Sunday, June 23, 2013

We're Going To Have A Problem

  Sooo... if the American people cannot trust the government then, "We're going to have a problem." Isn't that great? It's as if American citizens are somehow paranoid in regards to having the NSA track every aspect of their life.
  I should state for the record that I have conflicting views on the data gathering program. On one hand, I have to say that if it prevents another Boston bombing then do it. I can only imagine my feelings if I had to be one of the fathers identifying my child's remains after a Jihadi attack.
  On the other hand, I've seen government officials tell us that they really aren't snooping on citizens, and the data is so enormous that there is no way that the average person could be targeted. The information is gathered for the common good, and we can trust the government to stay out of politics.
  That's what we're told.
  Nevermind the IRS scandal, and the intentional targeting of those that disagree with the current Administration. Don't worry about the True The Vote founder that was repeatedly harassed by the IRS, FBI, ATF, and OSHA. This wasn't the first or even the only case of our government going after those with dissenting views. It may just be the first that included several alphabet agencies instead of just the IRS. I have to wonder about the level of coordination between those agencies. That seems like a fine topic for a House investigation.
  Long story short, if information is power then the NSA and the Federal government are on the way towards becoming omnipotent. Can they be trusted with that power? I think that they've already demonstrated that they cannot. There will be abuses. It's guaranteed. Power always corrupts if given enough time.
  So what can the Federal government do to reassure a tax paying, ex military, White, 2nd Amendment supporting Constitutionalist (or as DHS says, the people that we have to worry about)? A fine start would be to charge those in the IRS that used their government position to influence the last election. Some actual punishment for those involved in Fast And Furious would also go a long way towards easing my mind. Don't even get me started on the lies regarding Benghazi.
  I'm willing to meet the government halfway in regards to the NSA data program. All I want is a little something to build my trust around.
  I don't believe that a little nugget of ethics or honesty is a lot to ask for.
  Unfortunately, this Administration has done nothing to build trust among the 49% of Americans that are not blindly devoted to the President. We'd like something a little more tangible than another meaningless speech.

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