Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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Taurus 82 Range Report And Review
Springfield XDM Review
Product Review- Springfield XD
Sneak Peak Of New .308 Bullpup
Many, Many Gun Reviews
Springfield XD Review
I'll Come To Your Place When SHTF-No You Won't
How To Fix A Stretched SB15 Brace
Kimber 1,000 Round Torture Test
Springfield XD Review
3.8" XDM Review
"The Dragon's Egg"
I Suppose That This Doesn't Count As Voter Fraud
Global Warming Loons Claim Goats Are Shrinking Due To Climate Change
Spending Money To Study Poop Throwing Instead Of Curing Ebola
Autopsy Supports The Story Of The Cop In Ferguson
Brown Moved Towards Officer Wilson
Evidence Supports Officer Wilson's Account
The Truth About Young Black Men And Police Shootings
Misleading Stats About Crime And Race
CCW And Crime Ring Stopped
Terror Attacks On US Soil Described As "Murder" Instead Of Jihad
Ebola Vaccine Sat On The Shelf
12 Charts That Show The Damage That Has Been Done To The Economy
Voter Fraud: The Elusive Political Unicorn
Voter ID Myth Crashes
Vote "Flipping" Shows Up In Early Voting
About 1.8 Million Dead People Listed As Active Voters
Lib Groups Want Dogs And The Dead To Vote?
22 Signs Of Democratic Voter Fraud
NAACP Official Casts Ballots For Dead People
Woman Convicted Of Voter Fraud Honored By Democrats
Non Citizens Caught Voting In 2012 Presidential Election
Voter Rolls Are Rife With Inaccuracies, Report Finds
Large Numbers Of Non Citizens Vote In US Elections
The Horror Before The Beheadings
Everything Millennials Need To Know About Economics In 25 Quotes
The Fall Of Kobane And The Impact On The USA, Turkey, And The Kurds
Lost Louisiana: The Race To Reclaim Land Back From The Sea
Oldest DNA Ever Found Sheds Light On Humans Global Trek
Global Warming Is Not Real Claims Weather Channel Founder
Fast And Furious Gun Used In Phoenix Crime
Voting Machine Automatically Casts Votes For Dems
Calibration "Error" In Voting Machine
It's OK To Use Other People's Ballots For Voting
Crime Stats And Research
Politician Doesn't Know That Magazines Can Be Reloaded

Sunday, October 5, 2014

In The News

There Are Now 52 Reasons For The Pause In Global Warming
Record Coverage Of Antarctic Sea Ice
Climate Science Is Not Settled
G3/PTR91 Info
Choosing And Equipping Your First AR-15 Rifle
How Gun Control Made England The Most Violent Country In Europe
FBI Training Division Justifies 9mm Caliber Selection
Smart Gun Marketed To Law Enforcement, Civilians Not Interested
Duty/Defense Carry Ammo Selection
Microstamping Stupidity
If You Use a .22lr For Self Defense
5 Indicators That The Economy Is Still Stagnating
Revisisting The Real Cause Of The 2008 Financial Crash
Political Activists Head Of "Grass Roots" Anti Gun Group
Perspectives On The Zimmerman Case
US Threatened Yahoo With Huge Fine Over E-mails
New Mike Brown Shooting Witnesses Describe Scene
Officer Wilson Had Injuries In Struggle With Brown?
The KKK Comes To Ferguson
Robbing In The Name Of Mike Brown
VA Whistleblowers Face Possible Punishment, Retaliation
ISIS Cruelty Towards Women Gets Scant Attention
7 ISIS Facts Every American Should Know
Prepare For A School Terror Attack
Our Westgate Is Coming (Terror Attack)
Gun Control Made England The Most Violent Country In Europe
Chicago Values
Cooking The Books On Crime In Baltimore
7 Things To Know About The .357sig
The Truth About Expiration Dates
Prepping 101: Surviving A Radiation Event
Bug Out Bag 101
Great AR Cleaning Kit
Anti Gun Billionaire Tries To Buy A Tank
Anti Gun Billionaire Spends $2.5mm On WWII Tank - Massive Douchebag Behavior
NJ's War On Women
Vanishing Evidence For Climate Change
IQ Stats Around The World
The 10 Dumbest States In America
Literacy Rates In America
How Gangs Took Over Prisons
Baltimore Cooking The Books About Crime Stats
The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The US

Saturday, October 4, 2014