Monday, September 8, 2014

In The News

Officer Separations For The US Army
Naked Man Beats Off 12 Cops, Self
Mike Brown - Not Convicted Of A Serious Felony As A Juvenile
College Hate Crime Hoax
Sig P227 Review
Kel-Tec SU16 Review
S&W M&P9 Review
SIG 1911 Match Elite Review
CA Police Confiscate Guns Altered To Look Fake
Home Defense Ammo For Your Handgun
Stand Down Order Given In Benghazi
Kansas City Sniper - Kind Of Ignored By The MSM
No Global Warming For 215 Months In A Row
IRS Mysteriously Loses More E-mails
Even More Lost E-mails At The IRS
IRS Continues To Lie About Lost E-mails?
Foreigners Own Over $6 Trillion In US Debt
Conflicting Accounts From "Eye Witnesses"
Witness Knew Michael Brown
Brits Let Child Rape Continue Out Of Fear Of Being Called Racist
Letting Child Rapes Occur Due To Multiculturalism
UK Employee Calls Rapists "Asian Men," Gets Sent To Diversity Training
Cops Did Nothing In UK Child Rapes
Double Hypocrisy- Obama Fanboy Takes Private Jet To Germany For Healthcare
Mysterious Cell Phone Towers Intercepting Calls Across The US
The Anti Gun Billionaires
Texas Dems Use Cocaine To Buy Votes
Victim Told To, "Shut Up And Get In The Car"
Gang Beating After Sexual Harrassment - With Video
Tea Party Groups Helps Out In Ferguson
Elderly Couple Attacked In Restaurant
Concealed Carrier Stops Criminal With A Knife
"Ex-Marine Who Swatted Black Shopper To Death In Walmart Changes His Story"
Mainstream Media Ignores Child Sex Abuse When It's Committed By Muslim Community
1400 English Girls Raped By English Multiculturalism
Rotherham's Collaborators
Self Defense Shooting Outside Of Kroger
Holder Staff Member Accidently Calls Issa Staff For Help Spinning IRS Scandal
Surprise, IRS Loses E-mails From 5 More Employees