Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Remember When You Only Had To Worry About Creepy Neighbors?

Tech Companies Concede To Surveillance Program
NSA "Mistakenly" Intercepted E-mails, Phone Calls, Of Innocent Americans
US Collects Vast Data Trove
Is DOJ Spying On Congress?
The Gov Is Spying On Basically All Of Your Communications Now
"No More Spying On US Citizens,"... Psyche!!!
$1.9 Billion Dollar Data Center Set To Open In October

Obama Rejects Comparison Between US Spying And Chinese Spying
Chinese Hackers Penetrate The NYT
Chinese Hackers Breach Google
Chinese Hackers Breach Top Weapons Designs
Chinese Hackers Outed Themselves By Logging Onto FB Accounts

  It was bad enough when we only had the Chinese and a few hackers spying on us. Now we have to worry about own government monitoring our phone calls, texts, and e-mail.
  Of course it's worth mentioning that it's all in the name of security, and many terrorist attacks have (supposedly) been prevented. We just can't know anything about them. That's secret (unlike your phone calls, texts, e-mails, and medical records ).

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