Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tip O' The Day

Talking To The Police:     There's a lot of discussion on the Internet about not talking to law enforcement officers if you are involved in a self defense situation. Like all Internet talk there is a certain level of BS involved in this topic. Everyone is a lawyer, LEO, or CSI expert, and they all tell you not to talk to the police if you use your weapon in self defense.

Regardless of the situation, let's pretend that you had to show, pull, or use your gun in a legitimate self defense situation. The police are now there, and there's you, the bad guy, and the officers on the scene. The police have to figure out who to charge with a crime.

The bad guy isn't going to keep silent. He's going to be telling every lie possible to make you look like the instigator of the confrontation. He's probably going to be very convincing.

On the other hand  if you follow the popular advice you'll be standing there saying, "I want my lawyer."

Guess who is now going to be charged and have the burden of paying for a defense?
I am not saying that you have to give the LEO's your life history, but I think that it's common sense that you get on record as having defended yourself and fearing for your life before calling your lawyer.
This is just my 2 cents.

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