Sunday, December 15, 2013

In The News

NYPD Targets Gun Owners
Gun Store Owners Discuss Challenges
Harvard Survey: Fewer Than 1/3 Of Young Will Sign Up For Obamacare
Obama Meets With Sebelius ONCE In 3.5yrs Before Obamacare Launch
IRS Commissioner Visits White House 157 Times
Timeline Of IRS Targetting Conservative Groups
George Zimmerman's Girlfriend Changes Her Mind About The Shotgun
Will The Free Shit Army Media Update Their Story On Zimmerman?
3D Gun Ban Extended By Dems & Republicans
ATF Uses Rogue Tactics In Store Front Stings Across Nation
7 Nelson Mandela Quotes You Probably Won't See In The US Media
Caveat On Nelson Mandela
Top 10 Things To Know About Post Mandela South Africa
Under 21 And Owning Guns In VA
Denver Post Scrubs "Socialist" From Description Of School Shooter
School Shootings: Arapahoe Vs Sandy Hook And Police Response Times
Less Than 1/3 Of Americans Work A 40 Hr Week
Sharia Zones In (formerly Great) Britain
Earth Was Warmer In Roman & Medieval Times
Scientists Predict A Century Of Global Cooling
Falsified Lab Data And 40,000 Criminal Cases
Elderly Nun Raped In Church Parking Lot
Smart Gun Failures?
Michelle Cockblocks Barry
No Domestic Charges Against Zimmerman
Top 20% Pay 93% Of Income Taxes
Tactical Derp?
CNN Poll: Support For Gun Control Drops
The "Media," Race, Crime, And Some Snark From Coulter (Worth A Read)
Global Warming And Hurricanes
Fact Checking Harry Reid

Lead Shortages And Ammo

Administration Using EPA For Back Door Gun Control
What The Media Is Not Telling You About Future Lead Ammo Shortages
Last US Lead Smelter To Close In December
Allen West: EPA Engaging In Backdoor Gun Control
Most Bullets Are Already Made Of Recycled Lead
EPA Creating Lead Ammo Shortage?
Obama's EPA Closing Lead Smelter Will No Affect Ammunition

  I'll make this short, and sweet. The articles and opinion pieces above were written by a lot of very intelligent people. They are all in agreement that the vast majority of lead used in US produced ammunition comes from recycled sources. Only 3% of the lead used in our bullets comes from the (soon to be closed) smelter.

  That's great news... right?

  Yes and no. Only one person in the links above seemed to realize that lead is a commodity that is traded much like oil, wheat, etc. If those using lead from the Utah smelter lose their source, then they will seek a supply from somewhere else. One possible source will be the recycled lead that comes from car batteries, and other waste. Will the ammunition manufacturers find themselves bidding against other industries for the recycled material? Is that going to drive up ammunition prices?

  I don't know. I suppose that depends on the price, quantity, and reliability of lead being imported from overseas (China). We shall see, but I cannot imagine prices dropping. If Chinese lead was less expensive than US primary lead then this smelter would have been shut down due to competition instead of the EPA.

  None of this is rocket science. I have to wonder why this point was only addressed by one of the bloggers, instead of by the national news sites. Perhaps they are trying to prevent more panic buying?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Past Gun And Knife Reviews On This Blog

Past gun and knife reviews on this blog are here.

In The News

Taliban Win War On Drugs
DHS STILL Hasn't Fired Black Supremacist
Dog Signed Up For Obamacare
PT Standards In Question For Women In Combat
Rules Of Engagement Hurting US Troops In Afghanistan
A Summary Of Obama's Reign
Low Class President Discusses "Tea Baggers"
NYC Mayors, Crime Rates, And Rewriting History
Glock vs XD
Government DNA Checkpoint
Gov Says That Stocking Up On Ammo May Indicate Terrorism
Trayvon's Amendment
Faked Jobs Report In 2012
Private Health Data Released By Obamacare Navigators?
Full List Of Obamacare Tax Hikes
Pleading For Help In Benghazi
Anti Gun Bloomberg Keeping His Army Of Bodyguards
2012 Pre Election Jobs Numbers Faked
Zimmerman's Girlfriend Pregnant?
Duke Lacrosse Stripper Found Guilty Of Murder
Duke Lacrosse Case And Media Coverage
George Zimmerman Allegedly Framed By Girlfriend
Aggressive Muslims In Britain
Clinton Made A Nuke Deal With North Korea
Recognizing And Clearing Malfunctions
College Frat Hazing Worse Than Abu Ghraib
Lots Of Stories About Duke Lacrosse Fake Rape But Little About Murder Conviction
Gun Shop Etiquette
25 Things Concealed Carriers Would Understand
Gun Range Etiquette
McAuliffe Picks Shady Character For Top Position?
Record Gun Sales In Va On Black Friday
Aryan Trash Put Bounty On Knockout Game Trash
Quiet Titles And Seizing Homes
260 Million Killed By Their Own Gov In The 20th Century
Speaking Out Against Obamacare May Get You Audited?
IRS Audits, Tea Party, And The Gov, "Can't Recall"
Feinstein Lies About The Background Check System
No Security In Obamacare Site Against Hackers
Seven Phony Hate Crimes