Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Little Monday Morning Snark

  President Obama recently took some time off from planning his after vacation vacation to discuss the phony scandals that are keeping Congress from enacting more HopeyChangey legislation. I won't go into all of the failed policies that Obama has tried to enact. I'd grow old while sitting at this keyboard trying to list them all.

 Instead, I'll talk about the "Phony scandals." I have to wonder if the 5 dead Americans at Benghazi are "Phony" corpses, and if the wounded are in "Phony" pain.
  Perhaps the President is referring to the "Phony" Fast And Furious scandal, and the 2,000 "Phony" bodies that can be tied to the gun running program. I'm sure that the parents of the slain Border Patrol agent will be happy to know that his death was a "Phony" murder.
  Hmm... maybe Obama is referencing the NSA program that collects data on every aspect of your life in America. A government agency illegally gathering credit card info, cell phone information, and computer data is clearly a "Phony scandal." After all, it's not like we have privacy rights.
  I suppose that the Dear Leader could be thinking of the "Phony" IRS scandal in which a government agency specifically targeted Americans for their political beliefs. Any scandal involving a government agency trying to influence elections or handing over confidential donor lists to Liberal groups is clearly "phony."
  Yeah, it's all just some crazy Rightwing racist conspiracy to keep Obama from being a success. The scandals must be "Phony" since no one was held accountable for any of the instances list above.

  Let's talk about Anthony Weiner. First of all, it's amusing as hell watching Matt Drudge make up Weiner puns. Maybe I'm just easily amused.
  I think that Weiner should drop out of the race for his scandal (is this phony too), but I don't consider him that horrible of a person. He's just a normal run of the mill Democratic perv. The party has a whole closet full of them, and has never worried about them serving in the past.
  You don't believe me? There was Barney Frank, and the escort service being run out of his apartment. Gerry Studds and the congressional page scandal. About 1/3 of the Congressional Black Caucus have been probed for ethics violations. Bill Clinton and the Kennedys are in their own category, and need no further mention.
  What's another local Democratic politician sending dick pics? When I put that up against all of the national politicians that tried to recently gut the 2nd Amendment, it's small potatoes. When I think about a President that treats our Constitution with the same respect that he gives toilet paper, it makes Weiner look harmless.

  Soooo... I don't really care that much about Weiner's behavior. It amuses me. I don't live in NY, and they can deal with their own trash. I will say that at least no one has accused this doofus of hanging around with terrorists and communists.
  Hell, he may be a worse husband, but he's probably a better person than the current occupant of the White House. My view of Anthony Weiner isn't that high. My opinion of Barack Obama is that low.

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