simply have accepted his beating and trusted in the good will and self control of his attacker. I disagree.

  Following Martin was a mistake, but it wasn't illegal. End of story. Was Martin "Profiled?" I really don't care. He did fit the profile of criminals plaguing Zimmerman's gated community. Sorry, it's true.
  Unless GZ works for the TSA, there's no real reason for him to spend time checking out toddlers, nuns, and old women when looking for criminals.
  Profiling... waaaaaah. Guess what? When the government was looking for the DC Sniper, we were told that the shooter was a white male. So what did we, white males do? We cried, whined, pissed, and moaned about being "Profiled."
  Nah... we really didn't. We just kept our eyes open for suspicious white guys in white vans.
  The same clowns that are soooo concerned about Martin being profiled are silent about the Department Of Homeland Security stating that returning veterans, Constitutionalists, and 2nd Amendment supporters are the biggest threat to our nation's security.

  Would the race hustlers have visited Florida if Zimmerman's last name was Sanchez? Does the killing of black youths only count when it sounds like the shooter is a white Jew?

  Rachel Jeantel is the first person that I've seen that could make Al Sharpton sound like Bryant Gumbel.

  Speaking of Rachel, the media is desperately trying to convince us that she's an extremely intelligent young woman. Don't believe your lying eyes, and ears. Believe what CNN and MSNBC are telling you.
   Would you want to hear her voice coming from the control tower when your plane is getting ready to land?
  Would you want to hear her voice on the other end of the phone after calling 911?      
  Would you want her to process your loan paperwork when buying a home? I really doubt that most people would want her involved in anything even remotely important. Hell... I wouldn't trust her to even get my order right when going through the drive through at McDonald's.

  Why is the Democratic Party so concerned about the violent trash in our communities? Many on the Left are fighting to weaken or do away with Stand Your Ground laws. Are Liberals that concerned about the welfare of rapists, killers, and muggers?

  BTW, "Stand Your Ground" was never used as a defense during the trial. When your media choices keep harping on the shooting and "Stand Your Ground," you are being misled. How you feel about being lied to by journalists is up to you. If they keep your trust after consistently lying to you then you're a fool.

  The media constantly used a pre teen picture of Trayvon Martin, when discussing the 17 year old's death. Will they use elementary school pics for the next case that they push, or perhaps a few ultrasound pictures?

  Trayvon Martin was larger than I was when I graduated from Parris Island (boot camp). He may have legally been a "Child," but he was hardly the helpless babe that CNN and MSNBC portrayed him to be.

  Snark Free Zone:

  I've spent a little time discussing the Zimmerman trial on this blog. More posts on this case will probably follow this one. Why am I so concerned about this shooting?

  One major reason that I'm still interested in this story is because we're being lied to on a nightly basis. There WAS a fair trial, and Zimmerman won. "Justice" doesn't mean that you get your way. Many Americans seem to think that throwing a hissy fit guarantees them whatever they want. It's sad that reality is such a rude awakening for them.

  Zimmerman had the State and Federal government against him. The full weight of the legal system was brought to bear in this year's trial. He was investigated by the FBI for what is basically a local crime.
  Almost the entire mainstream media was calling for his head. They spent over a year twisting the story into something that it wasn't, and even altered audio tapes of the 911 calls. They denied his injuries for months, and told America that he called Martin a "Coon." Media malpractice was the norm in regards to the Zimmerman story.
  So who else was gunning for Zimmerman? I seem to remember the President speaking out about this case. A lot of pretend Civil Rights organizations and race pimps denounced him again and again. There was even a bounty placed on him. Apparently the Justice Dept. is OK with "Dead or Alive" bounties being placed on citizen's heads by hate groups.
  America's entertainment industry did all that they could to influence the nation's view of GZ.
  Countless politicians weighed in, and spewed as many lies as the media.
  Despite a truly unprecedented army of opponents, Zimmerman won. Was it a fair trial? Not really. What he faced went far beyond what should be considered fair.
  He won. It's time for the hissy fits and hysteria to stop. Get over it.

  Let's get back to why I really care so much about this case. I hate seeing the government oppress an innocent individual. Many seem to agree with me in that regard. My main motivation, however, is that I could be the next Zimmerman.
  I carry concealed, am White, and have an odd name (doesn't sound Jewish though so I might not be a target of the "Civil Rights" leaders). I hope and pray that I never have to use my gun, but if the unthinkable happens, I might find myself facing what Zimmerman faced. Considering my gun hobby, history (USMC), online postings, and size... I would be screwed. Many Americans would find themselves in a similar situation if the media/race pimp circus decided to make them the next GZ.
  So this is why I care. It's simple self interest. When you let the government take down an innocent man, you make it easier for them to target you next.
  Is Zimmerman a hero? Hardly. He does, however, seem like a decent human being in a bad situation. I'll support him because I could be the next George Zimmerman.

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Zimmerman Case - What If The Races Were Flipped?

   OK, here it is. Actually the races aren't flipped because these two cases deal with Blacks and Whites, instead of Hispanics.
  You get the point though.

  The verdicts were the same.

White People Rioting

Westlake Plaza Shooting

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

George Zimmerman - Why He Is Not Guilty

  I've heard many people repeatedly say that the shooting was Zimmerman's fault because he left his truck on that night in Dec. 2012. I wish that I had a dollar for every time that flawed (and stupid) line of reasoning is stated.
  Most of those in my little social circle have a different view. It's not that we don't think that George Zimmerman made a poor choice. It is the fact that we don't blame the victim for a crime. You aren't partially to blame for your radio being stolen because you left your car unlocked. You aren't partially guilty of being raped because your clothing is skin tight, and you're walking after dark.
  We Don't Blame The Victim. If you're obeying the law then you're obeying the freaking law. End of story.
  Apparently this view is not shared by most of the media, and Zimmerman's detractors.
  Did Zimmerman make a poor choice on the night of the shooting? That is without a doubt. Was it illegal, or immoral?
  The gentleman in the video above does a far better job than I can in stating why Zimmerman is not legally to blame for the attack that led to the shooting. This is one of the best videos that I've seen on this topic, and it should be used as a primer for the make believe "Journalists" that are shaping the views of so many impressionable minds.

Media Malpractice And The Zimmerman Case

  George Zimmerman was found not guilty last week. Many people across this nation, and those in the media, called for a trial after his shooting of Trayvon Martin in 2012. Despite there being little evidence that he committed murder, a trial was held. 
  They got their wish.
  Appeasement was tried. It failed.

  Now that George Zimmerman is acquitted, we're seeing riots and assaults. Apparently, many seem to believe that, "Justice" means that Zimmerman's detractors get their way. A fair trial isn't justice unless the mob gets the verdict that they want.
  I'll say it again, appeasement never works.

  George Zimmerman was tried, and found not guilty. Do you have any idea how hard it is to beat the government in the courtroom? They put everything that they had into this case, and still lost. Unless you're wealthy, there is no way to spend the same kind of money on a defense that the prosecution will spend to convict you. It's almost impossible to beat the government in a high profile case like this one.
  Zimmerman won in spite of having the odds stacked against him. The government (at all levels) was out to get him. The entertainment industry used every opportunity to smear him. Race pimps and pretend civil rights leaders constantly attacked him while lying about the case.
  Most of the news networks in this country were involved in what should be referred to as media malpractice. Lies, half truths, and innuendo replaced fact based reporting. Even audio tapes were edited to paint a worse picture of the defendant.
  Millions upon millions of Americans used race as a basis for their hatred of the man.

  Yet Zimmerman won.

  Because we have no real unbiased media outlets in this nation, I plan to collect articles that tell a story that you won't see on CNN, MSNBC, or even FOX. This will largely be done due to my annoyance with the low information voters that I deal with on most days. Think of this as constructive therapy for the stupidity that I (and a lot of you) have to endure when listening to recycled gibberish from Maddow, Mathews, and Sharpton. The list will be constantly updated for a few weeks, and I'm looking for nuggets of information that are often overlooked.
  You could ask, "Why do I care?" That's an easy question. This could easily be you or I on trial for a similar situation. One would hope that when the police investigator, police chief, and local DA all believe that you're innocent, you will not be pilloried for political reasons. I know, that's a quaint belief that has no place in 2013.
  One last item, how many times did CNN and MSNBC use pre teen pictures of George Zimmerman when discussing this trial? Shouldn't they have aired a few Middle School pics to go along with all of the pictures of Trayvon at age 12?  I'd love to hear from a journalism major. Do they still teach ethics in college for those seeking a degree in journalism?

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman Aquitted

  George Zimmerman was found not guilty late last night after 16 hrs of deliberation from the jury. I'm sure that some will cheer, and countless others will scream that there is no justice. The race pimps will make an appearance, and continue to milk this story for all that's it's worth. I have no doubt that some in the media will continue to give skewed coverage, and possibly help cause violence.

  That's where we are in America today. It's damn sad and a disgrace.

  I don't know anyone that considers Zimmerman a hero for his actions last year. I don't consider him heroic, or the villain that some portray him to be. In my opinion, he's just a man that landed in a horrible situation. It was partially through his own actions. IMO, the bulk of the blame rests with Trayvon Martin.
  Zimmerman stated that he was attacked by Martin, and I've seen nothing to refute his claims. That's what the story comes down to. Which man (and a 17 year old is far from being a 'Child') attacked the other. Who had the right to self defense on that cold, rainy night in February, 2012?
  That is what this case should have been about before it was hijacked for racial politics, and anti gun agendas.
  I want to make a few points about the Zimmerman trial before I have to listen to more propaganda, misleading statements, and outright lies tomorrow.

1) This was the prosecution's case to lose. They should have walked away with an easy victory if the evidence was there, and Zimmerman was really guilty. When you go on trial, the government has money and resources that the average person cannot hope to counter. Unless you happen to have OJ or Martha Stewart money, the odds are greatly against you. Lawyers and expert witnesses are expensive. Everything comes down to money, and few can raise the funds for a defense that will match the prosecution's spending.

2) When the prosecution puts on a case, it's generally expected that the police will be on their side. If you watched the events unfold last week, it's obvious that was not the case. When was the last time you saw the prosecution ask the judge to strike a police officer's (their witness) testimony from the record?

3) When was the last time that you saw a judge try to bully a defendant into testifying? BTW, the judge in this trial is a lifelong Democrat, and an elected official. A Zimmerman acquittal was not in her best interest.
  After looking at some of her actions, there really shouldn't be any doubt that she was on the government's side.

4) Evidence was withheld from the defense by the prosecution.

5) Martin was Black. Zimmerman is Latino. Some seem to favor the term, "White Hispanic," as this adds a racial aspect to the case. George Zimmerman identifies himself as a Hispanic. It doesn't matter if he's half white.
Bear in mind that Obama is also half White, yet no one seems to call him anything other than Black. He also identifies himself as Black.
  I mentioned this because some will claim that the jury was inherently unfair because no Blacks were on it. I would argue that the jury was probably more unbiased because no Blacks and almost no Hispanics were serving on this jury. Whites didn't have a dog in this race. It was a Hispanic/Black thing. Of course the media, and a few make believe Civil Rights organizations tried to pretend that it was a White/Black issue.

6) The prosecution never proved their case. It's that simple. Their own witnesses varied between being unbelievable to actually supporting the defense's arguments. I have to say that the government did a wonderful job in closing, and their statements were compelling. The problem is that a statement isn't a fact. A case is built on facts, and the testimony of witnesses. Zimmerman's defense won this hands down.

7) Did anyone else find it odd that most of the media seem determined to defend the use of a racial epithet by Rachel Jeantel? Perhaps Jeantel is really a genius despite her poor showing on the witness stand. I somehow how doubt it though.
 Why did the mainstream media insist on defending her poor dialect, behavior, past, and use of the word, "Cracker?" Can you remember when news was reported on instead of being shaped by, "Journalists?"

8) Why didn't the prosecution call the medical examiner that actually did the autopsy on Trayvon Martin. Usually the witness that actually saw an event, or participated in an investigation is called.

9) How many other Black teens were killed in the past year? How many protests marches did they get? What is the difference in those deaths, and Martin's? Who profited by this media circus? Does a murder only rate interest in the Black community when it initially sounds like the shooter is a White Jew? This is largely what the case was about. If Zimmerman's last name was Rodriguez, he would still be unknown.

10) Why are the government, the media, and make believe Civil Rights organizations so rabidly against Stand Your Ground laws, and the Castle Doctrine?

11) Why are there concerns about supporters of the Martin family rioting, yet there were never any worries about Zimmerman's supporters becoming violent?

12) Zimmerman cooperated with the police after the shooting. He didn't, "Lawyer up." I don't consider that very wise, but how many murderers giver the police full cooperation?

13) Did your media sources constantly use pictures of the pre teen Martin while covering this story? Do you feel that it's accurate to show pictures of a 12 year old when discussing the killing of a 17 year old? Is this reporting a story, or shaping public opinion? Which is the job of the media?
  Did your news source claim for weeks that GZ called Martin a, "Fucking coon," when talking to 911?
  Did your media source alter an audio tape to make it seem like Zimmerman said Martin was acting suspicious because he was Black?
  Did they claim over and over that Zimmerman had no visible injuries on the police surveillance tapes?
  Put aside your feelings about guns, race, etc. Look at your media choices, and ask yourself if they are trustworthy, or if they merely tell you what you want to hear.

14) Isn't odd that while this case has been reduced to race, race, race... no one can find a single bit of evidence that George Zimmerman is a racist. Disregard the night of the shooting, and look at Zimmerman's history. This was a very high profile trial, yet no one came forward to say, "I worked with George, and he used the N-word." There were no witnesses called that could say anything about Zimmerman's past that would indicate that he hated Black people.
  Here is something that most should consider. In spite of having unlimited money, time, and investigators... the government couldn't find a hint of racism in George Zimmerman's social media footprint. Nothing on Facebook, nothing texted, tweeted, commented on, etc. How many of you have a social media footprint that is that clean? If people poured through your online postings it's likely that there would be a lot of embarrassing statements made over the years.
  The government was desperate to keep everything from Martin's life out of the courtroom, but couldn't find anything derogatory to pin on Zimmerman. This says a lot to me about GZ's character.

  As I said earlier, I don't consider George Zimmerman to be a hero or a villain. Like most people, I wish that he had stayed in his truck that night. I'm sure that he wishes the same. With that said, it's not illegal to follow someone. It is however illegal to attack another person. That's what this case was about to me, who was the attacker.
  Who had the right to self defense on February 26, 2012?
  I feel that the defense proved that it was Zimmerman. In the coming days we'll see how many agree with me.
  It's sad that a few people felt the need to turn this murder investigation/trial into a media circus for racial politics.

  One last thing, take a look at all of the personal information disclosed about both Martin and Zimmerman over the last 12 months. Which man would you want living next door? Which person would you trust to come into your home to feed your pets while away on vacation?
  Questions like this are easy to answer, and a large reason why I supported Zimmerman. I have a lot of respect for those that, "Step up." This includes volunteer firefighters, volunteer paramedics, and yes... even volunteer neighborhood watchmen.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"National Guard Soldiers, Airmen to be Furloughed"

National Guard Soldiers, Airmen To Be Furloughed

  The USA's fiscal mess isn't really a concern to many. It's not important that we are so broke that America's troops have to be furloughed. The main thing to remember is that China will still lend us enough money to send Zero, Mooch, and the kids on a taxpayer funded Africa vacation. I wonder how many of these family trips they'll take when the costs come out of the Obama family budget.

The Obama Family Trip Could Cost Taxpayers $60 To $100 Million

  Yes, you could argue that both the Clintons and the Bush family went to Africa as well. There was however, a budget surplus during the Clinton years, and we weren't furloughing troops during the Bush years. We also weren't adding $1 trillion every year to the national debt during 43s term.
  I don't think a little shared sacrifice from the White House is much to ask for when 101 million Americans get food aid from the Federal Gov.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2 Articles Every Prepper Should Read

  The title says it all. Below are 2 articles that I think everyone involved in prepping should read. I'm far from being an expert on the topic of survivalism, but I hear a lot of unrealistic expectations from friends and family members. This is especially true in regards to self defense.

Living In The Middle Of A War Zone

I Am Your Worst Nightmare

Monday, July 8, 2013

Jim Carrey Apologizes To "Heartless Motherf%ckers"

  Jim Carrey apologized (sort of) to all of us assault weapon owning "Heartless Motherf%ckers." Isn't that nice?
  Yet another Hollywood type joins the list of actors that will never see a dollar of my money.

Sorry For Calling You "Heartless Motherf%ckers"

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Multi Caliber Revolver

  I can't believe that this firearm isn't still being made. It boggles the mind, and proves that life isn't fair.

 Some of you no doubt remember a lot of prepping, and hysteria before Y2K. This was the earliest that I can recall people putting away guns, and ammo (I'm not as old as you think I am). I can vaguely remember a revolver called the Colt "Survivor" being mentioned in the various gun publications during the late 1990's. It seemed like a fascinating weapon, and I looked forward to seeing it released. Unfortunately it was never put on the market in spite of being a great concept.

   Colt never released the gun, but 500 Medusa  revolvers were produced by Phillips & Rodgers. Why they hell isn't this weapon still being made? I'd buy one tomorrow, and I believe that it would be a great seller in this current environment.

 Yes, almost 3/4 of all handguns sold in the USA are semi autos, but there is a huge interest in prepping and survivalism at this time. A handgun that will take a couple of dozen different calibers would fly off of the shelves. Even if you disregarded the prepping community, this gun would sell just because of all of the gun owners that have struggled to find ammunition this year. Most of us would never use anything other than 9mm, .38spl, or .357 Magnum rounds, but everyone enjoys the cool factor when buying gear.
  Consider all of the people that purchase .22lr conversion kits, or those that buy Lone Wolf 9mm barrels for their .40cal Glocks. It's easy to see that there is an interest in multi caliber handguns.

 Yes, it's cheaper to pop a polymer pistol frame out of a mold every 90 seconds than it is to have a steel revolver frame spend 15 minutes on a CNC machine. Ruger, however, has demonstrated that they can make revolver frames from polymer that will hold up to Magnum caliber abuse. I'd love to see them take this concept, and run with it in a large framed polymer handgun.

  I'd easily pay M1911 prices for an updated version of this Medusa. Is anyone at Ruger firearms listening? If Taurus can sell a bazillion of their multi caliber Judges then it's obvious that this weapon would be a hit with gun enthusiasts.
  Don't even get me started on producing an updated LeMat for the 21st century.

Past Gun And Knife Reviews

Past gun and knife reviews on this blog are here.

Friday, July 5, 2013

No One Wants To Ban Your Guns


  I had a long rambling essay prepared for this post, and simply decided to delete it. It isn't needed, and I only have a few points to make. The video largely speaks for itself.
1) This man would be considered by most of us to be a flake, but guess what? He showed up for that protest. That's dedication. How many gun owners are too lazy to even write their Congressmen, or join the NRA? You can bet that this gentleman votes, donates, and contacts his politicians. There's a lot of people out there just like him. I suspect that he even seems rational compared to a lot of his peers in the anti gun community.
2) He wants everything remotely dangerous to be banned. I see someone that believes in big government. I don't even think that Mayor Bloomberg advocates banning nails and kitchen utensils. How bad is it when someone makes the Mayor of NYC look like a moderate?
3) Most of those in favor of banning so many objects obviously believe in collective punishment for the crimes of a few. That's what gun bans are... collective punishment for law abiding citizens. It's irrational, doesn't work, and leads to more crime (which in turn leads to more bans, and larger government).
4) As I listen to this gentleman speak, I have to wonder how he would feel about informing on neighbors, coworkers, or family members. This video makes me question his opinion on house to house searches for firearms. Would he support Martial Law? All of those measures would be needed in order to ban firearms in America.
5) He's a believer in his cause. This older gent knows what he knows, and will not let facts get in the way. You won't change his mind. There's others out there just like him, and they're not going away. We need to show the same dedication, or just resign ourselves to idea of becoming like (formerly Great) Britain.
  Perhaps I'm reading too much into this video, and the anti gunner being interviewed. Maybe this gentleman is entirely different than I imagine, and I'm a horrible judge of character. It's possible.
  I doubt it though.
  Remember this video when the Magazine Bans, Assault Weapon Bans, and Universal Registration Background Checks are brought back for another vote.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day

  Happy Independence Day to all.

File:Us declaration independence.jpg

  It's hard to believe that there were once great Americans that were willing to risk their lives, liberty, and fortunes for freedom. Now we live in a country in which most people simply want free shit.
  It's sad how far this nation has fallen in so little time.

Topless Protesters (NSFW)

  Why the hell can't our protesters be topless? We usually get a bunch of sloppy fat idiots that can barely walk in circles.
  Dammit, we're Americans. We should have the hottest and most naked protesters in the world. The Founding Fathers would have wanted it that way.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

When Bubba Gets Some Spare Time

  Glocks, M1911s, and a few other handguns have a huge aftermarket available. The sky is the limit for what you can change, and modify on some pistols. Of course the problem is that not everyone is a gunsmith, competent, or even has average intelligence. Just because an aftermarket part is available does not mean that it will work,  or is an improvement. It's kind of humorous that the guys that cannot even change their own oil feel comfortable doing mods on their weapons.
  When "Bubba" works on a firearm, it's often unsafe, unreliable, and often unreasonably fugly.
  Sometimes it's a good idea to remember, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."