Friday, September 21, 2012

Internet Marksmanship

Where to begin?
Before I start I'll tell you a little about my shooting skills.
I do OK. I'm not a sniper and I'm not going to win any medals. I don't have fans carrying me around the range after a day of shooting and I'm not possessed by the spirit of Simo Hayha.
Somehow though, I manage to shoot better than most of those that I see at the range. I'm not boasting.
The main reason I'm not bragging is that when I get out to shoot the occasional match I tend to get beaten like Chris Mathew's d!ck during an Obama speech.
It can get be a bit humbling when you shoot with those that eat, sleep and breathe guns.
So I do a bit better on the firing line (At least with handguns) than most of my peers because I spend a bit more money and time on the sport. Those that I see at the matches spend a lot more time and money at it than I do. It definitely shows when the buzzer goes off.

So where am I going with this?
It seems like everyone on the internet is Scout Sniper material and despite a distinct lack of targets being shown we are supposed to believe that everyone shoots 1" groups at 25yds and can make 100yd pistol shots.
I'm sure that some can but I bet that most can't.

What got me thinking about this topic was a coworker talking about how fast he can operate a pump action shotgun. Supposedly he is so good with a pump that he's faster than the guys with semi automatics. Of course he only fires a few rounds per year during hunting season. I stand in awe of his skills.

Someone else was recently talking about 100yd handgun shots on steel. I put a bit more faith in his statements but I still have a few nagging doubts. I'm a cynic. I have a hard enough time seeing the pizza guy at 100yds so I have a few doubts when my middle aged bifocal wearing peers talk about these long handgun shots with iron sights.

I won't even get into all of the internet discussions that I read last night on how well everyone shoots. No targets were posted.

So henceforth this is my internet marksmanship target. This is to be used for bragging rights and anyone that cannot do better must bow down before me.
This is 30 rnds from a Glock 26 at 100yds from horseback. I was shooting gangsta style and had a pirate patch over my dominant eye.

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