Monday, June 24, 2013

Good .22lr Videos

  I'll be honest. I'm usually bored as hell when shooting .22's. They're OK now and then, but I just have a hard time getting excited about them. They sit in the back of my safe gathering dust most of the time. I've always preferred centerfire weapons. That probably won't change anytime soon.

  I also have a teenage daughter approaching adulthood, and realistically expect her to stop shooting with me when the college years start. I feel that it's important to max the Daywalker out with her future self defense pistols while I can still get her to the range.
  And... .22's bore her too.

  So, I've had a couple of reasons for setting aside the rimfire guns. They've always been a second choice for me when going to the range, and I doubt that will change as long as I can find and afford 9mm and .223.

  With that said, there are couple of areas in which the .22lr really shines.
   1) Anyone can shoot (and afford) them.
   2) They're great SHTF guns for obvious reasons. The weapons are generally lightweight, affordable and accurate at reasonable ranges. Ammunition is usually affordable and easily found.
  The videos below do a great job in explaining the performance that you can expect from your .22's, and I like how a lot of the discussion was aimed at prepping.
  Give them a look, and don't forget to click on the Like button.

 We're currently in a severe .22lr ammunition drought. In my area, all of the centerfire ammunition (except 9mm) is becoming available, even though the prices are still higher than normal. It's very hard to find .22lr, but I expect that to change over this summer as more and more Americans spend their disposable income on vacations instead of bullets. That's just a guess on my part. I'll edit in some bragging at the end of August if I'm correct.
  Of course if we have another Sandy Hook tragedy then all bets are off.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Remember The Sequester?

  Does anyone out there remember the Sequester? Are there any memories of the absolute disaster we were told to expect if the Feds had to cut 2.4% of future government spending increases?
  That's right. Only the projected increases are slated for cuts. Not one dime from the current level of spending is touched, and 98% of the projected increases are left alone.
  Despite the media and White House hysteria, it didn't turn out to be the apocalypse.
  Life has gone on, and it seems as if things aren't quite so bad after all. We evidently have enough money to pay the IRS $70 million in bonuses for a job well done. Kudos to the guys and gals at the Internal Revenue Service for all of their hard work in targeting those that disagree with our current Administration.
  There's also huge gobs of money available to send Barack, Mooch, and the girls on an Africa vacation trip. What's $100 million or so? I'm sure that Sasha and Malia will have great pictures uploaded to Facebook.
  Obviously money well spent.

We're Going To Have A Problem

  Sooo... if the American people cannot trust the government then, "We're going to have a problem." Isn't that great? It's as if American citizens are somehow paranoid in regards to having the NSA track every aspect of their life.
  I should state for the record that I have conflicting views on the data gathering program. On one hand, I have to say that if it prevents another Boston bombing then do it. I can only imagine my feelings if I had to be one of the fathers identifying my child's remains after a Jihadi attack.
  On the other hand, I've seen government officials tell us that they really aren't snooping on citizens, and the data is so enormous that there is no way that the average person could be targeted. The information is gathered for the common good, and we can trust the government to stay out of politics.
  That's what we're told.
  Nevermind the IRS scandal, and the intentional targeting of those that disagree with the current Administration. Don't worry about the True The Vote founder that was repeatedly harassed by the IRS, FBI, ATF, and OSHA. This wasn't the first or even the only case of our government going after those with dissenting views. It may just be the first that included several alphabet agencies instead of just the IRS. I have to wonder about the level of coordination between those agencies. That seems like a fine topic for a House investigation.
  Long story short, if information is power then the NSA and the Federal government are on the way towards becoming omnipotent. Can they be trusted with that power? I think that they've already demonstrated that they cannot. There will be abuses. It's guaranteed. Power always corrupts if given enough time.
  So what can the Federal government do to reassure a tax paying, ex military, White, 2nd Amendment supporting Constitutionalist (or as DHS says, the people that we have to worry about)? A fine start would be to charge those in the IRS that used their government position to influence the last election. Some actual punishment for those involved in Fast And Furious would also go a long way towards easing my mind. Don't even get me started on the lies regarding Benghazi.
  I'm willing to meet the government halfway in regards to the NSA data program. All I want is a little something to build my trust around.
  I don't believe that a little nugget of ethics or honesty is a lot to ask for.
  Unfortunately, this Administration has done nothing to build trust among the 49% of Americans that are not blindly devoted to the President. We'd like something a little more tangible than another meaningless speech.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lil Wayne And The American Flag


  I wish that I had something additional to add, but this video accurately sums up my feelings about Lil Wayne. It's hard to believe that so much truth can be crammed into a mere 5 minute YouTube vid.
  I didn't think that the Actionfiguretherapy crew could top their earlier video on Soulja Boy. It's clear that I was wrong.

Not At All Gun Related

  This is not at all gun related, and probably NSFW (cuz some people just suck).

Women In Yoga Pants

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

After A Shooting

  This article is very timely considering that the Zimmerman trial is playing out in Florida. It's nice to see a piece that addresses so many of the issues that one will face after a self defense encounter.

Combat Mindset-Aftermath

"How NOT To Shoot A Semi-Automatic Pistol"

  I can't believe that I've never seen anyone try to grip a pistol like Hickok45 demonstrates in the video below.
  Don't get me wrong, I've seen a lot of very weird grips, and stances over the years. I usually just see non shooters or beginners limp wristing their semi autos. Many of them seem to like using an odd tea cup style grip, or hold their handgun like they're one of Charlie's Angels. These are the common errors that I find regularly at the range.
  I stumbled across this video tonight, and thought that it was worth sharing since it might save someone an injury.
  As always, pass it on if you know someone in need of a lesson and don't forget to subscribe.

How Not To Shoot A Revolver

  I was lucky enough to get an hour at the range with my LCR last week. I haven't been shooting very much during the last few months. Anyone that's been looking for ammo should know why.
  I started thinking about all of the new gun owners that have joined our ranks over the last year or so. Hopefully they'll get some training, and not rely upon Hollywood and Call Of Duty for firearm tips.
  A lot of people seem to believe that revolver shooting is instinctive, and instruction is unnecessary. While revolvers are usually easier for a beginner to understand, it's still possible to make mistakes.
  I've actually seen someone make the mistake that Hickok45 discusses in the videos. I once saw a gentleman wrap his hand around the cylinder when preparing to fire. Luckily, I was able to stop him before he pulled the trigger. He learned an important gun handling lesson that day, and I learned not to trust someone's word when they claim to have basic firearm knowledge.
  Take a look at the videos, and the piece below. The article is a very good write up, and the pictures will make you cringe. It's a good lesson for those that are new gun owners, unsafe, or apathetic in their gun handling.

How Not To Hold A Revolver


I think that Hickok45 probably has a video on almost every topic, or handgun on the market. Check out his YouTube channel. Be warned. It's addictive.

Remember When You Only Had To Worry About Creepy Neighbors?

Tech Companies Concede To Surveillance Program
NSA "Mistakenly" Intercepted E-mails, Phone Calls, Of Innocent Americans
US Collects Vast Data Trove
Is DOJ Spying On Congress?
The Gov Is Spying On Basically All Of Your Communications Now
"No More Spying On US Citizens,"... Psyche!!!
$1.9 Billion Dollar Data Center Set To Open In October

Obama Rejects Comparison Between US Spying And Chinese Spying
Chinese Hackers Penetrate The NYT
Chinese Hackers Breach Google
Chinese Hackers Breach Top Weapons Designs
Chinese Hackers Outed Themselves By Logging Onto FB Accounts

  It was bad enough when we only had the Chinese and a few hackers spying on us. Now we have to worry about own government monitoring our phone calls, texts, and e-mail.
  Of course it's worth mentioning that it's all in the name of security, and many terrorist attacks have (supposedly) been prevented. We just can't know anything about them. That's secret (unlike your phone calls, texts, e-mails, and medical records ).

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Founding Father Quote Of The Week

"The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed."
Alexander Hamilton

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Spyderco Manix 2 Review

   It's not often that I get a chance to review something that I find almost perfect. It's even rarer when I find such a product that is affordable (at least for me).
  I've had this Spyderco Manix 2 for about a year now. It's the last EDC knife that I've purchased. That's saying something because I have a drawer full of pocket knives, and stopped buying new ones after receiving this Spyderco.

  Let's start off with the specs:

Weight:                  4.25oz
Overall Length:     8"
Closed Length:     4.625"
Blade Length:       3.375"
Cutting Edge:        2.875"
Blade Steel:           CPM S30V (154CM in the reviewed blade)
Blade Thickness:   .125"
Handle Material:    G10
Made In The USA

  Perhaps I should start off by mentioning that this is a larger knife than what most people will choose for daily carry. It's a little heavy at 4.25oz, and this will be a deal breaker for some. I wouldn't want to lug this blade around if I wore a suit every day, but it's fine for carrying in jean pockets or work pants. I usually don't notice that I have it on me.

  You get a lot of knife for the size and weight. Honestly, it's more than I need on 9 out of 10 days.
Spyderco is still covered in sand in these pics

  I generally alternate between carrying a SOG Aegis and a Spyderco Manix 2. It just depends on my mood, and what I'm doing. The SOG is at the light weight end of the spectrum, and the Spyderco is definitely much heavier. Of course the Manix 2 is a stronger knife.
  Even with the clear difference in heft, I find myself grabbing the Manix 2 more often than not.

  If you can deal with the 4.25 ounces then this is probably the last EDC knife that you'll need to buy. If you can't deal with the weight of the standard model, then there is a lightweight version that comes in at 3oz.

  I suspect that the 3oz version will be under my tree this upcoming Christmas (just because you can't have enough toys).

  Spyderco has several different versions of this blade, and prices vary from model to model. The Manix 2 shown in the pics  runs about $110. Less expensive versions with the black handle/stainless blade can be found for under $80. I suggest checking out Nutnfancy's YouTube channel for discount codes, and vendors before ordering. He does a great job of taking care of his viewers and subscribers.

  I generally don't use my knives that hard. There was however a chance this month to put a bit of wear on my Spyderco. I spent a couple of days working on a patio project, and cut open a lot of bags of sand and cement with this knife. It was also used it to cut up some old PVC rain gutters.  In hindsight, it would have been smarter to use a less expensive folder.
  That's a change from opening mail, or cutting up my fatboy sandwiches at work.

  The knife came through it OK, although the blade was severely dulled (as expected). The edge came back after about 20 minutes of sharpening with a pair of Arkansas stones that I've had for years. I wouldn't compare it to the kind of edge that Cold Steel puts on a knife, but I'm pretty happy with the sharpness.
  BTW, the Manix 2 came very sharp out of the box. That's not always true with some manufacturers.

  The black DLC (Diamond Like Coating) held up very well despite being used to cut open bags of sand and cement. A lot more wear was expected.

 I noticed that the Spyderco website claims that the steel liners are milled out. That's not the case with my knife. It's good that they are constantly updating this product.

  This EDC knife has a very solid feel. Part of that is no doubt due to the weight, and size of the knife. Most of the solidness simply comes from being well made. The blade locks up tightly. There is just a hint of side to side movement when the blade is deployed. There is no movement front to back, and there's almost perfect centering when the blade is closed.

  You'll note that there is a finger choil  if you want to shift your grip further forward for more delicate tasks.

  This Spyderco comes with G10 scales. Traction is OK on the scales, but I'd prefer a higher traction G10 like what you find on Cold Steel's knives. I don't really have any complaints about the G10 scales. They could just be a little better.

  The shape of the scales is simply outstanding. This knife really fits the hand well. The finger grooves are well positioned, and I can't say enough good things about the feel of the handle. The edges of the scales are nicely radiused.
  BTW, I managed to use this knife with gloved hands while doing my patio project.

  There's jimping  everywhere. The spine of the blade has about an inch of very good jimping. There's also roughly 2" along the back of the handle and at the inside of the handle where your little finger rests. You'll note that the finger choil also has jimping. (is there a synonym for jimping?).
  I can find no traction issues with this knife. None, nada, zip, zero.

  The pocket clip is set up for tip up carry only. It's reversible for right or left handed users. I don't have any real complaints about the clip, but I'd prefer something that allows a little deeper carry. The SOG Aegis sets the standard for pocket clips in my opinion.
 Soooo... I'd give the clip an "OK." It's one of the few things on this knife that I don't rate at almost 100%.

  There is a large lanyard hole adjacent to the clip. I generally don't use a lanyard, but as this knife was over $100, I would if there was a chance of losing it.
  There's a 14mm hole in the blade where you would normally find a thumb stud. I'll admit that I didn't care for it at first, and would have preferred a thumb stud. As time has passed, I find myself liking the thumb hole more and more. I'm still deciding which I prefer more, the thumb hole or thumb stud.

  Blade deployment is as fast as you can make it. As this is a manual knife, it's all up to you. A slight flick of the wrist while using the thumb hole will have the blade deploying extremely fast. You can also pull down on the ball lock while flicking your wrist. One handed opening and closing is not a problem. I also had no issues opening or closing the blade when using gloves. That's very unusual with most of the EDC knives that I own.

  I really like the Ball Bearing Lock on this model. I've been a fan of this kind of system since I got my first Benchmade Mini Griptilian.  Yes, the locks are different... kind of. I just like the location of the lock, and the ease of use. The fact that it's self adjusting for wear is a huge plus.
  I have no fear of the blade closing on my hand. Is it as strong as a lock back? I don't know, but it's strong enough for any task that I'll use it for.

  I generally carry this knife when wearing jeans. There's no problem with it printing in my pocket. I never really thought about my pocket knives printing until I noticed a CRKT really showing. 

  I'd recommend the Spyderco Manix 2. I think that it will do almost anything that you need a solid, well made blade for. It's not small, light, or inexpensive. It is also not fragile, or something that you would worry about failing during most tasks.
  Get one, you won't regret it.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gun Control Myth O' The Week

  I've been a bit slack on keeping up with the Gun Control Myth O' The Week. I apologize for my laziness.

  "A firearm in the home is more dangerous to the owner than it is to a criminal, or home invader." That's what the media tells us that the "studies" show.

  Let's break down the actual facts about the studies.

  First of all, there are about two thousand counties in the United States. The researchers select one county, instead of using a state or nationwide average for their information gathering. I suspect that you could literally find any facts that you want when picking one county out of about 2,000. When you compare the places where the wealthy live to somewhere like Appalachia, you begin to see my point on how different areas vary in everything from income to crime rates.
  I consider using one small area out of the USA as gaming the system, or cooking the books. I'm sure that you have your own little euphemisms for BS.

  Secondly, suicides are the leading cause of gun deaths in America. This is the biggest factor regarding firearms being more dangerous to a homeowner than an intruder.
  It is probably true that someone is more likely to kill themselves with their own handgun than it is that they will use it to kill a home invader. What's overlooked is that firearms aren't the only means of committing suicide. It's also never mentioned that countries like Japan have a higher suicide rate than the US (even with their strict gun laws).
  I'll concede that if you're suicidal than your gun is probably more dangerous to you than a criminal. Of course we have about 80 million gun owners in America and the vast majority are not suicidal.

  So what about the homeowners that use their firearms to defend themselves?
  Most of them aren't counted. Only fatalities are counted in the research that most of the anti-gunners cite. If you kill an intruder, it ends up in the data. On the other hand, if 1,000 people in a county wound, or simply apprehend a home invader then it's not mentioned.
  Isn't that odd?

  That seems a bit unfair to me. I suppose that if your goal is giving the anti gun movement a research paper to quote from then the studies are a job well done. If the goal is to produce a legitimate study then I think it fails the test.
  That's just my opinion. MSNBC, CNN, countless politicians, and anti gunners apparently disagree since they constantly tell us how dangerous our firearms are to those that own them.

  Remember this when some talk about the need for the government to fund more research.

This is actually a superior write up on the topic. I'd recommend it. 

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US Gov Secretly Gathering Data On Millions Of Verizon Users
Credit Card Use Also Tracked
Economic Recovery Is "Dismal"
US Now Producing More Oil Than It Imports (Thanx Texas!)
China To Build Panama Canal Alternative
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Oathkeepers Billboard Up At Marine Base
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"We're Not The Place For Breaking News" (or any real news)
Sig P220 Review
What Islamic Supremacism Really Means
No Problem Getting Tax Exempt Status For Lefty Groups
I Voted Again And Again And Then Some More. That's Not Legal?

"I Trust Obama, But..."

  Like you, I know a few people that have an unhealthy love for Obama. If Barack were to wring out his sweaty jock, one acquaintance of mine would use the liquid for an aftershave. Another one would gargle with it. They're seriously that infatuated with the man. It creeps me out, and honestly worries me when a political leader has that level of mindless trust from millions of low information voters.
  There's a lot of similar men and women out there, and listening to them proclaim their blind faith gets a bit tiring. My world was turned upside down today when I saw one of our President's most loyal followers actually voicing some dissent.
  I had to sit down and take a breath.
  This video shows that it's sometimes possible to get a few words of wisdom, even from the most devoted Hopey-Changey cultist.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gunfight Rules

  A lot of people don't like James Yeager, but most should be willing to admit that he's entertaining as hell. I like a lot of his videos, even if I don't agree with everything that he says. I've always felt that you don't learn anything by simply watching those that tell you what you already know, or agree with. I'm a big believer in getting dissenting views, as long as it's coming from someone that can explain his/her opinion.

  There's a little wisdom in this vid, but I don't necessarily agree with his opinion on putting people downrange. There's a difference between training with someone on a daily basis vs. trusting someone that you just met during a weekend course.
 To each his own.

  It's worth watching this video just for the first two minutes during which he profiles .40cal owners. I'll be forwarding this to a few friends with little compromising calibers.

Texas Triggers - 1000 yd SHOT standing w/ .50 cal

  Great video, amazing shot.
  Nuff said.

Friday, June 7, 2013

"Just Shoot Em' On The Front Porch And Then Drag Em' Inside"

  Ammo is expensive at my local indoor range. I don't really begrudge (too much) them what they charge though. It's a business, and they aren't paying the bills with what I spend on their drink machine. The problem is that I usually buy ammunition for at least two, and sometimes three of us when going to the range. It gets expensive, so I try to avoid paying 30% more for 9mm and .38spl at the indoor range.

  About 20 years ago, I used to shoot on this crazy old guy's farm before eventually joining a private range. It saved me a hell of a lot of money, and the wife and I used to make a day of visiting this farm an hour away. We would run and gun long before the first YouTube firearm video was ever produced. Alas... now I'm lucky to waddle and plink.

  But I digress.

  I mentioned that the farm owner was a bit crazy. I'm not going to go on and on about all of his oddities. Instead, I'll just repeat some of his gun wisdom. Bear in mind that he was supposed to be a certified NRA instructor (doubtful). Needless to say, we never took a "Class" from him.
  I still remember two things that he told us. "If someone is trying to break into your house, then just shoot em' on the front porch, and then drag them inside."
  Another nugget of wisdom regarded his keeping a few spent cartridges in his pocket of varying calibers. Supposedly he would, "Throw them on the ground to confuse the crime scene."


  Oddly enough, I have a few doubts as to his actually being a NRA instructor. Maybe it's just my suspicious nature.

  Let's break down the farm owner's two idiotic ideas. BTW, I've actually heard several people repeat the front porch advice over the years.
  Pretend that you have shot someone on the front porch as they were trying to break in. Whether or not this is legal, and your life was actually threatened will soon be judged. There's a few problems with, "Dragging em' inside," after shooting them.

1) Your neighbors will probably take an interest in the gunfire coming from next door, or across the street. I can only imagine what it would look like when they see a body being dragged into your house. It would no doubt be a very interesting tale when the police are investigating the shooting.
2) There's no real point in going into blood trails, splatter patterns, gunshot residue, bullet paths, etc. I'll lump all of those things into a special category that I'll call evidence.
3) I have to believe that the average person would have their heart pounding like a drum after a shooting. A little adrenalin tends to effect both your thinking, and actions. You're not going to improve the crime scene in order to make yourself look more legally justified. Mistakes (other than the idea of messing with the scene) will definitely be made.
4) People investigate crime scenes for a living. They see them every week (probably twice per day in Chicago), and you're not going to be smart enough to fool them.
5) You're only going to turn what is hopefully a legitimate shooting, into a giant question mark.
6) You will look guilty.
7) You're probably going to end up in a place with a lot bars that smells like a combination of ass and feet.

  Now let's discuss the idea of throwing a bunch of old spent cases around the crime scene. Most of the points about this plan match those listed above.

1) You're going to screw it up and leave fingerprints everywhere they're not supposed to be.
2) You're going to be stressed, and not thinking straight.
3) The investigators will look at the scene, and it's not going to match your make believe tale.
4) You will look guilty.
5) You're going to jail for something.

  So this anecdote and lesson ran on for a bit. What's the point?

  What you say, and do is going to be looked at if you're ever involved in a defensive shooting. Do you really want a bunch of stupid statements about tampering with crime scenes reported by neighbors and associates?

  A few people that I know discuss firearms now and then. It's a shared interest, and a hobby. Think about the topic as you would sports, racing, or golf.
 There is always one individual (wherever you are) however that has a very unhealthy interest in guns. I try to shy away from those that are always talking about bombs, homemade silencers, and other crazieness. You know the weird guy that never grew up. He's got a military fixation but never served. Now he's a self proclaimed firearms expert despite almost never setting foot on a range. The gentleman has no real knowledge of firearms, but is very quick to give his opinion on guns whether you want it or not.
  I try very hard to avoid that guy. He makes all gun owners look bad, and will always end up reciting some weird theory of how he'd handle a self defense encounter. This is the guy that will eventually get around to talking about, "Shooting them on the front porch and then dragging them inside." I don't want to be associated with crazy talk, if law enforcement is investigating me after I've defended myself.
 Talking about gun hobbies is one thing. Speaking about illegal actions is something else.

  Now before you dismiss the paragraphs above as paranoia on my part, it's worth considering one point. Would you like to be in George Zimmerman's shoes, and have 20 different neighbors and coworkers coming forward to say that you constantly talk about messing with crime scenes, building illegal silencers, killing people, and making machineguns?
  Look at what the media did with Zimmerman's 911 tapes, and creative editing. I can only imagine what they would make out of a few damning statements from friends, and family

  This leads me to my next, and final point. Your social media footprint. Everything that you've said online or in texts may be looked at by a prosecutor. There may be scrutiny of  your online comments. Consider what you've put on Facebook, said on YouTube, or posted on forums.
  Yes, I get the irony of someone with a gun blog writing about watching your social media footprint.

  So long story short. You don't have to be paranoid about watching what you say and do. It is however, prudent not to put your most stupid thoughts down on a permanent record. Just imagine what George Zimmerman's fate would look like if the state had a few records of him talking about wanting to shoot people, or tamper with crime scenes.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Founding Father Quote Of The Week

"I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them."

George Mason

Monday, June 3, 2013


   As usual, MrColionNoir produced a very good video. I'm always a believer in logic. That's something that's generally missing from the other side of the gun debate. We get to see grieving parents again and again. Cutesy slogans are repeated, and semi automatics are portrayed as machine guns. We never actually learn how another gun law will stop a killer from claiming more victims.
  Sooo...  the other side forgets to include logic when making their case, but they double down on the hypocrisy. I suppose that somehow makes up for the lack of facts?
  I should only have 7-10 rounds in my weapon? That's all that I need to protect myself, and my family?
  I wonder how many rounds the Secret Service carries in their handguns when shuttling Michelle and the kids all over the globe on their monthly vacations?
  I'm going to go out on a limb, and guess that it's a bit more than 7 bullets in their magazines hi capacity assault clips.

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Past Gun And Knife Reviews

Past gun and knife reviews on this blog are here.

"Why You Take Squibs And Hangfires Seriously"

This definitely should be required viewing for new gun owners.

Why You Should Take Squibs And Hangfires Seriously

3D Printed Firearms

  I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on printing 3D guns, but I consider myself at least as well informed as the lawmakers that are throwing a hissy fit about the new technology.

  Let's start off by discussing what's been done thus far. A few gentlemen have used hard to find $8,000 printers to make AR15 lower receivers, and complete .380cal and .22lr handguns.
  The handguns were single shot firearms with almost no steel needed in their manufacture. The AR lower receiver seemed to work OK in limited testing.

  Guess what?

  People were already making their own AR lowers before this printing technology was invented. Others have been making AK receivers. I'm not going to link to the sites that show how (it's covered in earlier posts). They're easy to find if you're interested. Google is your friend.
  The only difference is that now some geek with a printer can produce what a shade tree mechanic has been able to make with a CNC machine and hand tools.

  It's just as legal as it's always been. Nothing's changed despite the news articles, speeches from politicians, and fear mongering.
  If you're able to currently own guns, then you can legally produce a homemade firearm for your own personal use. It cannot however, be sold, or given away. Of course state laws vary on this topic, so what's true in one state may not apply to some Liberal utopia such as California or New York.

  While it's true that almost a complete handgun was produced from one of these 3-D printers, it's also true that they were inaccurate single shot weapons that weren't trusted to stand up to a lot of testing.
  Long story short... it cost about $8,000 to produce a plastic gun that will do the exact same thing that a $30 zip gun made from parts purchased at Lowe's will do. That's not entirely true. The $30 zip gun would probably be safer. Again, the videos are on YouTube. I'll let you do the research.

  The technology for these printers will no doubt improve. Prices will eventually drop. Will they become affordable for the average person? Time will tell. Even if they drop to the price level of a computer or television, it would still be more cost effective for a criminal to buy his gun on the black market.

  Let's recap where we are with 3-D printed guns:

1) They're a novelty, and good luck finding someone currently willing to put 300 rounds through one (the break in period for most handguns). You couldn't pay me to hold one while shooting even 5 rounds through them.
2) They're inaccurate.
3) They are single shot weapons, and use under powered rounds such as .22lr and .380acp.
4) You need about $8,000 worth of equipment to build one.
5) You can build a single shot handgun for under $30 with parts purchased at Lowe's.
6) The 3-D guns are fugly.
7) People are already building their own guns without $8,000 printers. This includes AK47's and AR15's.
8) It's already legal to make firearms for your own private use (depending on your location).
9) They may get through a metal detector. This is the only real concern.
10) You can buy a 6 shot cap and ball revolver for well under $300. No paperwork is needed in my state for this purchase as it's a primitive weapon using blackpowder. Civil War era technology seems to trump 21st century 3-D gun tech.

  The printed guns are interesting, but hardly the end of the world as some legislators believe. I'm reminded of the 1980's, and when Glocks began coming to America. We were told that these polymer framed guns would pass through metal detectors. The public was lied to then, and I have no doubt that we'll see a great many lies told about these printed guns.

  There is one, and only one worry about these plastic 3-D guns. It appears that if you make an illegal printed gun (without the amount of metal required by law), then it may pass through a metal detector. I suppose that someone could print one of these weapons, and possibly pass through a security checkpoint. Of course he/she is still stuck with a single shot weapon that may blow up when used.
  Call me crazy, but I'm just not that worried about a criminal with a 3-D gun. They just aren't gaining anything from the new technology. Will that change in 10 years?
  The genie is out of the bottle, and the technology and equipment is already in the real world. Half truths, hysteria, and poorly written laws aren't going to change that.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

'Oregon Woman Raped After Police Refuse To Send Out Response Unit'

  We're often told that no one needs a gun for protection because the police are there. Simply call 911, and your protection comes to you. This is the backbone of every argument that the anti gunners make.
  "You don't need a gun for protection."
  So we're told.

  Dialing 911 didn't work out for the woman in this article. Yes, this is an extreme example, but it's only a little different from the news stories about citizens waiting 20 minutes or more for police officers to arrive. It's not uncommon to read about law enforcement simply not showing up in some areas.

  "But the police have to protect you. It says, "To Protect And Serve," on their patrol cars."
  Sorry, but the Supreme Court ruled that the police do not have a Constitutional duty to protect you from harm. You can read more about that here.

  I'm not going to go on and on. If you're on this site then it's most likely due to an interest in firearms. There's no point in preaching to the choir. If however, you know someone that believes that calling 911 for protection is a substitute for owning a firearm, then send them this this post.

The EDC Song

   I'm sure that most of you know that EDC stands for Every Day Carry. It's the minimum gear that you have on your person on a daily basis. For most of us, it's a decent pocket knife, cell phone, and a concealed handgun of some kind. Others add a small light, and something to make fire. That's the basics.
  Now if you want to check out someone that goes way beyond the basics, then take a look at this video.