Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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New .380acp S&W Shield
Little Millennial Princesses Have A Hard Time In Army Boot Camp
73% of Terrorism Related Offenders For The Last 15 Years Were Foreign Born
Obama Meets With Leader Of Hate Group
FSA Barry Met With Farrakhan
Obama DOJ Played Politics For Years
More Election Fraud
Two More Charged In 2016 Election Fraud
What Happens After A Self Defense Shooting
Why You're Probably Pressing The Trigger Wrong
CZ Shadow 2 Review
USMC To Field M27 Rifle
The Army's New Holster And Pistol: Why It Matters
Red Dots On Pistols: Some Pros And Cons
Cliven Bundy Wins Due To Feds Acting Like Asshats
The Biggest Hillary Scandal That No One Is Talking About
US Oil Production Set To Pass That Of Saudi Arabia
Venezuela's Oil Production Is Collapsing
Trump's Successes And Incompletes
What I Learned In The Peace Corps In Africa: Trump Is Right
S&W Shield Mag Extension
Shield Mag Well Extension
Pros And Cons Of AIWB Carry
The High Cost Of Resettling Middle Eastern Refugees
Illegal Immigration Costs All States $89 Billion
More Than Half Of Immigrants On Welfare
Port Au Prince: A City Of Millions With No Sewer System
North Korea's Long Term Strategy
Britian Cancels 50,000 Surgeries
National IQ Scores - Country Ranks
More MAGA: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Companies Pass Trump Tax Cuts On To Employees
Starbucks Gives Bucks Back To Workers... MAGA
Disney Giving Money To Employees... MAGA
Wage Hikes At CVS-MAGA
Huma Lied: FBI Didn't Seem To Care
The Very Non PC Talk
Seven Revelations From The Fusion GPS Testimony
15 Myths That Millenials Accept As Fact
"Nothing About The Clinton Investigation Was Right"
"Kick Cliven Bundy In The Mouth And Take His Cattle"
Hillary Donors Pay $700k For Trump Accusers
Black Unemployment Rate Hits All Time Low
Anti Trump "Secret Society" In FBI?
Agents Need To Explain "Secret Society" Texts
Probe Ordered Of Agent's Text Messages
Extended Mags For CCW?
Yes, Yoga Pants Are Proper Gun Range Attire
New MRDS For CCW Pistols
Gang Of Six A-holes Push For Amnesty
Immigration And The Deep State
LA Shooters List Of Guns
7 Things Turning America Into A Second Rate Nation
Welfare Stats
Statistics On Welfare
Welfare Statistics

Friday, January 5, 2018

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Oil Production Hits Record Highs
Hate Hoax Map
The Psychology Of Hate Crime Hoaxes
.22magnum Ammo For Survival And Personal Defense
Speedstrips vs Speedloaders
BLM Abuse Exposed By Whistleblowers
How To Make Sure That Your Handgun Fits You
Revisionist History And Guns
Controversies Plagued Eric Holder
The Russian Investigation Circus
Stopping Power Stats
An Alternate Look At Stopping Power
Who Pays Income Taxes
The Sane Way To View The Mueller Probe
Welfare Stats
Black Unemployment Rate Drops Under Trump
Ask A Cop
Trump's First Year Job Numbers Were Pretty Goood
Best Manufacturing Year Since 2004
Least Job Cuts Since The 1990's
Welfare: Who's On it, Who's Not?
The Secret Backstory Of How Obama Let Hezbollah Off The Hook
Which Type Of Handgun Shooter Are You?
Black Unemployment Rate Is Lowest In 17 Years
A Female On CCW
Open Carry For Women
A Female On Pink Guns
Female Gun Owners Series
Why The Bundy Cases Ended Up With Jury Nullified
Germany: Rise In Violent Crime Linked To Mass Migration
BAR Field Reports From WW1
52 Member Of Elite Media Accused Of Sexual Misconduct
Baltimore Officer's Text Messages
I Went Undercover In Libya
The Founding Fathers, And Gun Laws
What's A Squib Load?
Donald Trump Buys LEOs Dinner
Gun Shop Owners Discover ATF Forgeries
3.5 Million More People On The Rolls Than The Number Of Elegible Voters
141 Counties With More Registered Voters Than People
81 Trump Achievements
Trump: 11 Obama Legacy Items Repealed
An Honest BLM Agents Report On The Bundy Case
Acid Attack No Go Zones In London
BLM Whistleblower
"Kick Cliven Bundy In His Mouth And Take His Cattle"
141 Counties Have More Registered Voters Than People
What Trump Did To Devastate ISIS
What Went Wrong In Charlottesville
Who Pays Income Taxes? The Rich Mostly
High Income People Pay The Most Income Taxes
Wisconsin- The Surveillance State
Revisionist History And Guns
Minneapolis PD To Drop Psych Testing To Up Diversity
160 Things Trump Has Done To MAGA

Monday, December 18, 2017

GOP Tax Plan Calculator

Their plan works for me. My family will bring home about $1500 more.

As for those that worry about adding to the deficit...

Where were you hypocrites from 2008 to 2016 when we adding a trillion dollars per year to the deficit for sub 2% growth. Don't get me started on the unemployment numbers that dropped mostly due to the unemployed dropping out of the job market instead of actual hiring.

Tax Plan Calculator

What The Senate's Tax Plan Means For People At Every Income Level

Yet Another Source Stating Savings Under The GOP Plan

Andy Another Article Stating That My Family Will Save Money

Yes, those that pay the heaviest taxes get more of their money back than those that contribute the least.

This is an interesting article in where America's tax money comes from.

Who Pays The Most Income Taxes According To The Pew Research Center

Sunday, December 17, 2017

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Red Dot Odyssey
Why The Marine Corps Birthday Matters
Shield Flat Faced Trigger By APEX
Nomads And The Truth About Life On The Road
Marine Corps History: The Early Years
The Case Against Mechanical Safeties
Anti White Hate Crimes Are Fastest Growing In America
Marines Replace SMAW With Carl Gustav
FBI Hate Crime Table
The "Gadget" For Glocks
Irregularities In State's Voter Registration
Robert Mueller's Regards Shows Surprising Flaws
Trey Gowdy Explains What A Special Counsel Should Be
Robert Mueller's Probe Has Serious Issues
Mueller's Team Of Lawyers
Spitzer's Leash Fetish
Over 30 Media Types Accused Of Harrassment
No Global Warming For 23 Years
Concealed Carry Tricks And Tips
How To Make Sure Your Handgun Fits You
More Fake Hate Crimes?
Air Force Fails To Report Dozens To Crime Database
Concealed Carry Stats
Jerusalem 101: Why Trump's Policy Matters
Fixing Common Trigger Problems
The Secret Quotas In College Admissions
Tax History For The Middle Class
10 Takeaways From The Flynn Guilty Plea
A Possible Defense Of Michael Flynn
No, America Was Not Founded On Racist Principles
160 Things That Trump Has Done To MAGA
The Bizzare Tale Of The Government Spying On Sharyl Attkisson
Gov Spying On Sharyl Attkisson
Liberals Have Turned The FBI Into A Disgrace
Donor Cash Sought For Trump Accusers
Why Was Michael Flynn Charged With Lying?
The FBI's Trump Insurance
What Your Troopers Carry
Top Dems $220k Sexual Harrassment Settlement
Lisa Bloom Sought Payouts For Trump Accusers
M855A1 Adopted By Marines
Jews Flee Paris Suburbs Due To Anti Semitism
Justice For Beheading, At Last
Pistol Reloads: Rack It Or Hit The Easy Button?
Slide Stop Vs Slingshot
Hitting The Slide Release???
GOP Taxplan Calculator
EDC/Bugout Bag Ideas
What Was Life Like For Christians And Jews When Arabs Ruled Jerusalem
Film A Beating And Kidnapping? Get Community Service
FBI Agrees To Destroy Clinton Case Laptops
A Police Shooting That Didn't Make The News
Largest Manufacturing Jobs Increase In History
Unemployment At 17 Year Low
More Americans Back To Work, MAGA
Jobs Report Crushes Expectations
Forged, Billet, And Polymer Lowers
GOP Tax Plan Calculator
What The Senate's Tax Plan Means For Your Income Level

Sunday, November 19, 2017

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What To Look For When Buying A Suppressor
Caseless Ammunition
How To Clear Corners In A Home-Defense Scenario
Obama Rarely Prosecuted Illegal Gun Buyers
S&W Manuals
Shep Smith Fails At Debunking Uranium One Story?
Nearly 200 Inauguration Protesters Are Going To Jail
The Timeline For The Fusion GPS Story
The Army Lowers Standards For Recruits Yet Again
Nearly 30k Diversity Visas Given To Immigrants From Terror States
The Alamo Gets PCed
Ted Kennedy On The Rocks
Joe Biden Doesn't Know How To Behave Around Women?
"The Adventures Of Creepy Joe Biden"
Weird French Seek To Lower The Age Of Consent
Carjacking In Chicago Is Now A Misdemeanor
Hate Crime Commentary
Sharia Placed Above Canadian Law
The New York Times Whitewashes Communism's Crimes
It's White Supremacy To Recognize Victims Of Communism
CNN Panels Members Lose Their Shit Defending Hillary
Life Under Kim Jung In
Do you Need A Self Defense Protection Plan?
Alton Sterling's Stellar Record
How To Change Pistol Sights
How To Win The Gun Control Debate
Maximizing The ACOG
A Pump Action AR Upper
Civil War History
The Islamic Trade In European Slaves
Kershaw "Emerson" Review
Men's Professional Attire: How To Dress The Code
How To Shoot A Pistol
Hating On The Ruger Mini 14
FBI Says The Sig Sauer ROMEO is Good To Go
Best Red Dots Under $300
Four Firearm Myths That You Shouldn't Believe
Springer's Blog
DHS Loses Over 200 Guns
Are More Guns Helpful?
CZ 75 Phantom Review
RMRs: Fixing The Flicker
Out-Breeding To Victory In Europe
The Opium Wars
Why It Took So Long For the Weinstein Allegations To Surface
No, The National Anthem Isn't About Slavery
Night Sights, Red Dots, And Fiber Optics
How The Elites Will Beat The British People
A Twenty Year Trail Of Voter Fraud In Maryland
Many Red Dot Articles
The Cost Of the War On Jihadists 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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US Soldiers Screwed Over In Mustard Gas Experiments
Thousands Of Vets Exposed To Mustard Gas
Unit 731 Commit Atrocities
Mustard Gas Experiments Based Upon Race
US Gov Poisons Drinkers During Prohibition
An Aspirin Per Day Cuts Cancer Risk
Horrible Wounds Suffered By Bergdahl Searchers
Soldiers Wife To Testify In Bergdahl Case
Benghazi On Steriods? Not Really
What Does The Trump Dossier Say?
Risky Missions And Injuries For Troops That Searched For Bergdahl
West Point Cadets Behaving Like Liberals
NFL Arrest Database
Deep Resentment Remains For Those That Searched For Bergdahl
Running Spares: Keeping Your Weapon Going
Bergdahl: Journey From Victim To Criminal
Forces Sent To Niger By Obama
1.5mm Fewer Americans On Food Stamps Under Trump
The Soros Study On White Trump Voters
Obama Meets With Family Of Alton Sterling
Alton Sterling's Arrest Record
Tax Payers Fund Low Income College Students, Dismal Results
6 Reasons Why Your Right Wing Friend Isn't Changing Sides On Gun Control
The Obama Administration's Uranium One Scandal
Best And Worst CCW Methods
Lights, Lasers, Or Night Sights?
Handgun Lights And Lasers: PT 1
New Bump Fire Bill Would Likely Ban All Semi Autos
List Of Debunked Groping Allegations?
The North Hollywood Bank Robbery Breakdown
Frederica Wilson's District Looks Damn Bad On Paper
10 Things To Know About The Trump Dossier
This Is What Victory Over ISIS Looks Like
Things To Know About Kydex Holsters
What's So Important About Dry Firing?
CZ Shadow 2 Review
Does Mueller Have Anyone Working For Him That Isn't Far Left?
Press Is Barely Covering The Tennessee Church Massacre
Comey Drafts Statement Clearing Clinton Long Before Investigation Is Complete
Horrific Life At Auschwitz Death Campl
Stats On CCW Carry
The Culture War Of Gun Control
Why We Cannot Trust The FBI
Mass Shootings Are A White Male Problem?
Manual Safeties On Carry Guns: Pro vs Con
The Tribal War With Islam
On The Ground Truth In Puerto Rico
Europe's Next World War Begins In France
The Muslim Suicide Convert
HK Will No Longer Sell To Israel? So Much For That VP9SK That I Was Saving For
CZ P01
The Usual. Not Worth Nationwide Coverage For The Usual Reason
Make Your Own Primers
Fusion GPS Timeline