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I can't believe that I missed a few of the references made in this video.
Just in case you didn't get all of them, I'll run through a few. 

* First of all is, "The shoulder thing that goes up." This clever woman is a long time anti gunner and politician. She doesn't seem overly knowledgeable about the guns that she wants to ban. Apparently the fact that they look scary (to her) is reason enough. That was a very amusing interview with Tucker Carlson.
* An AR15 is an "Assault Weapon," not an "Assault Rifle." "Assault Rifles" are fully automatic.
"Assault Weapon" is a term invented by politicians in the early 1990's to describe firearms that have a militaristic look. In their eyes anything that looks like a military weapon is an "Assault Weapon" despite being semi automatic.
* David Gregory was the journalist that was waving a 30rnd AR15 magazine around on national television while calling for more gun control. They are illegal in DC, where it was filmed. Gregory was illegally possessing this mag. I guess the ban didn't work very well, huh?
Do you think there will be charges filed? Doubtful.
* BTW,  Gregory sends his kid to a private school that is staffed with 11 armed guards. This is the same school that the Obama children and their Secret Service protectors attend.
Can you guess Gregory's opinions on allowing teachers to carry, or putting armed guards in elementary schools?
Can you guess Obama's?
* The .223 caliber bullet is not a military round. It's a target and varmint round. The 5.56x45mm is a military round, and is used in the M16 & M4 carbine. You can shoot the .223 in a rifle chambered for 5.56mm but it's not the same ammunition.
* A "Clip" is not a magazine. When you use the term "Clip" incorrectly it makes you look like you really don't know guns. Some might suspect that most of your firearms knowledge comes from the television, Hollywood or video games. People that know guns immediately begin to suspect that you're either a newbie or clueless. When I hear someone constantly talking about "Clips," it's like they're running their fingernails down a blackboard.
* I'm not going to explain Fast And Furious. A lot of Dems really don't know anything about the program, and don't care to. It's not worth spending the next hour typing an explanation.
I do however enjoy the irony of our President arguing against civilian gun ownership while his Justice Department helped arm Mexican drug cartels.
* I suspect that MrColionNoir is mentioning Chicago, and Obama when discussing the large city that's basically a killing zone.
* There is no "Gun Show Loophole." Licensed dealers must do background checks on all of their firearm sales.
A small percentage of those at gun shows are people selling their private collections, or just a couple of guns. These are private sales, and paperwork doesn't have to be done (depending on your state). If you want to do away with the, "Gun Show Loophole" then you are really saying that we should end private sales. At least be honest enough to say what you really want to ban.
* "Assault Weapons" weren't used in the VA Tech massacre. That didn't stop anti gunners for calling for a ban, and an end to the "Gun Show Loophole" (which also wasn't a factor).
* Suppressors cut the noise level of firearms, but don't "Silence" them. Suppressed guns definitely don't make a "Pew" sound. The noise level is cut enough that you can get by without hearing protection, but the sound is still loud enough to be heard by all nearby.
* I won't even attempt to name all of the Hollywood actors and actresses that are anti gun despite making fortunes off of action movies and violence in films. The actor that amuses me the most is the one known for machine guns and large knives.
* A few well known California politicians want to ban guns despite having firearms and CCW permits.

That's it. I've kind of lost interest in this. That was a really good video though. is one of the best sources for gun information in current events. A few minutes browsing this site will get you up to speed on most of the issues.

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