Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lead Shortages And Ammo

Administration Using EPA For Back Door Gun Control
What The Media Is Not Telling You About Future Lead Ammo Shortages
Last US Lead Smelter To Close In December
Allen West: EPA Engaging In Backdoor Gun Control
Most Bullets Are Already Made Of Recycled Lead
EPA Creating Lead Ammo Shortage?
Obama's EPA Closing Lead Smelter Will No Affect Ammunition

  I'll make this short, and sweet. The articles and opinion pieces above were written by a lot of very intelligent people. They are all in agreement that the vast majority of lead used in US produced ammunition comes from recycled sources. Only 3% of the lead used in our bullets comes from the (soon to be closed) smelter.

  That's great news... right?

  Yes and no. Only one person in the links above seemed to realize that lead is a commodity that is traded much like oil, wheat, etc. If those using lead from the Utah smelter lose their source, then they will seek a supply from somewhere else. One possible source will be the recycled lead that comes from car batteries, and other waste. Will the ammunition manufacturers find themselves bidding against other industries for the recycled material? Is that going to drive up ammunition prices?

  I don't know. I suppose that depends on the price, quantity, and reliability of lead being imported from overseas (China). We shall see, but I cannot imagine prices dropping. If Chinese lead was less expensive than US primary lead then this smelter would have been shut down due to competition instead of the EPA.

  None of this is rocket science. I have to wonder why this point was only addressed by one of the bloggers, instead of by the national news sites. Perhaps they are trying to prevent more panic buying?

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