Sunday, June 9, 2013

"I Trust Obama, But..."

  Like you, I know a few people that have an unhealthy love for Obama. If Barack were to wring out his sweaty jock, one acquaintance of mine would use the liquid for an aftershave. Another one would gargle with it. They're seriously that infatuated with the man. It creeps me out, and honestly worries me when a political leader has that level of mindless trust from millions of low information voters.
  There's a lot of similar men and women out there, and listening to them proclaim their blind faith gets a bit tiring. My world was turned upside down today when I saw one of our President's most loyal followers actually voicing some dissent.
  I had to sit down and take a breath.
  This video shows that it's sometimes possible to get a few words of wisdom, even from the most devoted Hopey-Changey cultist.

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