Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"National Guard Soldiers, Airmen to be Furloughed"

National Guard Soldiers, Airmen To Be Furloughed

  The USA's fiscal mess isn't really a concern to many. It's not important that we are so broke that America's troops have to be furloughed. The main thing to remember is that China will still lend us enough money to send Zero, Mooch, and the kids on a taxpayer funded Africa vacation. I wonder how many of these family trips they'll take when the costs come out of the Obama family budget.

The Obama Family Trip Could Cost Taxpayers $60 To $100 Million

  Yes, you could argue that both the Clintons and the Bush family went to Africa as well. There was however, a budget surplus during the Clinton years, and we weren't furloughing troops during the Bush years. We also weren't adding $1 trillion every year to the national debt during 43s term.
  I don't think a little shared sacrifice from the White House is much to ask for when 101 million Americans get food aid from the Federal Gov.

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