Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In The News

Flaw In The Kahr CM9
Natl Guard Requested To Stop Chicago Violence
Curing The Tactical Turtle
Leaning Forward vs The Tactical Turtle
Range Report: Shooting The Medusa Revolver
The Best Pistol Nobody Knows About
Charter Arms 9mm Pitbull Revolver
8 Best Left Wing Quotes On Guns
CDC Study On Guns Contradicts White House Gun Narrative
DOJ Helped Out In Zimmerman Protests
NSSF Study On First Time Gun Buyers
How To Solve The IRS Scandal In Two Weeks
BS Story From FSA Media About Zimmerman's Injuries
3rd Pair Of Female Marines Fail To Finish IOC
Fate Of The Forgotten Founding Fathers
Jailed For Sarcasm
Background Checks On Robbers, Rapists, Killers, Is Racist?
40 Minutes In Benghazi
Interview With A Bosnian Survivalist
Mexican Police Chief Killed With Fast And Furious Rifle
More On The Militarization Of The Police
Lawsuit: The Police Seize Homes, Arrest Owners To Investigate Neighbors
An Example Of A Blithering Idiot
Part Time America
White House Supports Voter ID Law In Kenya
Blurring The Lines Of The IRS Targetting
101 Million Get Food Aid From Fed Gov - This Is A Recovery?
54 Months Of 7.5%+ Unemployment Continues
US Marshalls Lose 41 Guns Since 2007
Tactical Folding AR Stock
FBI Stats On Murder Weapons
UK Is Violent Crime Capital Of Europe
Racial Morality Play
Yet Another Death From A Fast And Furious Gun
Peaceful Muslims Kill Teacher And Students
Peace Loving Muslims Gang Rape Christian Teen
17 Signs That Americans Are Woefully Unprepared
Lefty Anarchist Caught With Guns And Fire Bombs

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