Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In The News

Shocking Gun Control Myths
4th Gen Glock Ejection Problems
Pork Covered Ammo For Terrorists?
Addressing A Common Misconception
My M1911 Is More Reliable Than My Glock
Steel Cased Ammo Test
50,000 Rounds In Just Over 8 Months
Where The Bang Starts
Stand Your Ground Laws: Here's Why
Know Your Billionaire Bullies: Ken Lerer
Report Raises Concern About Glock Handguns
Why I Want High Capacity Military Style Weapons
Shooting Through Auto Glass
Best Pistol Ever: What Makes The 1911 So Good
Replacing Fiber Optic Sights
Open Carry
Gun Crime Decline
The Betrayal Of The Navy's Seal Team 6
Open Cary Etiquette
So Only Terrorists, Huh?
Installing Sights On A Glock 19
Why Hasn't The Left Tried To Exploit The Santa Monica Shootings?
Gun Violence Infographic
What To Make Of A Warming Plateau
7 Critical Points On Uncle Sam's Spying Program
Study: 60 Percent Of Richmond Families Are Single Parent
Conservative IRS Manager Targeted Conservatives? No Names, No Proof, Most Likely BS
Distrust Of Government Sank Gun Control
Flawed Democratic Narrative On IRS
Another IRS Manager Is Gone
Blaming Low Level IRS Employees Is Inaccurate
Mosques Off Limits To Investigators
Obama Donor Soliciting Prostitutes And Minors?
Benghazi: Why Don't More Americans Care
Obama Family Trip To Africa To Cost $60 - $100 Million
White House Defends Trip Expense
House Votes To Exempt US Military From Stupid DC Gun Laws
The Real Truth About M1911s
Military Barracks Or Strip Club
Mosques Excluded From Obama Snooping
Dem Senator Has Problem With Geography
White House Defends High Bills For Africa Trip

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