Monday, August 21, 2017

ANTIFA Heroes?

Those that know me well know that I believe that Antifa is made up of garbage. They're a violent group of Communists, anarchists, and overly entitled little shits. Those that don't actually swing the chains and clubs themselves still enable those that do. That's just my opinion. Disregard the history of attacks on peaceful protesters. To each his own.

The picture below was taken from the Boston Antifa Facebook page. It appears that they are anti Capitalism, anti Conservative (no surprise there), anti Libertarian (huh? I thought everyone liked Libertarians), and even anti "Classical" libtard.

Americans have a bad habit of always needing to find a good guy in any conflict whether it's in Syria or Charlottesville. Perhaps it's too much Hollywood in our upbringing.
Just because Antifa battled Nazis and KKK trash (once?) doesn't mean they're the good guys. They're just violent thugs that actually attacked someone deserving of it for a change.

There is no room for capitalists, conservatives, libertarians, "classical liberals" or supporters of the US constitution in our city. You MUST leave. #BostonResist

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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