Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tulammo And Misfires

This will be short and sweet.
I've shot up about 500 rnds of Tulammo recently. All of it was in 9mm. A M1911 and Taurus 24/7 OSS were used for most of the shooting.
I'm averaging about 1-2 misfires per 50rnd box. About half of these misfires will go off if you try them again (after a loooong wait). I guess it's nice to have that second strike capability if you shoot the cheap stuff.
Russian military surplus ammo is known for having hard primers and I wonder if that's true for the steel cased stuff that Tula is sending over.
It's doubtful that I'm the only one having problems with misfires since the gun counter guy at Walmart wants to lecture me about the product every time I pick up a couple of boxes.
So... I'm not really trashing the manufacturer. I've had very good reliability with their .223cal and just started experiencing the misfires with their 9mm ammunition.
Even with a couple of duds per box, it's still much cheaper than Federal or WWB. I would prefer Silver Bear or Wolf if I'm using the Russian stuff.
I'll probably wait a few weeks and try some more just to see if I got a bad lot. It's funny that I went through a few hundred rounds without any problems before I started experiencing misfires.
BTW, Tulammo was the only 9mm on the shelves last night at my local Walmart. A lot of calibers were missing. I have also noticed that some of the online sources that I've used in the past are back ordered.
Here we go again.

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