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Assault Rifle vs Sporting Rifle

This can't be true. The media and the politicians are lying to us?  But, but... both weapons were black, so they must be machineguns.
This was a very good video. Most of those from the Military Arms Channel are.  I'm sure that it will reach a lot of people. I've forwarded his last two vids to everyone I know, and hope others will do the same.
The NRA puts out several magazines. There are countless other firearms magazines and websites. We can only guess how many gun blogs are out there. Many of us take beginners shooting.
I'm starting to suspect that all of that really doesn't matter. Even if those that don't know anything about guns gain a little knowledge, it may not make a bit of difference.

Like most of you, I spent Christmas Eve with family members. One young college aged man was brought to the party by a niece. He wasn't a gun guy or especially knowledgeable about firearms. If I had to guess, I would say that most of his firearm knowledge came from playing video games.
At one point in the party, we began discussing the tragic school shooting. He started reciting the usual MSNBC talking points.


After listening to days and days of lies, BS, half truths, and misleading statements from the mainstream media, I got a chance to challenge some of them (at least on a small scale).
We had an interesting conversation while the party went on in another room.
A few people were informed about what an assault weapon really is.  It was explained how the killer could have gotten the same body count with a 100 year old M1911, and pocket full of magazines. We discussed arming teachers, and placing police officers in schools.  A lot of questions were answered, and most of those present at this discussion had no experience at all with guns.
It was a little surprising (not really) when someone stated that everyone in his circle believed the same things that he believed, and all of this was new information.
I won the arguments (actually more of a friendly conversation), but didn't really win many converts.
This wasn't due to my being a dick. It was toned down for the holiday season, and my level of 'dickheadedness' was strictly amateur level compared to another family member that was present (a tale for another time).

The lack of converts was largely because my niece's friend and some of the other 20-somethings present simply didn't care about a right that they don't use.
They cared more about the thought of violent video games and movies being blamed for the massacre, than the potential loss of 2nd Amendment rights. A few were actually offended at the NRA's opinion that popular culture and Call Of Duty might influence people's behavior.
Hmm... having a gun nearby can cause you to kill, yet watching 20,000 killings per year on the television has no effect on an individuals actions (and for the record, I blame the killer instead of the guns, culture, games or movies).
I've heard of Generation X, and Generation Y.
This was like Generation WTF?

So... long story short, they were willing to compromise on every aspect of gun control, but the right to play Xbox was sacred. I could see this attitude from teens, but in those in their mid 20's?

Registration... yes
Assault Weapons Bans... yes
Normal capacity magazine bans... yes
Mandatory waiting periods... yes
Background checks on private sales... yes
End of concealed carry... yes
Mandatory training for new gun owners... yes
Keeping firearms stored at a gun club instead of in the home... yes

I can't even remember everything that was proposed as reasonable during our conversation. Basically if, "England does it," then it must be OK, and we should adopt the same standards.

This is what we're up against. We have Americans that are more concerned about their ability to play the newest version of a video game, than they are about the 2nd Amendment.

We are so screwed.

Good Write Up Of Why New Gun Laws Won't Pass

Stupidity, Politics, and Math

This is a very interesting write up about why the author believes that no real gun control legislation will be passed this year.
I have my doubts about whether or not he is correct. A lot of his points look like wishful thinking to me. Too much faith is put in pro gun politicians holding the line. As there has been a lot of wavering in our (previously) 2nd Amendment supporting Senators, I believe that few of them can be trusted to do what's right.
I really hope that I'm wrong.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Upcoming Assault Weapons Ban

                                                                  Assault Weapons Ban 2013

This is one of the most informative pieces that I've seen on the proposed Assault Weapons Ban. There's no hysteria, paranoia, name calling or chest thumping. It's just a concise video of where we may end up if we don't fight this ban.
I hope that everyone will click on the link above, and share this video.
When the ban passed in 1994, a lot of gun owners didn't care because the government wasn't going to ban their guns. It's different in 2013 and merely having walnut stocks and blued steel doesn't mean that your gun is safe.
Don't sit on the sidelines.

Thursday, December 27, 2012



I can't believe that I missed a few of the references made in this video.
Just in case you didn't get all of them, I'll run through a few. 

* First of all is, "The shoulder thing that goes up." This clever woman is a long time anti gunner and politician. She doesn't seem overly knowledgeable about the guns that she wants to ban. Apparently the fact that they look scary (to her) is reason enough. That was a very amusing interview with Tucker Carlson.
* An AR15 is an "Assault Weapon," not an "Assault Rifle." "Assault Rifles" are fully automatic.
"Assault Weapon" is a term invented by politicians in the early 1990's to describe firearms that have a militaristic look. In their eyes anything that looks like a military weapon is an "Assault Weapon" despite being semi automatic.
* David Gregory was the journalist that was waving a 30rnd AR15 magazine around on national television while calling for more gun control. They are illegal in DC, where it was filmed. Gregory was illegally possessing this mag. I guess the ban didn't work very well, huh?
Do you think there will be charges filed? Doubtful.
* BTW,  Gregory sends his kid to a private school that is staffed with 11 armed guards. This is the same school that the Obama children and their Secret Service protectors attend.
Can you guess Gregory's opinions on allowing teachers to carry, or putting armed guards in elementary schools?
Can you guess Obama's?
* The .223 caliber bullet is not a military round. It's a target and varmint round. The 5.56x45mm is a military round, and is used in the M16 & M4 carbine. You can shoot the .223 in a rifle chambered for 5.56mm but it's not the same ammunition.
* A "Clip" is not a magazine. When you use the term "Clip" incorrectly it makes you look like you really don't know guns. Some might suspect that most of your firearms knowledge comes from the television, Hollywood or video games. People that know guns immediately begin to suspect that you're either a newbie or clueless. When I hear someone constantly talking about "Clips," it's like they're running their fingernails down a blackboard.
* I'm not going to explain Fast And Furious. A lot of Dems really don't know anything about the program, and don't care to. It's not worth spending the next hour typing an explanation.
I do however enjoy the irony of our President arguing against civilian gun ownership while his Justice Department helped arm Mexican drug cartels.
* I suspect that MrColionNoir is mentioning Chicago, and Obama when discussing the large city that's basically a killing zone.
* There is no "Gun Show Loophole." Licensed dealers must do background checks on all of their firearm sales.
A small percentage of those at gun shows are people selling their private collections, or just a couple of guns. These are private sales, and paperwork doesn't have to be done (depending on your state). If you want to do away with the, "Gun Show Loophole" then you are really saying that we should end private sales. At least be honest enough to say what you really want to ban.
* "Assault Weapons" weren't used in the VA Tech massacre. That didn't stop anti gunners for calling for a ban, and an end to the "Gun Show Loophole" (which also wasn't a factor).
* Suppressors cut the noise level of firearms, but don't "Silence" them. Suppressed guns definitely don't make a "Pew" sound. The noise level is cut enough that you can get by without hearing protection, but the sound is still loud enough to be heard by all nearby.
* I won't even attempt to name all of the Hollywood actors and actresses that are anti gun despite making fortunes off of action movies and violence in films. The actor that amuses me the most is the one known for machine guns and large knives.
* A few well known California politicians want to ban guns despite having firearms and CCW permits.

That's it. I've kind of lost interest in this. That was a really good video though. is one of the best sources for gun information in current events. A few minutes browsing this site will get you up to speed on most of the issues.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


                                                                Snubby Tips

  This is a pretty interesting video. As usual, I don't agree with everything in his vids, but I can find something useful in most of them.
  The vast majority of us bring our own personal experience to the table when picking a gun or judging a firearm's usefulness. As Yeager worked as a contractor in the Middle East and teaches tactical shooting, it's easy to see why he's all about the round count in handguns.
  I'll be honest. I prefer a semi auto over revolvers. Regardless of that, I still think that most of us would be well served by a revolver, and they are often the best choice for some people.
  Let's face it. Most gun owners aren't going to put a lot of rounds down range. Simpler is usually better. If someone isn't going to learn how to clear malfunctions or shoot enough to build muscle memory, then they're probably better off with a revolver. Wheel guns are simply more forgiving than semi autos in regards to mediocre gun handling.
  I'll use a long time gun owner that I took to the range recently as an example. Due to his using a really poor grip, the shooter was causing constant malfunctions in his Taurus 24/7 OSS.  Bear in mind that this was in a no stress environment at the range instead of during a stressful situation when things go bump in the night.
While revolvers aren't bulletproof (no pun intended), they are easier for some to understand and operate.
  Before watching this video I hadn't worked with speed strips in years. I usually keep a couple of speed loaders on hand for each of my revolvers, and use them regularly.
Speed strips... not so much.
  I decided to get some practice in with them last week, and realized that I've never seen any instructions on how to use speed strips. Yeager demonstrates the shoot two, load two concept. Most right handed shooters seem to prefer reloading with their right hand when using speed loaders or speed strips.

  This is how we use speed loaders and speed strips (at least in my home). The Daywalker was drafted into helping with this (so no... those aren't my little girly hands).

Speed loaders:

1) Press (or push forward) on the cylinder release with your right thumb while pushing the cylinder open with your left hand.
Rugers, Colts, and S&W revolvers have different types of cylinder releases. Taurus, Rossi, Charter Arms, etc generally have the same kind of release as Smith & Wessons.

2) Push on the ejector with your left hand while tilting the firearm up.
Most shooters hit the ejector with the palm of their hand, but pressing it with a finger will work if you do it firmly.

3) The empty cases should drop free, but you may have to give the gun a little shake, or hit the ejector a few times. This is especially true with snub nosed revolvers.
It's important to tilt the gun up so that gravity helps the empty cases drop free of the cylinder.
That should be a given, but I learned otherwise when taking a new shooter out recently. He kept trying to eject the spent cases while keeping the gun horizontal. This didn't work very well.
You may find yourself with a case stuck under the extractor star if you don't elevate the muzzle when pressing the ejector.

4) Hold the revolver in your left hand with two fingers inside the frame. Control the cylinder's movement with your thumb and the fingers reaching through the frame.

5) I carry my speed loader on the right side if possible.
Using your right hand, line the speed loader up with the cylinder. You will be controlling the cylinder's movement with the left hand. You don't want it spinning as you're trying to line the bullets up with the chambers.
The handgun should be pointed downward in order to help the bullets to drop into the chambers when released from the speed loader.
You want to build good habits so that muscle memory takes over if you're under stress (such as in a defensive encounter).

6) The bullets are released from the speed loader and hopefully have dropped into the individual chambers. A slight shake might be needed.
The speed loader is now worthless to you. If I was in a defensive encounter, I would simply drop it to the ground. This would save a few seconds, and there's no need to pocket it as it's now empty.

7) Push the cylinder closed with your left hand while keeping it pointed in a downward direction. Spin the cylinder until it locks.
DO NOT simply flip it closed as you see in Hollywood movies. You may damage your handgun.

8) Now you're ready to get back on target.

Speed strips:

1) Eject the spent cases as shown above. Hold the revolver in your left hand. The first two fingers should be reaching through the frame. Control the cylinder's movement with your thumb and first two fingers.

2) Place two rounds into the chambers. Peel back the speed strip and pull it away from the bullets.

3) Spin the cylinder a little, and then add two more rounds to the chambers. Peel the speed strip back until it releases the bullets.

4) If you have a 5 shot revolver then you'll have a round left over, and should try to retain it if time permits.

5) Close the cylinder. Give it a slight turn until it locks. Now you're ready to get back on target.

Remember to be consistent in how you carry, and where your reload is kept. The method shown above is used when carrying a speed loader or speed strip on the right side. You will have to make some changes if you carry your spare ammo on the left. Big changes will have to be made if you're a lefty.
Just something to think about.

And now, in her video premiere...
The Daywalker

For the record, I had to slow her down for the video. She's probably moving at about one third of her normal speed in the reloads. The Daywalker has been using speed loaders for a long time, but this was only her second time using speed strips.
As she was seated during the filming it was hard to get the camera angles right. Tilting the gun forward during the loading, and upward while unloading was a little harder.
She did pretty good though.

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Why Does Anyone Need An Assault Rifle?


I wish I could have said it that well. Unfortunately he's preaching to the choir and his statement, and the statements from those like him, won't get past the media firewall.
I suppose that we should count our blessings. We should be thankful for the internet, blogs, etc. and the ability to work around the propaganda outlets that make up the mainstream media in 2012.

Are You Expecting Any Fairness In The Media?

Chris Mathews
Ed Schultz 
Don Lemon
Piers Morgan

I'll add a few more to this as time passes. 

So the question remains, do you expect fair coverage from these "Journalists?"
I've reached the point at which I no longer consider them newsmen or their networks as viable news sources.
Remember when we had "Watch dogs" in the media instead of lap dogs?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gun Control Myths, Lies and Mistakes

I'm coming in a bit late in talking about this topic. I wanted to wait a few days to start this out of respect for the victims of the Connecticut massacre. If only a few others showed some similar restraint. I suppose it's as some have said, "You can't let a crisis go to waste."
This post will run very long, and I may eventually split it up into separate sections. The plan is to add a few statements about gun control, and the myths, lies and general BS that is constantly repeated. Hopefully a point or two will be added daily over the next few weeks.

The killer couldn't have done this without an "Assault Weapon."
I want to start it off by addressing the myth that the school shooter needed an "Assault Weapon," or semi automatic in order to commit this horrendous crime.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Any gun owner with at least mediocre skills could have successfully committed this crime with a 5 shot revolver and a pocket full of speed loaders and speed strips.
Why is that?
It's because the killer was unopposed, and could kill at his leisure. He basically had all of the time in the world in which to murder these children and teachers. That's what happens in gun free zones. We keep seeing this over and over, yet some act surprised that the murderers keep going to churches, malls, movie theaters and schools. There is a reason why we aren't seeing similar acts at gun stores, ranges and police stations.

"Assault Weapons" were banned before 2004:
A list of rifles were banned from 1994 to 2004. They are referred to as "Assault Weapons" despite only having a militaristic appearance. They are semi automatic firearms, and fire one bullet for each squeeze of the trigger. Military rifles are generally capable of full auto fire or firing in bursts.
When some in the media or politicians intentionally confuse "Assault Weapons" with military weapons, they are lying and/or misleading you.
During the time that these semi automatic rifles were banned, "Assault Weapons" were used in less than 1% of gun deaths. The number is actually less than 1/2 of 1%.
The law was proposed because most Americans didn't own these types of firearms, and many in the gun owning community didn't care if someone else's guns were banned.
So what happened? The law was clearly a success, these rifles disappeared from the market. Right?
Wrong. The flash hiders were removed. The bayonet lugs were taken off, and the pistol grips were replaced by thumbhole stocks.
These redesigned weapons were sold with 10 round mags. 30 round magazines were available during the entire 10 year period that the ban was in effect. They doubled in price but could always be found. I'm sure that mass murderers are very concerned about running up their credit cards when buying 30 round magazines.
The same weapons were sold with a few cosmetic changes. Politicians and the mainstream media pretended that the law did something worthwhile because the bayonet lugs and flash suppressors were taken off. Somehow the guns became less deadly without a plastic pistol grip.
This AR15 is legal under the former "Assault Weapon" Ban. The AWB is still the law in some states, and you may continue to own AR15's, AK47's, AK74's, etc. You just have to dress them up a little differently.
Does this make the residents of those states safer?
This is what most believe an AR should look like, and it's sale would be illegal under the former AWB.
Guess what? They fire the same bullet and the different furniture does nothing to make the weapon safer.
Of course, gun laws are written by people like these. It's no surprise they are useless and intended more for gun control than crime control.
Btw, Connecticut has an "Assault Weapon" ban in place.

Assault Weapon Bans work:
Connecticut has an AWB in place.

Registration Works:
Connecticut already requires gun registration.

No One Needs A High Capacity Magazine:
I probably should have said, "Normal capacity magazine." These 15, 17, or 30 magazines are what the firearms used when they were developed. The 10 round mags that the anti gunners constantly push are neutered versions of what the weapons should come with.
As the term hi capacity magazine is accepted despite being inaccurate, I'll go ahead and use it for this post.
Years ago, research was done regarding police officer's accuracy when they were involved in a shooting. In the study, LEO's averaged about 1 hit out of every 5 shots fired. That's not a lot.
Consider that they may somewhat prepare for an encounter ahead of time. This is true whether it's a traffic stop or an arrest.
On the other hand, when an innocent citizen is involved in a violent encounter, it is often a complete surprise. It's an attack and it is usually not announced ahead of time.
Let's pretend that the normal citizen has the firearms skills of the average LEO.
Would you want to be limited to a ten round magazine? Bear in mind that this might only give you two hits for every 10 shots fired.
Suppose there are multiple assailants?
Why would anyone want to limit their self defense tools?
I find it amusing that those screaming the loudest for bans on hi capacity magazines are surrounded by gun toting guards that have... hi capacity mags in their weapons.

"Assault Weapons" are so much more lethal than rifles used for hunting:
This statement shows a clear lack of knowledge in regards to both hunting and "Assault Weapons."
"Assault Weapons" usually come in 4 main calibers. There's more than the 4 that I'll discuss below, but these make up the bulk of the millions of AB's on the market.
.223/5.56mm is what you'll find most AR15's chambered in. This is generally considered a varmint round, and most states will not allow you to hunt deer with this caliber. It's not considered powerful enough. This is what the killer used in the recent massacre.
.308/7.62mm is a common military, hunting and "Assault Weapon" caliber. We'll call this even. The AB's and hunting rifles are largely equal in stopping power. I'm not going into specifics about hunting loads vs. ball ammo.
7.62x39mm is used in many "Assault Weapons" such as the AK47, SKS and even some AR15's. It's a common round and is ballistically similar to a 30-30 used by hunters nationwide. Most would not consider this round more deadly than hunting ammunition on the market.
5.45x39mm is commonly used in the AK74 variant AB's and even a few AR15's. The ammunition is very similar to the .223/5.56mm in AR's. I would not consider it more deadly or even nearly as lethal as that used by most hunting rifles.
Those in the anti gun community point to the recent massacre as proof that these guns use a more lethal round than is commonly found in the hunting community. That's far from the truth. Reality is that the murderer shot children, and unfortunately, everything is more lethal to them (from aspirin to ammo).
The small size of the victims and the total lack of opposition in this Gun Free Zone is why the body count was so high.

Gun bans keep guns out of the community:
Do I really need to mention the success of banning guns in DC and Chicago?
Pretend that all firearms in America were banned today, and then confiscated. Smugglers would fill the demand for weapons just as they do for the drug trade. Guns would be brought in illegally just as Meth flows in Mexico, Cocaine comes in from Columbia and Heroin is shipped in from the other side of the globe. Of course the drugs I just listed are consumable items that must constantly be replaced. This requires a constant pipeline to keep the market supplied.
On the other hand, firearms will last for generations. Smuggle a gun into a banned state and it's around for decades. The same can be said for ammunition.
Obviously if a ban on firearms took place we would have widespread smuggling of weapons from our Southern neighbor. The drug cartels would expand into this market, or new crime syndicates would be created. The irony is that the cartels would ship weapons into the US instead of our Justice Department walking them into Mexico.
Gun bans are futile.
When we manage to win the war on drugs I'll begin to believe that we could manage a ban on firearms.
It's also worth considering that most Americans support firearms ownership. No one wants a meth lab next door, or a drug dealer on the corner. Most really don't care if the guy across the street target shoots, or if the neighbor has a Glock for self defense.

If Only We Had Smart Guns:
Where to begin?
No one wants them. The law enforcement community doesn't want to trust their lives to computer chips in firearms. If they don't have enough faith in the technology then I certainly am not interested in these weapons.
I'll make a deal with you. When Obama's Secret Service detail turns in all of their standard weapons and adopt Smart Guns, I'll start buying them.
BTW, your firearms are often exposed to solvents, oils, temperature changes, recoil and even being dropped. Is this something that is healthy for computer chips?
The usual method for Smart Guns is to have a computer locking mechanism inside of the firearm. You wear a ring, pendant, etc. that sends a signal to the weapon. This unlocks the gun if it's close enough to the firearm. The people that leave their guns laying around are the same people that would leave the rings/pendants out for children to find.
Would it be possible to send out a signal that is strong enough to disable a Smart Gun? Perhaps not today, but how about 5 years from now? We can jam cell phones so why not the Smart Gun technology?
Technology changes greatly from year to year. Today's Smart Gun is something that would have 20 "How To Hack It" videos on YouTube tomorrow. I suspect there would be universal remote type devices eventually sold.
Let's pretend that "Smart Gun" technology actually works, and I buy a Kel-Tec PF9 (which now costs $200 more thanks to the Smart Gun system). Will I be able to get the chips, pendants, rings, etc. replaced in 10 or 15 years when they break? How about 30 years from now? Will this gun eventually become a paperweight because the technology has moved on?

Wild West Shootouts:
If more people carry, or carry concealed, we'll have a huge spike in killings as people engage in "Wild West Shootouts" after every fender bender or argument. We heard this repeated over and over as more states adopted concealed carry laws, and the number of permit holders grew into the millions.
Needless to say, this hasn't happened. CCW holders are statistically more law abiding than law enforcement officers.
All of the rhetoric about, "Streets running red with blood," and "Wild West Shootouts" have proven to be false and it's not hard to find examples of CCW stopping crime.
It is however very hard to find examples of CCW committing crimes.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

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FIAT Builds Monster Truck
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US Marine Jailed In Mexico....Over A Shotgun

Kel-Tec P11

  This is not a full review of the Kel-Tec P-11. The following is merely my initial impression of this firearm, and I'll be the first to admit that I only have a limited amount of time with this gun. It should be sufficient to give a quick overall review. It is a gun. It's not like someone is trying to re-invent the wheel.

  Let's start off with the role that this gun is intended for.
It is clearly a concealed carry weapon. I doubt that anyone will buy it as a target gun, collectible, or even as a shared self defense gun. It's doubtful that most would even consider it a "Fun" gun.
The P-11 should easily be able to meet the needs of someone looking for a decent CCW firearm, and it could double as a home defense gun.

  Kel-Tec did a good job in keeping the exterior of the pistol smooth. Those carrying concealed will appreciate the effort.

  As it's light weight, smooth, and small, it should no doubt carry pretty easily.
Either IWB or OWB are definitely do able, and I think that pocket carry might also work depending on the clothing.
  I say, "Might," because this is a fat little gun. If you can pocket carry a Glock 26 then this weapon shouldn't be a problem. If the Glock seems a bit fat or if your pants are snug then it's just not going to work.
  If you're one of those guys that wears skinny jeans then just stop... and also don't even try pocket carry with this firearm.
  I'll be using the G26 as a frame of reference since most of us have some experience with them, or can at least find one at a local gun store for comparison.
  The overall length is almost an inch shorter than the "Baby Glock" , and the height and width are very similar. I doubt that I would be able to carry it in the pocket of my jeans, and would go with IWB or OWB carry. Carrying in jacket pockets would be easy.

  On the far right is my outstanding Kahr CW9. My equally outstanding Ruger LCR is on top and the Kel-Tec P-11 is on the bottom right. Hopefully the obvious comparison will help provide a frame of reference.

  Firepower is very good with a capacity of 10+1.
If the 10 rnd magazine seems a bit neutered then Kel-Tec offers a 12 round mag as well. Should 12 rounds seem insufficient, S&W59 magazines will also fit the P-11.
You'll find that 17 - 32 round S&W59 magazines are reasonably priced, and available from this excellent source. 
Let's revisit my earlier statement about firepower being, "Good." Actually, it's excellent depending on which mag you use.
If used in a home defense role, the Kel-Tec can carry the same load as a full sized service pistol. Hell... you can carry the same load as two full sized service pistols if you opt for the 32 rnd mags.
While I would much prefer a full sized handgun for home defense, you could easily switch back and forth between concealed carry and home defense roles with the changing of a magazine.
It's definitely a consideration if you're on a budget, and looking for one gun to do a couple of jobs.

  Obviously, Kel-Tec did a good job covering firepower in this little 9mm even though they only sell 10 or 12 round mags.

  Their little SUB-2000 (depending on the model) will also take S&W59 magazines so the P-11 could make a handy backup for the carbine if you want to keep your magazines standard.

  Moving on to accuracy. I'll be honest. I only put two magazines through this gun. 20 rounds isn't much to go on.

10 shots from 7 yards
I feel that you can get pretty decent defensive accuracy out of this firearm, but you will have to practice. This handgun is not an easy shooter by any means.

  The target on the right was shot at 7yds, and about 1 round every two seconds were fired.
Accuracy is OK for defensive purposes.

  BTW, the gun's owner had never shot a semi automatic handgun before today. While I only shot about 20 rounds through this pistol, I was handling it off and on all day while working with this new shooter.

  The trigger feels very revolver like, and it's clear that this was the intent. The problem is that while the trigger is very consistent throughout the pull, it is also very heavy. The manufacturer claims that it's 9lbs, but I have my doubts. I would love to put it on a scale.
  I'll be honest. I'm not a fan of this trigger. I can deal with it, but feel that it's one of the worst handgun triggers that I've tried over the last couple of years.
CCW guns often have heavy trigger pulls for safety purposes, and I agree with this principle. I think that Kel-Tec could/should lighten the pull a few pounds on this pistol.  Plenty of other manufacturers use DOA triggers without having them be excessively heavy.
  Unless the price was amazingly low, the P-11's trigger would probably be a deal breaker for me.

  BTW, you have a second strike capability with the DOA trigger on this firearm.

  The grip is short and fat. I wouldn't use the word, "Comfortable" when describing it.
Your pinkie is guaranteed to hang off of the bottom, but that can be remedied with the grip extensions from Kel-Tec (those with huge Andre The Giant mitts may still be out of luck). Naturally the grip extension will cut down on the concealability.

  The manufacturer's manual said nothing about a break in period, but it seems to be common knowledge that you need to run a couple of hundred rounds through their pistols before expecting reliability.
  This weapon belongs to a friend, and he shot a little over 150 rounds through it today. 100 rnds of 115gr brass cased (Monarch and WWB) ammo were fired, and later followed by 50 rnds of Tulammo .
   Reliability was perfect when using brass cased ammo. There were 3 instances of the bullet nosediving a little in the magazine instead of feeding when using the Tulammo. Racking the slide again would chamber the round. Some guns have issues with steel cased ammo.  The round count is still very low so it's too early to call the P-11 reliable. It looks better than I expected at this point.

  Let's quickly recap. Concealability is good. Accuracy is OK. Reliability seems pretty good when using brass. Time will tell on that one.

  What's next? Appearance? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think that the P-11's looks fall somewhere in between that of a Hi Point and a Glock. Make of that what you will.

  The price seems to average about $300. It may be all of the pizza and cheeseburger grease clogging up my brain, but I am positive that this gun was selling locally for a little over $200 about a year or two ago.
I liked it at $200. I could deal with it at $230. I'm liking it quite a bit less at $300. That's especially true considering that it comes with one 10 round magazine.

  The Kel-Tec came with one Mec-Gar magazine. It appeared to be well made and I've never had any issues with Mec-Gar mags in the past. I'm not going to fault the gun or mag for having problems with Tulammo. It's also worth remembering that the gun is still in the break in period.

  The 3 dot sights are OK for a gun this size. No complaints.

  I think it's time to talk about the slide serrations. They need improvement. A less tactful person might say that they royally suck. The serrations need to be cut deeper, spaced differently or have a different angle. Perhaps all three. Something needs to be changed in the future.
  It's much harder to get a grip on the slide than it should be, and I would hate to have to rack it with wet or oily hands. Those with weak hands, arthritis, etc will not want this firearm.

  The slide stop is small and can be difficult to operate. It's easier to rack the slide when chambering a round than it is to depress the slide stop. Maybe it will get better after the gun is broken in.

  Disassembly was pretty easy. Reassembly was a little more difficult (as it often is). A lot of  maneuvering of the barrel is necessary in order to get the assembly pin back in. Merely letting the barrel fall all of the way forward isn't going to do it. Be prepared to spend a while shifting it around until it's lined up. Perhaps it will be easier after the gun is broken in.
  There is also a spring that puts tension on the assembly pin when it's in place. I had to depress the spring  (SOG Aegis to the rescue) in order to get the pin back in place. Simply pushing on the assembly pin isn't going to get it in place (at least with this pistol). Those with 3 hands will find the process a bit easier.

  BTW, Kel-Tec warns not to dry fire this weapon. Kind of odd.

  They also warn not load the weapon by dropping a round directly into the chamber. The manual doesn't state why.
It's because this can break the extractor. Now you know.

  No info is in the manual or online about whether or not the gun is rated for +P ammo. I would assume that it's not until told otherwise.

  Nothing is in the manual about not using steel cased ammo. The usual warnings about reloads are present.

  No external safeties are present. Simply pick up the gun and squeeze the trigger.

  The magazine release is pretty good in my opinion. You will have to slightly rotate the gun in your hand in order to depress it, but you won't find yourself hitting it by accident. This is important since it's sometimes easy to hit the mag release while shooting these smaller handguns.
Magazines drop free easily.

  Let's wrap this up.

1) I think that this gun could satisfy almost any defensive role that I would need it for. It would not however be my first choice..
2) The round count is too low to assume that the reliability is there but it's performed well enough thus far.
3) I think that it's priced too high or it at least needs to come with a second magazine.
4) Some of the controls can be difficult to operate and the slide serrations need improvement. I do not believe that most women will be able to handle this gun very well. Those with small or weak hands are going to have problems. Those with hand injuries are going to have issues with this firearm.
5) There are many Americans that are living on a tight budget. A gun can be a big purchase for many families. If someone is buying a firearm that is intended as a family gun or shared self defense weapon (husband works nights, wife is home alone, etc), it would make sense to buy a weapon that everyone can easily operate. I don't believe that this would be that gun.
6) It's very concealable. The long, heavy double action only (DOA) trigger should greatly help prevent accidental discharges. Common sense, caution and practice play the biggest role in preventing AD's.
7) If given a choice, I'd much prefer a full sized gun for home defense. I wouldn't buy this gun unless I actually planned on carrying.

  In my opinion, the P-11 is an OK little gun. I think that it will easily fill the role for which it's intended. Unfortunately, $300 has become the price of a budget gun, and I think that a better choice could be found for that price.
CCW guns are always a compromise. They're lightweight so the recoil is felt more. The grips are generally smaller so they may be less comfortable. The sighting radius is shorter. The list can go on and on. Even knowing that CCW guns are a compromise, I still think that there are better choices out there.
One is in the Kel-Tec lineup. I would buy the PF9 over the P-11, but that is just my personal preference.

  I'll admit that even with some of the shortcomings of the P-11, the ability to find 17 - 32 rnd magazines is a big plus. Even the 12 rnd mags are pretty decent in such a small package.
  When I carry my Ruger LCR, there are 5 rnds in the gun and one reload in a pocket. Insert a 12 round magazine into the P-11 and you have more ammunition in the gun than I carry in my weapon AND on my person.
As these are self defense guns, ammunition capacity is always something to seriously consider.

  My friend seems pretty satisfied with this handgun and at the end of the day, that is what matters.

  BTW, my wife once again insists that I point out that the pistol rests on dirty rugs at the range, and not our carpet at home.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tulammo And Misfires

This will be short and sweet.
I've shot up about 500 rnds of Tulammo recently. All of it was in 9mm. A M1911 and Taurus 24/7 OSS were used for most of the shooting.
I'm averaging about 1-2 misfires per 50rnd box. About half of these misfires will go off if you try them again (after a loooong wait). I guess it's nice to have that second strike capability if you shoot the cheap stuff.
Russian military surplus ammo is known for having hard primers and I wonder if that's true for the steel cased stuff that Tula is sending over.
It's doubtful that I'm the only one having problems with misfires since the gun counter guy at Walmart wants to lecture me about the product every time I pick up a couple of boxes.
So... I'm not really trashing the manufacturer. I've had very good reliability with their .223cal and just started experiencing the misfires with their 9mm ammunition.
Even with a couple of duds per box, it's still much cheaper than Federal or WWB. I would prefer Silver Bear or Wolf if I'm using the Russian stuff.
I'll probably wait a few weeks and try some more just to see if I got a bad lot. It's funny that I went through a few hundred rounds without any problems before I started experiencing misfires.
BTW, Tulammo was the only 9mm on the shelves last night at my local Walmart. A lot of calibers were missing. I have also noticed that some of the online sources that I've used in the past are back ordered.
Here we go again.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Too Funny Not Too Include

I know, this isn't at all gun related.
I suppose if I really wanted to stretch things, I could talk about the lack of awareness, not carrying, etc. I'm not going to even try though.
Just enjoy the video.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Not A SHTF Blog

I'm still not turning this into a SHTF blog, but these videos were too cool not to share.