Sunday, December 30, 2012

Assault Rifle vs Sporting Rifle

This can't be true. The media and the politicians are lying to us?  But, but... both weapons were black, so they must be machineguns.
This was a very good video. Most of those from the Military Arms Channel are.  I'm sure that it will reach a lot of people. I've forwarded his last two vids to everyone I know, and hope others will do the same.
The NRA puts out several magazines. There are countless other firearms magazines and websites. We can only guess how many gun blogs are out there. Many of us take beginners shooting.
I'm starting to suspect that all of that really doesn't matter. Even if those that don't know anything about guns gain a little knowledge, it may not make a bit of difference.

Like most of you, I spent Christmas Eve with family members. One young college aged man was brought to the party by a niece. He wasn't a gun guy or especially knowledgeable about firearms. If I had to guess, I would say that most of his firearm knowledge came from playing video games.
At one point in the party, we began discussing the tragic school shooting. He started reciting the usual MSNBC talking points.


After listening to days and days of lies, BS, half truths, and misleading statements from the mainstream media, I got a chance to challenge some of them (at least on a small scale).
We had an interesting conversation while the party went on in another room.
A few people were informed about what an assault weapon really is.  It was explained how the killer could have gotten the same body count with a 100 year old M1911, and pocket full of magazines. We discussed arming teachers, and placing police officers in schools.  A lot of questions were answered, and most of those present at this discussion had no experience at all with guns.
It was a little surprising (not really) when someone stated that everyone in his circle believed the same things that he believed, and all of this was new information.
I won the arguments (actually more of a friendly conversation), but didn't really win many converts.
This wasn't due to my being a dick. It was toned down for the holiday season, and my level of 'dickheadedness' was strictly amateur level compared to another family member that was present (a tale for another time).

The lack of converts was largely because my niece's friend and some of the other 20-somethings present simply didn't care about a right that they don't use.
They cared more about the thought of violent video games and movies being blamed for the massacre, than the potential loss of 2nd Amendment rights. A few were actually offended at the NRA's opinion that popular culture and Call Of Duty might influence people's behavior.
Hmm... having a gun nearby can cause you to kill, yet watching 20,000 killings per year on the television has no effect on an individuals actions (and for the record, I blame the killer instead of the guns, culture, games or movies).
I've heard of Generation X, and Generation Y.
This was like Generation WTF?

So... long story short, they were willing to compromise on every aspect of gun control, but the right to play Xbox was sacred. I could see this attitude from teens, but in those in their mid 20's?

Registration... yes
Assault Weapons Bans... yes
Normal capacity magazine bans... yes
Mandatory waiting periods... yes
Background checks on private sales... yes
End of concealed carry... yes
Mandatory training for new gun owners... yes
Keeping firearms stored at a gun club instead of in the home... yes

I can't even remember everything that was proposed as reasonable during our conversation. Basically if, "England does it," then it must be OK, and we should adopt the same standards.

This is what we're up against. We have Americans that are more concerned about their ability to play the newest version of a video game, than they are about the 2nd Amendment.

We are so screwed.

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