Tuesday, October 31, 2017

In The News

US Soldiers Screwed Over In Mustard Gas Experiments
Thousands Of Vets Exposed To Mustard Gas
Unit 731 Commit Atrocities
Mustard Gas Experiments Based Upon Race
US Gov Poisons Drinkers During Prohibition
An Aspirin Per Day Cuts Cancer Risk
Horrible Wounds Suffered By Bergdahl Searchers
Soldiers Wife To Testify In Bergdahl Case
Benghazi On Steriods? Not Really
What Does The Trump Dossier Say?
Risky Missions And Injuries For Troops That Searched For Bergdahl
West Point Cadets Behaving Like Liberals
NFL Arrest Database
Deep Resentment Remains For Those That Searched For Bergdahl
Running Spares: Keeping Your Weapon Going
Bergdahl: Journey From Victim To Criminal
Forces Sent To Niger By Obama
1.5mm Fewer Americans On Food Stamps Under Trump
The Soros Study On White Trump Voters
Obama Meets With Family Of Alton Sterling
Alton Sterling's Arrest Record
Tax Payers Fund Low Income College Students, Dismal Results
6 Reasons Why Your Right Wing Friend Isn't Changing Sides On Gun Control
The Obama Administration's Uranium One Scandal
Best And Worst CCW Methods
Lights, Lasers, Or Night Sights?
Handgun Lights And Lasers: PT 1
New Bump Fire Bill Would Likely Ban All Semi Autos
List Of Debunked Groping Allegations?
The North Hollywood Bank Robbery Breakdown
Frederica Wilson's District Looks Damn Bad On Paper
10 Things To Know About The Trump Dossier
This Is What Victory Over ISIS Looks Like
Things To Know About Kydex Holsters
What's So Important About Dry Firing?
CZ Shadow 2 Review
Does Mueller Have Anyone Working For Him That Isn't Far Left?
Press Is Barely Covering The Tennessee Church Massacre
Comey Drafts Statement Clearing Clinton Long Before Investigation Is Complete
Horrific Life At Auschwitz Death Campl
Stats On CCW Carry
The Culture War Of Gun Control
Why We Cannot Trust The FBI
Mass Shootings Are A White Male Problem?
Manual Safeties On Carry Guns: Pro vs Con
The Tribal War With Islam
On The Ground Truth In Puerto Rico
Europe's Next World War Begins In France
The Muslim Suicide Convert
HK Will No Longer Sell To Israel? So Much For That VP9SK That I Was Saving For
CZ P01
The Usual. Not Worth Nationwide Coverage For The Usual Reason
Make Your Own Primers
Fusion GPS Timeline

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hmmm... This Seems To Be BS

These cities have the least HS grads

I ran through the list, and it just didn't seem realistic. I know the reputations of DC, Chicago, and Baltimore. It only took a minute to look up their graduation rates, and guess what?
This article looks like BS to me when confronted with the numbers from some of our inner cities.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Why Are US Troops In Niger?

Obama sent them there.

US Personnel Arrive In Niger: Obama In Letter To Congress

The deaths of our soldiers in Niger has been compared to Benghazi, and many are wondering why Trump isn't being blamed as Obama and Hillary were.

The point was made that Trump didn't lie to the American people about the attack being the result of a YouTube video, and a stand down order wasn't given when a rescue was being organized.

How Is That Socialism Working Out For You?

Americans Send Food Home To Venezuela

Sunday, October 22, 2017

"Trump Does The Unthinkable"

  This is worth reposting. Bear in mind that none of these actions required an entire press pool in attendance as when politicians usually commit some act of charity.

Trump's Charity