Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gunfight Rules

  A lot of people don't like James Yeager, but most should be willing to admit that he's entertaining as hell. I like a lot of his videos, even if I don't agree with everything that he says. I've always felt that you don't learn anything by simply watching those that tell you what you already know, or agree with. I'm a big believer in getting dissenting views, as long as it's coming from someone that can explain his/her opinion.

  There's a little wisdom in this vid, but I don't necessarily agree with his opinion on putting people downrange. There's a difference between training with someone on a daily basis vs. trusting someone that you just met during a weekend course.
 To each his own.

  It's worth watching this video just for the first two minutes during which he profiles .40cal owners. I'll be forwarding this to a few friends with little compromising calibers.

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