Saturday, July 14, 2018

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What The Media Won't Tell You About Illegal Immigration And Crime
Trump Is Right About NATO
Here's How Much Trump's Trade War Could Cost You
Germany Undermines Security By Buying Russian Gas
Europeans To Pay More For Defense
ICE Most Wanted
How Many Immigrants Are On Welfare?
Libtard Terrorism Prevented
Sharpton Hugs Woman Convicted Of Voter Fraud
Feds Collect Record Income Taxes
Europe Subsidizes Airbus-Unfair Trade Practice
Trump Supporters Kick Out White Nationalists

Monday, June 4, 2018

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Tommy Robinson Protests Continue
The Jailing Of Tommy Robinson
"A Wonderful Socialist Life"
Troubleshooting Revolver Malfunctions
"A Wonderful Socialist Life Pt II"
Which M4 Design Works Best
Thumb, Finger, Anchor... Holster
Antifa Behaving Like They're Famous For
Does Gun Control Lead To Genocide?
FBI Told State Police Not To Wear Body Cameras For Arrest
Public Schools And Sexual Assault
Active Shooter Incidents In The USA- FBI Research
Britain's Grooming Gang Crisis
The Spygate Scandal Explained
Hands Off My Data: Privacy Settings
Why An Anti Gunner Joined The NRA
Chicago PD Team Up With Feds To Fight Violent Carjackings
FBI Agents Want To Be Compelled To Testify Before Congress
13 Holsters For Red Dot Sight Equipped Pistols
New IL Law Aims To Keep Teens Out Of Prison
Health And Medical Guides Online
Escaping Venezuela's Socialist Shit
CDC's Gun Research Backfires On Obama
UK Police Discuss Arming Officers
Americans Are Having Fewer Children. Why It Matters
Even Soldiers Leave Venezuela's Socialist Shit 
Thousands Of Venezuelans Poor Into Columbia
The Fundamentals Of Handgun Shooting
Civilians Use Guns To Stop Dozens Of Crimes Over The Past Few Weeks
"Collusion Against Trump" Timeline
The Graduation Rates Of Every School District
Deadly TN Church Shooting. Totally Forgotten
Trump Is Right. MS 13 Are Animals
Trigger Control For Better Shooting
How To Get A Proper Handgun Grip
Trump Says That Allies Don't Pay Their Fair Share
Most NATO Nations Don't Pay Their Share
FL School Shooter Allowed To Slide Due To Obama's Policies
Mass Shootings? Blame Conservatives
Anti Gun Dems Want To Ban Semi Autos
UK Suggests Prison Time For Offensive Online Posts
Tea Partiers Awarded Millions For IRS Abuse
More Welfare Stats
The Big M4 Fouling Myth
Making A M4 Run Like A Gazelle
Keeping The M4 Carbine Gas System Running

Friday, May 11, 2018

Thanks Obama

Our schools are less safe due to Obama's policy of pretending that there is a school to prison pipeline.

Let's take a look at what his non punishment policies have led to nationwide.

Hopefully, Trump's Dept of Education will bring back a little discipline to our public schools.

Teacher Assaulted.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

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Broward County Had Obama Era School Leniency Program
Florida School Shooting And CYA
Incompetence Wasn't The Problem In Broward County
Slicing The Pie
Shield +2 Mag Extension
Buying A Used Pistol: What To Look For
What To Do When Your Pistol Doesn't Fire
FBI Holster Method Is Popular
What It's Like For One Teacher That Already Carries A Gun
3 Misconceptions About Handgun Sights
Pistols vs Shotguns vs Rifles
3 Steps For Choosing A CCW Gun
Ammo Storage And Malfunctions
Yet Another Dem Associates With Anti Semite
Ass hat Dems With Ties To Hate Groups
S&W Shield Mag Extensions
2.5 Degrees Of Temp Tampering
Six Lowlights From NSA's McMaster's Career
The House's Computer Servers Were Not Secure
Dem Claims That Jews Control The Weather
Chicago Students Vandalize A Walmart
Anti Gun Student Walkout Goes Badly
12.3% Of Americans Carry
Tyranny Of Shaming
What Gen Z Can Learn From The Millennials
New Life For Steel Plant - MAGA
100,000 Non Citizens Registered To Vote In Pennsylvania
MS-13 Is Taking Over The School
Beretta 92A1 vs Beretta M9A1
Marines Working With Army On New 5.56mm Round
This Simple Charts Shows What Happens To Cities Run By Democrats
How Defensible Is Your Holster?
My Controversial Stance On Reholstering
Upgrades For The Beretta 92
Educational Fraud Continues
Hacker Accessed Alaska Elections Server In 2016
Grip Your Handgun Correctly
1 mm People Flee Venezuela Crisis
FL Deputies Took Cover Behind Cars While Shooter Was Still Believed To Be In The HS
Handguns: What To Do With Your Thumb
Ruger 10/22 Replacement Stocks
FBI Claims Good Guys Stop Shooters
Fuzzy Red Dot?
Dick's Sporting Goods Employs Anti Gun Lobbyists
Dick's Hires Anti Gun Lobbyists
Mossberg No Longer Likes Dick's
Modern Two Handed Grip
To 10 Most American Trucks For 2015
Waffle House Shooter Had History Of Red Flags
Nicholas Cruz Showed Every Red Flag
Red Flags With The Texas Church Shooter
Red Flags With Dylan Roof
Red Flags About Tsarnaev
Red Flags With The Navy Yard Shooter
Red Flags With The Pulse Nightclub Shooter
Where 19 Shooters Got Their Guns
3 Gun Positions Every Concealed Carrier Should Know
Walther With Red Dot
Revolvers Are Not Perfect
Revolvers Don't Jam And Other Firearms Myths
How To Troubleshoot A Revolver
Cool 9mm AR Adaptor
9x18 Makarov Barrel For Ruger 380acp
America Not To Blame For Mexico's Problems
They Said That It Couldn't Happen At Target
10 Most Violent Koran Verses
Fake Crime Statistics Lead T0 17 Murdered In Parkland
Devos Review Of Racial Bias Guidance Causes Butt Hurt
James Comey Has A Long History Of Questionable Obstruction Cases
There Are Good Reasons For Felons To Lose The Right To Vote
Parkland Shooting Victim Criticizes Sheriffs Office And School District
London Now More Dangerous Than NYC
Representative Dingell To Introduce Gun Confiscation Legislation
Machinegun Experiences From The Russian-Japanese War
Chris Wray Is Quietly Cleaning Up The FBI
An Honest Gun Control Activist
IG Report Finds FBI Agent Lied Four Separate Times
NSA Collects Massive Amount Of Metadata
20 Questions You're Not Supposed To Ask In 2018 America
The Stunning Statistical Fraud Behind The Global Warming Scare
Shooting With Cross Eye Dominance: Techniques And Strategies

Sunday, March 4, 2018

In The News

Feds Seek To Drop Charges On Bundys
Democrats Meet With Farrakhan
FSA Barry Visits Bill Ayers
Obama-Farrakhan Photo Released After 13 Years
Cop Punched During "Patriot's Picnic"
How Much Alcohol Should You Drink?
Venezuela Is An Example Of Socialism
Why The Deepwater Horizon Blowout Happened
Altria Gives Raises And Bonuses-MAGA
More Than 100 Companies Give Tax Reform Bonuses
List Of Tax Reform Good News
Manufacturing Expands Most Since 2004
Dreamers And Demons
How A Civil War Happens
Establishment Media Bury Obama-Farrakhan Photo
Russia Adopts New Small Arms
Dodge Factory Moves Back To USA-MAGA
FEDEX Announces Wage Increases And Bonuses
Apple Announces 20,000 New Jobs And Investment
The Large List Of Tax Reform Bonuses
A Short List Of Those Giving Tax Reform Raises And Bonuses
List Of Companies Giving Raises And Bonuses
More Companies Giving Raises And Bonuses
Home Depot Gives Tax Reform Bonus
Disney Gives Bonuses
The Communists In Valerie Jarrett's Family?
Making Voter Fraud Easier
The 21 Foot Rule
Trump-Russia: Not Mueller's First Botched Investigation
Still No Justice For Aussie Woman Killed By Jumpy Cop
Yep... It's A Shithole
What I Learned In The Peace Corps: Trump Is Right
New Goodies For The S&W Shield
The Armenian Genocide
Lessons From The 2002 Steel Tariffs
Shale Oil Is Kicking OPEC's Ass
Fear In Schools Due To Obama's Policies
The African Refugees That We Won't Accept
Did The FL School Shooter Have 10 Round Mags?
DC School Graduations To Drop This Year
DC Graduations To Drop
Why School Shootings Are So Rare In Israel
School Cop Waits Outside During Shootings
This Texan School Arms Teachers
Crimes Up In Baltimore
Dems Try To Rewrite History On Russia
More Reports Of Rapes/Assaults In Great Britain
Choosing A Handgun For CCW
More "Adjustments" In Global Warming Stats
How To Repair A Fiber Optic Sight
How To Identify And Clear Pistol Malfunctions
Great Britain Finally Pays Of Slave Owner Compensation In 2015
7 Simple Steps To Eliminate School Shootings
Gun Control Didn't Stop These Mass Shootings
Marine Corps Makes Course Easier
Which CZ: P07 vs P09
The Truth About Violence In SHTF
The Most Idiotic Anti Gun Quotes
Why California Is A Third World Country
Remember File Gate?
Gas System Lengths For The AR15
No Go Zones In Sweden
Best US Factory Expansion In 14 Years
Whites Slaughtered, Land Stolen In S. Africa

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

In The News

New .380acp S&W Shield
Little Millennial Princesses Have A Hard Time In Army Boot Camp
73% of Terrorism Related Offenders For The Last 15 Years Were Foreign Born
Obama Meets With Leader Of Hate Group
FSA Barry Met With Farrakhan
Obama DOJ Played Politics For Years
More Election Fraud
Two More Charged In 2016 Election Fraud
What Happens After A Self Defense Shooting
Why You're Probably Pressing The Trigger Wrong
CZ Shadow 2 Review
USMC To Field M27 Rifle
The Army's New Holster And Pistol: Why It Matters
Red Dots On Pistols: Some Pros And Cons
Cliven Bundy Wins Due To Feds Acting Like Asshats
The Biggest Hillary Scandal That No One Is Talking About
US Oil Production Set To Pass That Of Saudi Arabia
Venezuela's Oil Production Is Collapsing
Trump's Successes And Incompletes
What I Learned In The Peace Corps In Africa: Trump Is Right
S&W Shield Mag Extension
Shield Mag Well Extension
Pros And Cons Of AIWB Carry
The High Cost Of Resettling Middle Eastern Refugees
Illegal Immigration Costs All States $89 Billion
More Than Half Of Immigrants On Welfare
Port Au Prince: A City Of Millions With No Sewer System
North Korea's Long Term Strategy
Britian Cancels 50,000 Surgeries
National IQ Scores - Country Ranks
More MAGA: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Companies Pass Trump Tax Cuts On To Employees
Starbucks Gives Bucks Back To Workers... MAGA
Disney Giving Money To Employees... MAGA
Wage Hikes At CVS-MAGA
Huma Lied: FBI Didn't Seem To Care
The Very Non PC Talk
Seven Revelations From The Fusion GPS Testimony
15 Myths That Millenials Accept As Fact
"Nothing About The Clinton Investigation Was Right"
"Kick Cliven Bundy In The Mouth And Take His Cattle"
Hillary Donors Pay $700k For Trump Accusers
Black Unemployment Rate Hits All Time Low
Anti Trump "Secret Society" In FBI?
Agents Need To Explain "Secret Society" Texts
Probe Ordered Of Agent's Text Messages
Extended Mags For CCW?
Yes, Yoga Pants Are Proper Gun Range Attire
New MRDS For CCW Pistols
Gang Of Six A-holes Push For Amnesty
Immigration And The Deep State
LA Shooters List Of Guns
7 Things Turning America Into A Second Rate Nation
Welfare Stats
Statistics On Welfare
Welfare Statistics