Sunday, June 9, 2013

In The News

Glock VS Springfield XD, A Personal Decision
Springfield XD Torture Test
Mind Your Manners: Range Etiquette
POLL: If You Could Choose Your Combat Sidearm
Lawmakers Want Army To Finish Carbine Competition
Um...Weren't Gun Owners To Blame For The Ricin Envelopes?
Staples Is Anti Gun?
Obama Is Forgetful About Judges And Senate Votes
Fast And Furious Lies From Congresswoman
Hot Female Soldiers Punished For Racy Facebook Photos
Tips On The IRS Scandal
DOJ: Anti Muslim Rhetoric Could Violate Law
Decrypt Your Computer Or Go To Jail
300 Students Brawl In Chicago
Guns, Weed And More: The Inconvenient Truth About Trayvon Martin
70,291,049 Background Checks For Gun Purchases Under Obama
73,441,399 Gun Purchase Background Checks Under Obama
Lindsey Graham Isn't Sure If Bloggers Deserve First Amendment Protection
DHS: Laptops, Pones Can Be Search Based On Hunches
US Gov Secretly Gathering Data On Millions Of Verizon Users
Credit Card Use Also Tracked
Economic Recovery Is "Dismal"
US Now Producing More Oil Than It Imports (Thanx Texas!)
China To Build Panama Canal Alternative
DId DOJ Monitor Phones Of Congressmen? Can't Say
Weird Facts About Lefties
Oathkeepers Billboard Up At Marine Base
IRS Targetted Donors To GOP Group Too
List Of Bilderberg Attendees
46 Senators Who Supported The UN Arms Treaty
"We're Not The Place For Breaking News" (or any real news)
Sig P220 Review
What Islamic Supremacism Really Means
No Problem Getting Tax Exempt Status For Lefty Groups
I Voted Again And Again And Then Some More. That's Not Legal?

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