Monday, June 24, 2013

Good .22lr Videos

  I'll be honest. I'm usually bored as hell when shooting .22's. They're OK now and then, but I just have a hard time getting excited about them. They sit in the back of my safe gathering dust most of the time. I've always preferred centerfire weapons. That probably won't change anytime soon.

  I also have a teenage daughter approaching adulthood, and realistically expect her to stop shooting with me when the college years start. I feel that it's important to max the Daywalker out with her future self defense pistols while I can still get her to the range.
  And... .22's bore her too.

  So, I've had a couple of reasons for setting aside the rimfire guns. They've always been a second choice for me when going to the range, and I doubt that will change as long as I can find and afford 9mm and .223.

  With that said, there are couple of areas in which the .22lr really shines.
   1) Anyone can shoot (and afford) them.
   2) They're great SHTF guns for obvious reasons. The weapons are generally lightweight, affordable and accurate at reasonable ranges. Ammunition is usually affordable and easily found.
  The videos below do a great job in explaining the performance that you can expect from your .22's, and I like how a lot of the discussion was aimed at prepping.
  Give them a look, and don't forget to click on the Like button.

 We're currently in a severe .22lr ammunition drought. In my area, all of the centerfire ammunition (except 9mm) is becoming available, even though the prices are still higher than normal. It's very hard to find .22lr, but I expect that to change over this summer as more and more Americans spend their disposable income on vacations instead of bullets. That's just a guess on my part. I'll edit in some bragging at the end of August if I'm correct.
  Of course if we have another Sandy Hook tragedy then all bets are off.


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