Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Media Malpractice And The Zimmerman Case

  George Zimmerman was found not guilty last week. Many people across this nation, and those in the media, called for a trial after his shooting of Trayvon Martin in 2012. Despite there being little evidence that he committed murder, a trial was held. 
  They got their wish.
  Appeasement was tried. It failed.

  Now that George Zimmerman is acquitted, we're seeing riots and assaults. Apparently, many seem to believe that, "Justice" means that Zimmerman's detractors get their way. A fair trial isn't justice unless the mob gets the verdict that they want.
  I'll say it again, appeasement never works.

  George Zimmerman was tried, and found not guilty. Do you have any idea how hard it is to beat the government in the courtroom? They put everything that they had into this case, and still lost. Unless you're wealthy, there is no way to spend the same kind of money on a defense that the prosecution will spend to convict you. It's almost impossible to beat the government in a high profile case like this one.
  Zimmerman won in spite of having the odds stacked against him. The government (at all levels) was out to get him. The entertainment industry used every opportunity to smear him. Race pimps and pretend civil rights leaders constantly attacked him while lying about the case.
  Most of the news networks in this country were involved in what should be referred to as media malpractice. Lies, half truths, and innuendo replaced fact based reporting. Even audio tapes were edited to paint a worse picture of the defendant.
  Millions upon millions of Americans used race as a basis for their hatred of the man.

  Yet Zimmerman won.

  Because we have no real unbiased media outlets in this nation, I plan to collect articles that tell a story that you won't see on CNN, MSNBC, or even FOX. This will largely be done due to my annoyance with the low information voters that I deal with on most days. Think of this as constructive therapy for the stupidity that I (and a lot of you) have to endure when listening to recycled gibberish from Maddow, Mathews, and Sharpton. The list will be constantly updated for a few weeks, and I'm looking for nuggets of information that are often overlooked.
  You could ask, "Why do I care?" That's an easy question. This could easily be you or I on trial for a similar situation. One would hope that when the police investigator, police chief, and local DA all believe that you're innocent, you will not be pilloried for political reasons. I know, that's a quaint belief that has no place in 2013.
  One last item, how many times did CNN and MSNBC use pre teen pictures of George Zimmerman when discussing this trial? Shouldn't they have aired a few Middle School pics to go along with all of the pictures of Trayvon at age 12?  I'd love to hear from a journalism major. Do they still teach ethics in college for those seeking a degree in journalism?

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