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A Different Kind Of Glock Video


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Returning Gun Rights To Felons?

My first thought is, "Hell no!"
After reading the article I'm not so sure anymore.  The article posted below is weak but I recently read an opinion piece about the topic. The column's author made a good point about how easy it is to be charged with a felony. It really opened my eyes.
I'm not speaking of violent crimes, reckless endangerment or stealing. These all have a negative effect on individuals and society. There are victims.
I'm talking about silliness such as draining a boggy backyard and having it turn out to be a wetland. I am writing about the person that inadvertently steps onto school property while carrying concealed. The list can go on and on.
We recently saw cases involving servicemen getting caught with firearms while passing through DC.
Emily Miller wrote an excellent article (Washington Times) detailing the crime of merely having ammo in your vehicle if you aren't licensed to own a gun in that caliber in the District Of Columbia.
I recently saw a video in which a lawyer was speaking on the subject. He said that we have so many laws at the Federal, State and Local level that the average American commits three felonies per day. That might be a gross exaggeration (Or not) but I can easily see one a week. I doubt that I'll find the link but I'll edit it in if I run across it.
I'm rethinking my views on the restoration of these rights for some non violent felons.

Felons And Gun Rights

Found a link to the article:
3 Felonies Per Day

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Reasons Why Not To Vote Obama

40 Reasons Not To Re-Elect Barack Obama

The 25 Most Obnoxious Quotes From Barack Obama

15 Facts That Even Obama's Biggest Supporters Should Be Able To Admit Are True

And here's a brief statement from Tingles.

It's been a rough 3 1/2 years and we've seen little or no improvement. I wonder if he has a dead leg or if the thrill is still there.

                                                          Chris Mathew's Thrill Up Leg

The Cult Of Barry Is Growing

Ok, I get it. He's a good speaker, kind of charasmatic and tells you that he'll give you everything you want and someone else will pay for it.
He's like Santa.

But seriously, it's time to put away the cult like devotion and blind loyalty.
He's a man.
Turn down the dial on the crazieness just a little.

Obama Is Like God
Nuremberg Trials For Conservatives?
A Short Visual History Of The Creepy Obama Cult
Philly Students Romney T-Shirt Likened To KKK Sheet
Bus Driver Tells 12yr Old He Should Have Been Aborted
Calls For A Benevolent Obama Dictatorship
Threats To Assasinate Mitt Romney
Ima Start A Riot!!!
Even Comics Act Like He's A Diety

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The Obama You Don't Know

The Obama You Don't Know

Taurus 24/7 OSS

  I went to the range this week expecting to get a lot of material for this post. I believed that I would leave the firing line with a negative opinion of this Taurus, and plenty of criticisms.
Surprisingly that didn't happen.

  This gun belongs to a family member, and only had a few hundred rounds through it before today. It was for sale, and I have the opportunity to buy it because:
1) I live in one of the free states in which that is legal. My condolences to those that don't.
2) The owner already has another full sized 9mm, and would rather have some cash for a new CCW gun.


Barrel:    5.25" Match Grade
Length:   8.19"
Weight:   32.5oz
Safety:     Firing Pin Block, Trigger Safety, Ambi External Safety, Ambi Firing Pin Decocker, Cocking Indicator, Loaded Chamber Indicator
Sights:     Novak 3 Dot (Driftable rear sight)
Capacity: 17+1
Caliber:    9mm
Trigger:    SA/DA (6.5lbs SA & 7.5lbs DA)

  Most of the specs were taken from the manual. I had to hunt around a bit to find the trigger pulls and I hope those are correct. No guarantees on that however.


  This handgun (Actually the .45acp version) was originally made for the USSOCOM test in 2005. The military was looking for a replacement pistol and as there was a potential for up to 650,000 handguns (And gear) this could have been a very lucrative contract. Taurus was one of the manufacturers that submitted a pistol and the 24/7 OSS remained in the trials until the program was cancelled.

  The 24/7 OSS won the NRA's Handgun Of The Year award in 2005.

  Now you know what I know regarding the history of this firearm.


  This handgun has a 5.25" match barrel.

Safety Lock:

  There is a key lock on the right side of the slide. The Taurus Security System (TSS) locks with a key, and disables the gun.
  To use the TSS, unload and clear the pistol. Let the slide go forward and squeeze the trigger while pointing the gun in a safe direction. Insert the key and rotate the TSS mechanism clockwise 180 degrees.
  To disengage the TSS merely rotate the mechanism counterclockwise 180 degrees.

  I dislike having key locks built into firearms because I feel that they exist for one reason, to keep the gun from being used by a child. This sounds admirable, but the problem is that if a child can find your gun then he/she can also find your keys. IMO these kinds of locks are a poor solution.
  If you're worried about children handling your guns then get a safe of some kind (and train your kids to behave). They aren't that expensive, and in my opinion opening a small safe that has a keypad is quicker than trying to find the TSS key and unlock the gun.
  If things go bump in the night and you need to quickly unlock your handgun, I believe that you'll find your fine motor skills are suffering do to fear and/or adrenaline. Easier is always better in such a situation.
  I'll say it again. I don't like these tiny locks and little keys. I prefer safes that can be opened via a keypad, and I'm a big believer in keeping my guns secure around children.

  The TSS lock no doubt satisfies the company's lawyers and the nanny states that require such a system.

  A truly cheap trigger lock was also included in the case. I would say that it's at the low end of the price and quality spectrum.


  The 24/7 OSS has a SA/DA trigger. Most of you are familiar with the system. It''s been around for a while and many manufacturers use it for a model or two.
  The single action trigger pull is reported to be 6.5lbs. There's a good amount of slack initially and then it breaks cleanly when being used in SA. I wouldn't say it's M1911 like in the way that it breaks but it's not at all bad for this kind of trigger system.
  The double action trigger is supposed to be 7.5lbs. I think that it's a little heavier, but I don't really have any complaints about the pull. There's a little take up when shooting  double action, and then the trigger is smooth and consistent for the rest of the pull.
  I'm not a big fan of SA/DA triggers but I've had them on a couple of Rugers that I used to own and the Taurus has a much better trigger than my P85 and P89. Of course those models had awful triggers so that is not exactly high praise for the Taurus.
  I recently got to play with a relative's CZ P-07 and it's ridiculous how much nicer the trigger is on that gun. Of course it sells for over $600 so it's a little unfair to compare the two.
  Is the 24/7 OSS trigger better than that of the Beretta? It's worth mentioning since this was intended as a replacement for the M9.  I hope to borrow a friend's soon so I can do a comparison.
  Edit:    The Beretta was finally borrowed, and it clearly has a better single action and double action trigger pull than the Taurus.

  The manufacturers of SA/DA semi autos always make a big deal about having a second strike capability when you have a misfire. With a SA/DA system you can squeeze the trigger again when a round doesn't fire instead of having to rack the slide. I've always been doubtful about the usefulness of this since most of us train to slap, rack, bang when the pistol doesn't fire.
  I wouldn't buy a gun just to get this capability unless I had a great deal of problems racking the slide (Hand injuries, arthritis, etc). Actually, I would most likely just get a revolver instead of a semi automatic if I couldn't easily rack the slide.


  There's an ambidextrous three position safety. The lower position is off, and a red dot is visible on both sides of the frame to indicate that the weapon will fire.
  Moving the safety lever to the middle position engages the manual safety, and locks both the slide and trigger in place.
  If the safety is pushed all of the way up it decocks the firing pin, and the safety lever then automatically drops back down in the middle position. This will require the shooter to disengage it by pushing it down before firing.
   Placing the safety off and on is pretty easy, and I doubt that many will have problems with it. The safety lever seems stiff enough to prevent it from accidentally being disengaged while not being so stiff that it's difficult to engage.
  The decocker is a little harder to use with the shooting hand, and most of the time I have to shift my grip a little when using it.
 Just out of curiosity, I gave the gun to my wife and she had to use her off hand to operate the decocker.
  More information on this weapon's safety can be found in the manual on this site.

Accessory Rail:

  The picatinny rail is a rail. My light fits on it. Nuff said about that.


  The grip feels really good. It fits my hand as well as my XDM does. The Springfield Armory XDM has been my standard  of comparison for the last few years. As I sit here comparing the two guns, I'm having a hard time deciding on which gun feels better. The Springfield wins by a nose.
  There are some slight finger grooves molded into the grip, and the magazine's base pad completes the area of the grip where your pinkie rests.
There is a provision for attaching a lanyard at the bottom of the grip. I'll never use it, but it's a nice extra feature. The lanyard ring was a requirement of the USSOCOM trials.

  The magazine release is reversible for wrong handed shooters. The button really could sit out a little more. I have to rotate the gun slightly in my hand in order to press it. The magazines drop free easily.

  There are Ambidextrous Indexed Memory Pads for your trigger finger to rest on when it's not inside the trigger guard.
I don't know what we did before these were invented (Sarcasm).
  They look nice and add another interesting shape to the frame, but I wouldn't go overboard in talking about their usefulness. Proper training and common sense are what keeps your finger off of the trigger when your sights are not on the target.

24/7 OSS vs. 5.25" XDm


  The slide on this pistol has a black Tennifer coating. I have high hopes for it, but really have no idea how tough it will be. I expect the finish will be as durable as the Tennifer coating used by other manufacturers. Time will tell.
Edit. Actually time probably won't tell since the Taurus will probably be a safe queen. Hopefully the handgun can stand up to the rigors of sitting in my safe for weeks at a time.

  The slide catch (Taurus's term) can be depressed without having to shift your grip.

  If this gun is intended for a shared home defense weapon then expect for your wife to have to use two hands for some of the controls, or to change her grip on the pistol. I don't think that this should necessarily be a deal breaker, but it should be expected.
I just gave the gun to my wife and watched her use the decocker several times. She needed two hands to use it.
24/7 OSS vs. Springfield Loaded
The DaywalkersMom can sweep the manual safety off without a grip change but does need to shift the gun in her hand to engage it. She has no issues releasing the slide one handed and no grip change is needed.


  This handgun wears Novak 3 dot sights. The rear sight is easily adjustable for windage by loosening one torx screw and then drifting it over as you normally would.
  I found the gun shooting a few inches to the left at 15yds, and moved the sight over with just a few firm taps. I cannot see the rear sight moving on it's own even if the torx screw loosens up. Good to know.


  The blued magazines appear well made, and have an attractive blued finish. They hold 17 rnds and there are 3 witness holes (5, 10, 17) on the backside.
  The magazines disassemble easily and I couldn't find any burrs. The inside is very smooth. I feel that's worth noting after a manufacturer parkarized the inside of some Beretta magazines (per the gov request).
  I have no problem loading them up to 15 rounds. Getting them loaded to full capacity was just a little difficult for me, and impossible for the wife and Daywalker. One of the 4 magazines used for testing will only hold 16 rnds.
  No loading tool was included in the kit but I have seen other people reviewing the .45cal Taurus discussing the magazine loading tool that was included in their gun case. I haven't seen any reviews on the 9mm version that included one. Some people will not be able to top off the magazines without a loading tool of some kind.
  I would like to see more witness holes on the back of the mags. Since this handgun wasn't adopted by the military I'd rather see the magazines with a stainless instead of blued finish. To each his own.
  As it's a discontinued model I doubt that is will happen and all that I've seen are blued magazines online.

  XDM magazines are alongside the 24/7 OSS mags. Witness holes are done right on the Springfield mags.

  As I stated earlier, this gun is no longer in production. The 24/7 G2 magazines don't work with it. I managed to find magazines online ($35) but it took a little more effort than normal since everyone lists 24/7 mags, but most don't include which version.
All of my magazines are stamped 'Made In Brazil,' and I'm kind of bummed that I don't see any listed on the Mec-Gar website.


  I'm not going into great detail on this. Let me just say that it's easy. It's much simpler than taking apart a M1911, but just slightly harder than disassembling a Glock.
  One difference between this gun and most of the other polymer framed competitors is that the slide disassembly latch is removed. That's no big deal. It's just different if you're used to Glocks, XD's and XDM's. I expected it to just rotate and was surprised that it had to come out.
  You will have to squeeze the trigger when taking this gun apart. That's not something that I worry about, but some agencies don't like that requirement for their duty weapons.
Long story short... anyone can fieldstrip and clean this handgun. The manual can be found here if you're interested.


  This is always difficult to judge because I don't have a ransom rest and we are not allowed to shoot off of sandbags on my pistol range.
Thus, when the targets look bad is it me or is it the gun? It's generally me.
Anyway, here's my targets at 15 yds since a gun review without targets is BS, IMO.

  The target on the left was shot only in single action, and I got off about 1 round per second.
  The right target was shot only in double action, and was considerably slower as I had to decock after every shot (3-4 seconds perhaps?).

  This is from the Springfield Loaded at 12yds. While I didn't distinguish myself this week, I can shoot a little better than I did in the targets above.  BTW, once I get a few hundred more rounds through the Loaded I'll get a review up. I have very mixed feelings about this gun so far.

  It's a few weeks later and I had a chance to take the Taurus out again. The target at the right is from 15yds while shooting single action. I'm getting a bit more used to the trigger.
  A box of Tulammo and a little WWB was put through it today.  I figure that since this is a budget handgun it should probably be able to run budget ammo. There were no issues with the pistol and I'm starting to really like this gun.

  I believe that this is my third range trip with this Taurus. The groups are getting a little better. The target to the right was shot with the 24/7 OSS, and the one on the left was shot with a Beretta 92FS. The orange centers are 3" and the distance was 10 yds.


  The owner of this handgun was nice enough to break it in for me a few months ago. I watched him put about 200 - 250 rnds of really old reloads through the 24/7 OSS.
I also watched him clear a lot of jams. Stovepipes were by far the most common.
I firmly believe that some of the issues were caused by the age of his ammo but he was also limp wristing the gun a lot. He kept using a very low grip on the gun, and had about an inch of empty space above the web of his thumb. Very weird grip.
  I only put two magazines through the Taurus that day but had no reliability issues using what I'll call a 'Normal Grip.'
  I put 100 rnds of WWB through the 24/7 OSS a few days ago and had no issues. It ran perfectly, and I didn't clean or lube it before the range. I was curious how it would run after the owner had so many problems, and I didn't want it pristine before shooting.
So... what would I give it in regards to reliability?
  How about an 'Incomplete?' This weapon has had issues even though I'm almost 100% sure that it was operator error, lousy ammo, and the break in period (perhaps a combination of the three?). It's history is it's history, and 100 good rnds downrange doesn't negate that.
  Still... it ran fine for me.
92FS, PT92 & 24/7 OSS

  The 24/7 OSS comes with a coat of some kind of rust inhibitor inside. This white grease like substance does not appear to be a lubricant, and I can definitely see malfunctions occurring if the pistol isn't cleaned before shooting.
  I took care of that few months ago however before the original range trip.
  I remember seeing other reviews online, and from the tone of some of them I suspect that the owners went straight from the gun store to the range without even waving a can of Break-Free over the gun.

Random Musings:

  First of all, my wife insists that I note that those dirty rugs in the pics above are from the range and not our carpet.

  Secondly, did I mention that the gun was for sale? I'm getting it. I feel confident
enough in the reliability to buy it, but would hate to recommend this model to others without having a higher round count on it.
  It's going to be another fun gun for me and not a home defense gun. While I might grumble about sending an unreliable gun back to the factory, I have others that can fill the role for defensive use.
  Others may not have that in their budget. I would hate to hear that someone bought a 24/7 OSS based partially on my recommendation when I've only seen a little over 100 good rounds go through it. This is especially true since no defensive ammo was used thus far in my shooting.

  Thirdly, the pistol has been discontinued by Taurus. Sooner or later it will be hard to get magazines, holsters, etc.

  Taurus did a good job on the manual. It's much better than some I've seen lately.

  According to the all knowing, all powerful internet the year of manufacture for this gun is stamped inside of the slide. If that's true (and when has the internet ever let us down?), then this 24/7 OSS was made in 2009. There is a 9 (Middle aged eyes.... or perhaps a 6?) under the area of the slide in which the barrel is placed.

  One more thing, this is a large pistol. Even with the polymer frame it's still heavy. I wouldn't want to carry it, the size/weight helps a lot to reduce recoil. I believe that most people could learn to shoot this gun without developing a flinch. It may be a bit harder to get used to the SA/DA (And decocker) trigger system though. I wouldn't recommend any handgun with that form of trigger if the owner is only going to put a box of ammo through it and then put it away.

  What would $400 get you as a comparison? That's what this weapon currently sells for NIB (new in box).  We'll use the full sized service pistol category.
  The only new handguns that I can think of at this time are the Ruger SR9, EAA Witness, Caracal, Tanfolio, etc. You can get a Glock trade in for the same price at the local gun stores in my area. I've also seen some police trade in Berettas (.40cal) for under $400.
  But... this Taurus wasn't $400. It's $300, has $70 worth of extra magazines, and only has a few hundred rounds through it. I think that it's a very good value at that price.

  So in conclusion, I like the gun. It's fun to shoot, and a change from the M1911s and XDMs that I spend most of my time with. The SA/DA trigger is a little different from what I've been using these past few years. While I don't prefer that system for self defense, it's kind of fun now and then at the range.
The price is right. The handgun is pretty good overall.
I'll take it.

Only shipped with 2 magazines
  One last edit, I checked out the 24/7 G2 this week. I wasn't overly impressed, and actually prefer the OSS over the G2. Of course fondling the newer 24/7 for a couple of minutes at the gun store isn't much of a test.

  Edit:   It's been a few months since this review was posted. I've taken the Taurus to the range at least 3 more times, and am liking this gun more and more. I put it up against my two XDMs yesterday, and shot much better with the 24/7 OSS. Note that I'm not saying that the Taurus is more accurate. I just shoot it better (at least with slow fire). The latest target pic will be included below.
  BTW. recoil is noticeably lighter with this weapon than with my 4.5" XDM or 5.25" Competition XDM. Of course both Springfields are lighter pistols.
  Not everything is perfect in Taurusville however. There were a lot of failures to fire over the last couple of range trips. Because 9mm ammo is scarce, I tend to bring a few different brands when going to the range. The 24/7 OSS doesn't like 100gr Federal Premium Ballisticlean. I've had about 8 FTFs in the Taurus with this ammo. It will generally go off with a second strike. I picked up a case of it late last year, and it's worked fine in my other 9mm handguns. After running some WWB & Ultramax without any problems yesterday, I am convinced that it's just a quirk of this gun and the Federal Ballisticlean.

15 yds (3" Orange Bullseye)

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Internet Marksmanship

Where to begin?
Before I start I'll tell you a little about my shooting skills.
I do OK. I'm not a sniper and I'm not going to win any medals. I don't have fans carrying me around the range after a day of shooting and I'm not possessed by the spirit of Simo Hayha.
Somehow though, I manage to shoot better than most of those that I see at the range. I'm not boasting.
The main reason I'm not bragging is that when I get out to shoot the occasional match I tend to get beaten like Chris Mathew's d!ck during an Obama speech.
It can get be a bit humbling when you shoot with those that eat, sleep and breathe guns.
So I do a bit better on the firing line (At least with handguns) than most of my peers because I spend a bit more money and time on the sport. Those that I see at the matches spend a lot more time and money at it than I do. It definitely shows when the buzzer goes off.

So where am I going with this?
It seems like everyone on the internet is Scout Sniper material and despite a distinct lack of targets being shown we are supposed to believe that everyone shoots 1" groups at 25yds and can make 100yd pistol shots.
I'm sure that some can but I bet that most can't.

What got me thinking about this topic was a coworker talking about how fast he can operate a pump action shotgun. Supposedly he is so good with a pump that he's faster than the guys with semi automatics. Of course he only fires a few rounds per year during hunting season. I stand in awe of his skills.

Someone else was recently talking about 100yd handgun shots on steel. I put a bit more faith in his statements but I still have a few nagging doubts. I'm a cynic. I have a hard enough time seeing the pizza guy at 100yds so I have a few doubts when my middle aged bifocal wearing peers talk about these long handgun shots with iron sights.

I won't even get into all of the internet discussions that I read last night on how well everyone shoots. No targets were posted.

So henceforth this is my internet marksmanship target. This is to be used for bragging rights and anyone that cannot do better must bow down before me.
This is 30 rnds from a Glock 26 at 100yds from horseback. I was shooting gangsta style and had a pirate patch over my dominant eye.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

How Long Before We're There?

No Go Zones

Not The Best Thing I've Posted But Still Pretty Damn Good

                                                             Taurus: Carry On

My earlier post clearly has this one beat. This is still pretty damn good though. I'm not a big Taurus fan overall but I'll watch her shoot them.
I have heard good things about their M1911's despite the iffy reputation of some of their other products.
Look for a Taurus review to come up over the next day or two.

The Best Thing That I've Ever Posted

                                         Beach Volleyball Seat Girls 2010 - Video 01

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not The Sharpest Knife In The Drawer

This is been out for a while but it's still funny. I still can't understand how he gets paid to butcher the English language on national TV.  Thanks to dcexaminer and Xiang5800  for posting these videos.

This may be a spoof. It's too hard to tell.

15 Facts About Obama's Term In Office

15 Facts That Even Obama's Supporters Should Be Able To Admit Are True

But they won't.

Fast And Furious

Eric Holder Does a Victory Dance Around Fast And Furious

40 Reasons For Gun Control

40 Reasons For Gun Control

Getting Guns Right

Getting Guns Right

This column is definitely worth checking out. It basically gives every complaint that the average gun owner has with the media and Hollywood in regards to their portrayal of firearms and gun owners.
It's like he wrote down most of my views on the issue but left out the spelling and grammar errors.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back To The Gun Stuff

I've added a lot of current events, gun info sources and political stuff lately.
It's time to get back to the gun stuff.


A Little Good News For A Change.

A friend of mine recently said that he doesn't even watch the news anymore because there's never any good news shown. Everything is doom and gloom.
To that statement I say...

America Basher's Backfire: Killed By Flag Smoke

Russian Ships And Turkish Jets

It was kind of funny that the Dems used pictures of Russian warships during the Democratic National Convention. Now it seems that the aircraft shown were Turkish.
I suppose if the Democrats get the future defense cuts that they want we'll have a hard time finding American military equipment to photograph.
Maybe we should get used to looking at foreign military vehicles with pride?

Turkish Jets

Oh least the Dems didn't put their American Flags in the dumpster after this convention. I guess they're improving a little on the patriotism thing.

Our Embassies

I would add a moat and alligators.
Lots and lots of alligators.
Oh yeah...and mini guns.

Why US Embassies Look Like Fortresses

Monday, September 17, 2012

Great Browning Hi Power Site

I haven't been on this site in a while. That's probably a good thing because it starts the craving for another Hi Power. They aren't the most widely available handgun on the market and they definitely aren't the cheapest.
They're a niche market for those that want to go old school.
So check out the site and tell them who sent you.
What's not to like? Hi Powers, massive numbers of gun reviews and answers to almost any question that you can think of.

Hi Powers And Handguns

I was a huge Browning Hi Power fan for a lot of years and got a lot of use out of a Hi Power Practical. It was reliable, accurate and a lot of fun to shoot. I'd recommend them for gun enthusiasts. It's hard to believe that there's probably a couple of generations of gun owners that have never heard of a Browning Hi Power.
Alas...after a decade in my hands it had to find a new home to make way for a XDM.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stopping Power

Here are some sources for info regarding your self defense loads. You'll notice that some of them conflict with the others. I use the top link when picking a load but to each his own.

A different look at some of the same info:

And a pretty interesting study:

The Media's Rape Of Reality

The Media's Rape Of Reality

So what will be the big Romney story this week to distract from the economy, the unemployment numbers, our embassies being attacked, our staff being killed and the entire Middle East showing their hatred of America?
Will it be another story about his High School years or perhaps some hard hitting journalism about how he treated his dog? Perhaps the tax returns story will push the burning consulate articles from the front page.
Ah yes...the Ministry Of Propaganda (CNN and MSNBC) will have a lot of long nights trying to find another circus to amuse the masses.
No one that knows me would ever call me a Romney fan. I just like a little real news from my media sources and there's a few networks out there that are about as truthful and unbiased as Pravda in the 1970's.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Not At All Gun Related

This isn't at all gun related. It has nothing to do with gear. It's just...simply awesome.

MSNBC Gets It Wrong Again

Apparently we're to blame for the rioting in the Middle East and are just as bad as those killing our people.
I still find it hard to believe that people consider MSNBC a news network and it's even harder to believe that they can find fools willing to advertise on their shows.

Tough Targets - When Criminals Face Armed Resistance

                                                         Tough Targets
                              When Criminals Face Armed Resistance From Citizens


This is a long read but well worth it. If you need to refute an anti gunner's arguments or wish to sway someone that's undecided then just forward them this link. It has everything needed. I cannot see how any sensible person could read this and still believe in gun control
Basically this is just like the research that I find on the Brady Campaign website except that it has facts, stats, history and truth.

Friday, September 14, 2012

New Assault Weapon Ban?

Well it's official. Bringing back the Assault Weapon Ban is now part of the Democratic Party platform.
Love them or hate them...this is their platform and what they stand for.

2012 Democratic National Platform   

Could Be Useful In The Middle East

Actually mini guns would be better but in today's society and with our current government it's unlikely that they would be used.
This might be a good alternative for crowd control when we're more worried about offending our hosts than defending our people.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gun Control Explained

Gun Control Explained

This vids OK but there's a lot of really good stuff on that channel.

Palestinians Celebrating 9/11

An Different Look At Hurricane Katrina

This story has been floating around the internet for some time on guns and survivalist blogs. It's worth a read and interesting to see how far and fast things collapse when the lights go out.

The Untold Story Of Katrina, A Medic's Perspective

When Arguing About Gun Control

This is a great source of info for the inevitable anti gun argument of, "Guns are almost never used for self defense."

Guns Save Lives

Here's something similiar.

The Armed Citizen

And if you need info regarding laws, studies, junk science, stats, etc then I highly recommend this site.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Revolver Mishap

How Not To Hold A Revolver

This is a very good write up on a topic that is rarely covered.

Putting Together A Range Bag

This sounds like something that couldn't be more basic but I've seen the topic pop up on other forums. I also had a new gun owner recently ask me what to put in a cleaning kit and range bag.
Everyone starts somewhere and even the basic stuff doesn't seem so basic after buying your first gun.
I suppose it's like packing a suitcase. Everyone has their own spin own what's necessary. I go a little overboard with what I put in my range bag but most of the time I shoot at a private range. Their policy is that guests have to stay with the members so if there's anything that we need while shooting it requires us to pack everything up and go back to my truck or the office. Packing up because I ran out of targets or some other gear is a PITA. Middle aged fat men don't like extra walking.
I generally just use a tool bag instead of buying an actual range bag. They're almost always less expensive, pretty heavy duty and have a decent amount of pockets. They also usually have a good strong shoulder strap on them. After putting a couple of hundred rounds of ammo in your bag you'll see why you need a decent shoulder strap.
If someone notices the bag in my truck then hopefully it is not worth breaking into my vehicle for what is probably a bunch of cheap tools. On the other hand a bag that has Glock written all over it may lead to a broken window and missing guns.
I keep a separate bag for the pistol and rifle range because it's easier and I'm a little OCD about having what I need, when I need it.

Pistol Range Bag:

Safety glasses and spares
Earplugs/earmuffs and extras
Small cleaning kit and oil
Small brass hammer and wooden dowel (For 9mm/.38spl barrels) for squib loads
Small screwdriver set
Allen wrench set (Metric and Standard)
Torx wrench set
Multi tool
Black & White pasties
Small pair of binoculars
Snap caps (.22lr, 9mm, 38spl)
Clean rags
Insect repellent
Magazine loading tool, 1 mag pouch, 1 universal holster (Just because)

Rifle Range Bag:

Safety glasses and spares
Earplugs/earmuffs and extras
Small cleaning kit and oil
Small screwdriver set
Allen wrench set (Metric and Standard)
Torx wrench set
Multi tool
Black & White pasties
Small pair of binoculars
Spotting scope
Snap caps (.22lr and .223)
Broken cartridge extractor (.223)
Clean rags
Insect repellent

I'll probably go back and edit this over and over. I'm sure there's a few things that I've forgotten. If I get really motivated I'll dump out one of my bags and add some pictures.
I started carrying a camera to the range since my daughter began shooting regularly a few years ago. It comes in handy for more than just recording memories.
I've used it a few times with new shooters that were constantly changing their grip or flinching. It really helps them to see what they're doing wrong.
You should have a first aid kit of some kind in your bag as well. This is especially true if your range is off of the beaten path.  I'll leave it to others to suggest what should be in it but it's worth remembering that you're packing for the shooting range instead of the normal home mishaps. I switch a first aid kit from range bag to range bag depending on what I'm shooting.

As I said in the beginning, I go a little overboard but everything in those 2 bags is there because it's been needed a time or two (Except for the first aid kid...knock on wood).
Squib loads happen, people forget eyes or ears, scopes loosen up, etc.
I'm sure that I'll keep adding little things to the setup and some of you probably have some good suggestions.

Carrying Full Capacity Magazines

Five reasons to carry full-capacity magazines

Monday, September 10, 2012

Probably (Ok...definitely) Could Have Been Prevented

1) All guns are always loaded.
2) Never let the muzzle cover anything that you're not willing to destroy.
3) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
4) Be sure of your target (And what's beyond your target).


You may accidentally shoot yourself in the penis.

Darwin strikes again.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gun Sales Are Waaaay Up

This won't be much of a suprise to anyone that has been to a gun show over the last year.
The one bright spot in our current economy seems to be firearms and related gear.

Gun Sales Surge: An Obama Bounce?

More Gov Gun Seizures

Remember when you had to be convicted of a crime before you lost rights and property?

GHEI: ATF's latest gun grab


Seriously, is this the best that we can do? We have a nation of over 300 million people and this is the best that we can find to govern us?

Guam Tipping Over

Slavery In 1898

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Massive Amounts Of Info And Deals

This gentleman isn't for everyone but if you can sit through a 30 minute knife review video or a 45 minute gun review then it's hard to find a better or more detailed reviewer.
I like the longer vids. If I'm spending $50 on a knife or $500 on a gun then I want to know what I'm getting for my money.
Gimme details and if it takes 45 minutes to sum it up then so be it.
Anyway...if you're looking to spend some money on guns, gear or knives then check out his YouTube channel. You might even find some useful discount codes.

Friday, September 7, 2012

What Is A Mall Ninja?

If you're around guns enough you'll hear the term "Mall Ninja." This shows you where the term originated.

Another Good Link For Gun Laws

The title pretty much sums it up.

Wolf Ammo

This video is by one of my favorite YouTube gun reviewers and if you're not subscribed then you are really missing out. There's a great deal of information on his channel and the professionalism is second to none.

Here is something new from him on this topic. Wolf Ammo Demonstration

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SOG Aegis

First of all...the specs:
Blade Length:          3.5"                                                               
Blade Thickness:    .125"
Blade Material:        Aus 8
Blade Finish:          Black TiNi or Satin
Blade Type:            Spear Point - Full Flat Ground
Weight:                   3.1oz
Closed Length:       4.75"
Overall Length:       8.25"
Handle Material:     GRN (With Black Rubber Inserts)
Pocket Clip:            Right or Left Handed - Tip Up Only
HRC:                      57-58
Price:                      $66 (TiNi Coated Blade),  $57 (Satin Finished Blade)
Extremely lightweight - It's easy to forget that you're carrying this knife. This is not a blade that you'll leave home because of the weight. I just got done with a 20 mile bike ride before finishing up this review. I didn't even notice the Aegis in my cargo pocket ( stretchy bicycle shorts for me).
Blade Material - I like AUS 8 steel. It holds a decent edge and I really don't enjoy sharpening knives. The TiNi coating gives good corrosion resistance and I carry this knife a lot when outside or riding the bike. It gets exposed to a lot of perspiration. I haven't seen any rust along the edge. That's about the only place on this knife that is exposed.
AUS 8 is a Japanese steel that is supposed to compare to the Chinese made 8Cr13mov. If that's the case then it should hold an edge OK, be pretty easy to sharpen and have so so corrosion resistance. I've heard that the AUS 8 is a little better than the Chinese steel but I'm still glad that I got the knife with the TiNi coating. I've seen 8Cr13mov rust before and if AUS 8 is similar I would always prefer some added corrosion protection.
Blade Length - You get a nicely shaped 3.5" full flat ground blade. I almost always prefer the 3.5" blades  since you get a bit more knife without adding a lot of extra weight. They're still usually easily concealed.
I will say that if you have shorter pockets (Like in women's jeans)  you may have to go with a smaller EDC knife. I learned this when I got my daughter a Benchmade Mini Griptilian and found that it didn't fit very well in skinny jeans. I knew that there were different issues for women and guns but never considered that they may have a harder time carrying some pocket knives. Live and learn.
I don't have any trouble with the folded lengths of most knifes with a 3-4" blade so why not carry as large as possible? 
Blade To Handle Ratio - I HATE it when you get a short little blade coming out of a large handle. My Cold Steel Mini AK-47 is annoys in this regard. The SOG Aegis doesn't have any wasted handle length and the blade to handle ratio is just about perfect.
Pocket Clip - In my opinion SOG sets the standard for how pocket clips should be done.
The clip looks very pen like in your pocket. I like that. I don't really care if anyone knows I'm carrying a pocket knife but then why advertise it. A stainless steel clip will really shine against when sticking out of a pocket. 
Some people may work in an environment that's not very knife friendly. It's sometimes better to go low profile and the deep carry, dark clip and pen like appearance helps to cut down on the aggravation. It's funny. Some personality types will worry themselves to death about a coworker carrying a pocket knife yet they never even notice the fire axe in the hallway.
The blackened pocket clip is just about perfect. The Aegis carries deeper than my other EDC knives and I find myself comparing everything to the SOG.
It's also reversible for left or right hand carry. It is however only positioned for tip up carry.
Handle- The Zytel handle is lightweight and gives pretty good traction. There are a lot of interesting shapes and grooves molded into the grip. I don't find it all slippery. The small rubber inserts help a little. There is a little jimping on the back of the handle. It's OK. Every little bit is appreciated. 
The handle fits the hand very well and it's a comfortable grip. I can't imagine this sliding around in my hand even when wet.
Blade Shape - It's a good blade shape for normal use. I wouldn't say that it would work well for everyone. I don't know if I would pick this knife if I was a paramedic.
 My stepfather looks at every knife shape and judges it by how good of a skinning knife it would be. I haven't hunted in years so that's not an issue with me. I wouldn't use an assisted opening knife for that task anyway. The point is everyone has different criteria when buying a knife.
I just need an EDC (Every Day Carry) blade for normal jobs in an urban lifestyle. I haven't run across a task that this knife and blade shape cannot handle (Yet).
Blade centering is perfect BTW. There's also jimping on the back of the blade. I'd like it better if the jimping ran a little further down the blade but it's decent enough.
Deployment - Blade deployment speed is OK. I've seen other knives that were faster but I have no complaints. The thumb stud is easy to get to and the blade deploys with a normal amount of effort.
Ease Of Use - One handed operation is no problem. That's not always the case with EDC knives. There are a few brands on the market that are hard to operate single handed.
Sharpness - The SOG Aegis came very sharp from the factory. It's held a edge very well so far and all that I've had to do is touch it up a little.
Lock - I really like the Arc Lock on the SOG Aegis. Of course I'm a little biased since I prefer the lock in that position.
The blade locks out tight, it's easy to disengage the lock when you want to but I can't see myself unlocking the blade by accident.
Blade Tip - The tip is thin and delicate looking. I think that it's strong enough for normal tasks and for jobs that need a  more precise point (Digging out splinters for example). This knife isn't the best choice for anything  requiring a hard use blade.  I don't think that I would pick this SOG for a camp knife and I definitely wouldn't use it to pull staples out of 2x4's or fence rails.
Lockup - Lockup is just a little loose from side to side. Front to back is pretty tight. Tightening the pivot screw on my Aegis slows down deployment so it's a bit of a balancing act between speed and lockup.
I recently gave a Mini Aegis as a gift and there was a little side to side movement in the blade on that model as well. I wouldn't consider that a deal breaker.  It is somewhat disappointing since I have knives (Kershaws) that cost a third of the price and still lock up tighter.
Strength - I haven't tested this knife that hard. I've cut up some cardboard, old nylon straps and used it in day to day tasks for several months. It's done fine but I make it a point to grab something like a CRKT if I need something more solid.
I see this knife as something like a gentleman's folder for the black gear crowd. That's the niche that I envision for it. Think of it as kind of like a CRKT Ripple for the guys that like the tactical (Looking) gear.
There are no liners and there's a little flex in the handle material if you try to squeeze them together. 
My CRKT M16-13Z only weighs 4oz more yet locks up much tighter and still has liners. It's kind of like comparing apples and oranges but I think that the knife could be a little stronger. Of course the weight would no doubt increase and I'm sure that the price would change.
Safety Lock - This is not really a con. It's there and some will hate it. It's unobtrusive enough that it doesn't bother me.  I don't use it and I've never accidentally found it locked when I needed it. The safety lock engages and disengages easily without being able to move on it's own when shifting around in a pocket.
As this knife only carries tip up some might like idea of having a safety. I have only had one assisted opening knife (S&W) accidentally open in my pocket but it was a shorter blade. I had spent the day rolling around under some furniture that I was sanding. Other than that one instance I've never had a blade open accidentally. It might be worth using the lock if you're changing your oil, crawling around under the house, etc. 
No Lanyard Hole - I don't really care about that but some might. I guess it depends on what you're using it for. You could get some paracord around the clip if you needed to.
There's not a lot that I don't like about this knife. I could have gotten other lightweight models such as the Benchmade Griptilian if I needed more strength in a folder. 
The Aegis lineup includes a tanto bladed model for those that need a stronger tip so that shouldn't be an issue if you use your knife a little harder than I do. 
As I said earlier, I see this as kind of a gentleman's folder. I don't see it being suitable as a  great tactical knife but it could easily be pressed into service for defensive use in an emergency.
I knew what I was getting when I bought this blade and am satisfied with it overall. I probably carry this about 50% of the time and rotate the rest of my EDC blades. I'd recommend it.
I guess the test would be if I would replace it if it were lost or broken. The answer is yes.
SOG Aegis on top, Mini Aegis on bottom

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Gun Shop Customers


                    A Field Guide To Gun Shop CUSTOMERS: Beware Of The Lurking Know It All

What Is A Daywalker?

Surprisingly not everyone watches Southpark and gets the Daywalker reference. it is.
According to "The Daywalker is a Ginger that does not burn in direct sunlight. Hated by true Gingers, the Daywalker can sustain extended periods in direct sunlight and even has traces of a soul. Because they are still part Ginger, freckles may or may not be present."

For a more detailed description:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Concealed Carry Tips

                                                           Falia Freedom Channel

 Give her channel a look and subscribe for more good tips. I really recommend her channel for women looking for CCW holsters.

Tip O' The Day

Talking To The Police:     There's a lot of discussion on the Internet about not talking to law enforcement officers if you are involved in a self defense situation. Like all Internet talk there is a certain level of BS involved in this topic. Everyone is a lawyer, LEO, or CSI expert, and they all tell you not to talk to the police if you use your weapon in self defense.

Regardless of the situation, let's pretend that you had to show, pull, or use your gun in a legitimate self defense situation. The police are now there, and there's you, the bad guy, and the officers on the scene. The police have to figure out who to charge with a crime.

The bad guy isn't going to keep silent. He's going to be telling every lie possible to make you look like the instigator of the confrontation. He's probably going to be very convincing.

On the other hand  if you follow the popular advice you'll be standing there saying, "I want my lawyer."

Guess who is now going to be charged and have the burden of paying for a defense?
I am not saying that you have to give the LEO's your life history, but I think that it's common sense that you get on record as having defended yourself and fearing for your life before calling your lawyer.
This is just my 2 cents.