Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How Not To Shoot A Revolver

  I was lucky enough to get an hour at the range with my LCR last week. I haven't been shooting very much during the last few months. Anyone that's been looking for ammo should know why.
  I started thinking about all of the new gun owners that have joined our ranks over the last year or so. Hopefully they'll get some training, and not rely upon Hollywood and Call Of Duty for firearm tips.
  A lot of people seem to believe that revolver shooting is instinctive, and instruction is unnecessary. While revolvers are usually easier for a beginner to understand, it's still possible to make mistakes.
  I've actually seen someone make the mistake that Hickok45 discusses in the videos. I once saw a gentleman wrap his hand around the cylinder when preparing to fire. Luckily, I was able to stop him before he pulled the trigger. He learned an important gun handling lesson that day, and I learned not to trust someone's word when they claim to have basic firearm knowledge.
  Take a look at the videos, and the piece below. The article is a very good write up, and the pictures will make you cringe. It's a good lesson for those that are new gun owners, unsafe, or apathetic in their gun handling.

How Not To Hold A Revolver


I think that Hickok45 probably has a video on almost every topic, or handgun on the market. Check out his YouTube channel. Be warned. It's addictive.

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