Sunday, December 15, 2013

In The News

NYPD Targets Gun Owners
Gun Store Owners Discuss Challenges
Harvard Survey: Fewer Than 1/3 Of Young Will Sign Up For Obamacare
Obama Meets With Sebelius ONCE In 3.5yrs Before Obamacare Launch
IRS Commissioner Visits White House 157 Times
Timeline Of IRS Targetting Conservative Groups
George Zimmerman's Girlfriend Changes Her Mind About The Shotgun
Will The Free Shit Army Media Update Their Story On Zimmerman?
3D Gun Ban Extended By Dems & Republicans
ATF Uses Rogue Tactics In Store Front Stings Across Nation
7 Nelson Mandela Quotes You Probably Won't See In The US Media
Caveat On Nelson Mandela
Top 10 Things To Know About Post Mandela South Africa
Under 21 And Owning Guns In VA
Denver Post Scrubs "Socialist" From Description Of School Shooter
School Shootings: Arapahoe Vs Sandy Hook And Police Response Times
Less Than 1/3 Of Americans Work A 40 Hr Week
Sharia Zones In (formerly Great) Britain
Earth Was Warmer In Roman & Medieval Times
Scientists Predict A Century Of Global Cooling
Falsified Lab Data And 40,000 Criminal Cases
Elderly Nun Raped In Church Parking Lot
Smart Gun Failures?
Michelle Cockblocks Barry
No Domestic Charges Against Zimmerman
Top 20% Pay 93% Of Income Taxes
Tactical Derp?
CNN Poll: Support For Gun Control Drops
The "Media," Race, Crime, And Some Snark From Coulter (Worth A Read)
Global Warming And Hurricanes
Fact Checking Harry Reid

Lead Shortages And Ammo

Administration Using EPA For Back Door Gun Control
What The Media Is Not Telling You About Future Lead Ammo Shortages
Last US Lead Smelter To Close In December
Allen West: EPA Engaging In Backdoor Gun Control
Most Bullets Are Already Made Of Recycled Lead
EPA Creating Lead Ammo Shortage?
Obama's EPA Closing Lead Smelter Will No Affect Ammunition

  I'll make this short, and sweet. The articles and opinion pieces above were written by a lot of very intelligent people. They are all in agreement that the vast majority of lead used in US produced ammunition comes from recycled sources. Only 3% of the lead used in our bullets comes from the (soon to be closed) smelter.

  That's great news... right?

  Yes and no. Only one person in the links above seemed to realize that lead is a commodity that is traded much like oil, wheat, etc. If those using lead from the Utah smelter lose their source, then they will seek a supply from somewhere else. One possible source will be the recycled lead that comes from car batteries, and other waste. Will the ammunition manufacturers find themselves bidding against other industries for the recycled material? Is that going to drive up ammunition prices?

  I don't know. I suppose that depends on the price, quantity, and reliability of lead being imported from overseas (China). We shall see, but I cannot imagine prices dropping. If Chinese lead was less expensive than US primary lead then this smelter would have been shut down due to competition instead of the EPA.

  None of this is rocket science. I have to wonder why this point was only addressed by one of the bloggers, instead of by the national news sites. Perhaps they are trying to prevent more panic buying?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Past Gun And Knife Reviews On This Blog

Past gun and knife reviews on this blog are here.

In The News

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DHS STILL Hasn't Fired Black Supremacist
Dog Signed Up For Obamacare
PT Standards In Question For Women In Combat
Rules Of Engagement Hurting US Troops In Afghanistan
A Summary Of Obama's Reign
Low Class President Discusses "Tea Baggers"
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Glock vs XD
Government DNA Checkpoint
Gov Says That Stocking Up On Ammo May Indicate Terrorism
Trayvon's Amendment
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Anti Gun Bloomberg Keeping His Army Of Bodyguards
2012 Pre Election Jobs Numbers Faked
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Duke Lacrosse Case And Media Coverage
George Zimmerman Allegedly Framed By Girlfriend
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Recognizing And Clearing Malfunctions
College Frat Hazing Worse Than Abu Ghraib
Lots Of Stories About Duke Lacrosse Fake Rape But Little About Murder Conviction
Gun Shop Etiquette
25 Things Concealed Carriers Would Understand
Gun Range Etiquette
McAuliffe Picks Shady Character For Top Position?
Record Gun Sales In Va On Black Friday
Aryan Trash Put Bounty On Knockout Game Trash
Quiet Titles And Seizing Homes
260 Million Killed By Their Own Gov In The 20th Century
Speaking Out Against Obamacare May Get You Audited?
IRS Audits, Tea Party, And The Gov, "Can't Recall"
Feinstein Lies About The Background Check System
No Security In Obamacare Site Against Hackers
Seven Phony Hate Crimes

Sunday, November 3, 2013

"President Carter, President Obama"

  Hmm... Jimmy Carter has been fortunate to live long enough to see an even worse President than himself. I have a feeling that Obama would have to live to 130 to see someone as incompetent as himself sitting in the Oval Office.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Arming Teachers

  I'll make this post short and sweet. We've had yet another school shooting over the last week. If we're honest, we'll admit that it's going to happen time and time again. Some will call for more gun control (because it's worked so well in Chicago and DC), and others will insist on arming teachers.
  Obviously I'm against more gun control. Let's discuss the alternative.

  I support the concept of arming educators, but only with certain strict conditions.

1) The teacher, administrator, or staff member needs to demonstrate superior marksmanship and gun handling skills.
2) Those carrying concealed in the classroom need to keep the weapon on their person at all times. Having a firearm in a purse doesn't count. It doesn't go into a desk or filing cabinet for convenience.
3) The teacher, administrator, or staff member carrying a weapon has to use a retention holster.
4) There should be a zero tolerance policy for mistakes.

  I considered adding one more condition, the ability to retain the weapon during a struggle with a student. I decided to drop that consideration as it's unreasonable to expect 105lb female teacher to win a tussle with a 200lb High School athlete.

  Some will take exception with the conditions that I listed above. Sorry, the expectations have to be higher for those carrying in a classroom. I would like to see teachers become the Air Marshals of the concealed carry community. For those that don't know, Air Marshals are some of the best marksmen in law enforcement.
  I don't think that it's a burden to expect those that are tasked with watching our children to be more competent than the average CCW permit holder.

  My wife is a teacher. I've met some of her coworkers, and most are not gun people. I would not want them carrying in a classroom full of children after simply passing an online course, and getting their carry permit. Most of them would never dream of carrying, and a great many of them are anti gun.
  That's fine. They're entitled to their beliefs, and I wouldn't want every adult on school grounds carrying anyway.  You only need a handful of people carrying concealed to be an effective deterrent. Those that disagree are invited to tell me of a Gun Free Zone that works.
  I once read that prison guards have to be on their toes at all times because the inmates know everything about their habits, and schedules at work. The cons have nothing else to do besides watch their jailers.
  Schools are similar in that regard. The kids are expected to watch their teachers. Once one child discovers that an educator carries a weapon it will be known by everyone... forever. If a disturbed student or gang wants a gun, they now know where to find one.

  Let the teachers arm themselves if they wish, but ensure that they are competent with the weapons that they pick. Make sure that they can live up to the responsibility.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Past Gun And Knife Reviews On This Blog

Past gun and knife reviews on this blog are here.

I Know... It Was "Different" Then

The fact that we are here today to
debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership
failure. It is a sign that the US Government can not pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing
financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our
Government's reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America's
debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership
means that "the buck stops here." Instead, Washington is
shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of
our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better." --

 Senator Barack Obama 2006

He voted against the debt limit increase in 2006.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Starbucks And Guns

  I'll be honest. My first thought when anyone bans concealed carry in their business is for me to boycott them. When a group or business donates to anti gun causes, I try to give them as little of my business as possible. After reading the statement put out by Starbucks, I initially planned to stop buying their products. As I said, this is generally my first reaction to those that are against the 2nd Amendment.
  I was wrong about Starbucks. They aren't anti gun. They just want to be left the hell alone, in regards to the gun debate.

  After hearing from 3 different sides on this debate, I've decided that while I don't agree with the company's policy, I respect it enough to keep giving them my business. I've heard what the anti gunners have to say. I've listened to the open carry crowd that seems to think parading around with ARs and shotguns in a coffee house is a good idea. I have listened to those that say that we should simply continue quietly bringing our handguns in while buying coffee.
  The third group is the most persuasive in my opinion.

  Starbucks hasn't told me that I can't carry in their stores so I'll continue to do so. They haven't actually banned guns. They simply asked that we not bring them into their shops.
  My answer is no. When they actually ban them, I'll stop. Until then, it is business as usual for me and my CCW gun of choice.
 I understand that they just want to sell overpriced coffee instead of getting involved in politics. While I wish that they would come out our side, I respect their desire to remain neutral. When they actually ban firearms, I'm done with them.

  I like this guy's channel. He's smart, articulate, and his gun politics usually match mine perfectly.
  In this instance, I don't agree with him. My opinion more closely matches those stated in the first video. I don't think that Starbucks asking us not to carry in their stores is anything like discriminating against gays or interracial couples. This was an over reaction on Colion Noir's part.
  A bunch of asshats parading around with rifles and shotguns in a coffee house is not normal. If their safety and gun handling is professional, then I'm personally fine with it.
  It's not my business, or my decision.
  From the Facebook pics floating around, these people cannot even keep their weapons slung on their shoulders. I understand why some are worried. Their behavior appears unprofessional. I eat, sleep, and breathe guns yet their actions would make me pause as I down my coffee.
   I don't want to sit in Starbucks watching a SEIU rally. I'd hate to see a Pro Choice protest going on inside one of their stores, and I would definitely leave if the HopeyChangey Church Of Barry decided to hold a revival meeting inside of a business.
  I can understand if Starbucks doesn't want to be forced into the gun debate, or provide a location for a 2nd Amendment rally. They just want to sell coffee.
  As I said earlier, as long as they allow me to carry while buying their products, I'm happy. When I'm told that I cannot carry openly or concealed in their stores, then we are done. Simply asking me not to show up dressed for a raid on the Bin Laden compound isn't going to offend me too much.
  It's best summed up like this. Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should do it. We are in a never ending battle to keep our gun rights, and bringing an AK, AR, or shotgun to a coffee house or restaurant isn't going to win any fence sitters to our side. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Little Snark

  The government is shutdown. Does that mean that I'll be the only one reading my e-mails and texts?

  Will the shutdown impact the constant Obama family vacations?

  Hillary will probably become President in 2016. Will those screaming racism because I oppose Obama's policies start screaming sexism because I'll oppose the same agenda under Clinton?

  Will Hillary claim to have Elizabeth Warren's Native American cheekbones? If she does, then this will allow the FSA media to claim both racism and sexism when I protest against her.

  Are the hosts on CNN and MSNBC under contract to cry racism 4 times per show? Do they get a bonus for exceeding that?

  I once thought of starting a drinking game. The plan was to do a shot, or take a drink, every time I heard a MSNBC host blame something on racism. I didn't think that my liver could handle the abuse.

  When has Obama discussed the Muslim world, "Clinging to their guns and religion."

  The President is shipping arms to terrorists in Syria. Didn't we just sign a UN Arms Treaty regarding such acts?

  President Obama likes to proclaim that my AR is a, "Weapon of war." How many weapons of war is he sending to Al Qaeda in Syria, and how many are used to guard his family?

  Aaron Alexis used a shotgun in the Navy Yard massacre. Are the victims any less dead? Did it slow the shooter down? Will Slow Joe Biden walk back his statements about getting a shotgun?

  A woman with a history of mental illness tried to ram the White House barricade yesterday. When will we take these assault cars off of the road, and expand background checks for drivers?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Simply Awesome

Damn, this clearly beats the hell out of Hickok45's channel.

More Police Officers In Our Public Schools

  It was recently announced that the Obama Administration allocated $45 million to place police officers in our public schools. This is a smart and logical move for those that are concerned about children's safety. To be honest, I'm surprised that the White House made this intelligent choice.
  Our President, anti gunners, and many Democrats spent weeks telling us that more guns in schools are not the answer. Of course when Barack Obama wants to guarantee his own safety, he surrounds himself with men carrying guns (at taxpayer expense of course). I suppose the difference is hopeychangey logic, and not actual hypocrisy.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Simply Horrible

  I sincerely hope that these stories are wrong, gross exaggerations, or simply lies. I really pray that they're not true. Regardless of whether or not the article is factual (and honestly, we know that it will turn out to be true), I have three things to say.

1) Beautiful, gentle, peaceful religion? What in the hell was George Bush smoking when he made that statement? Don't even get me started on idiocies uttered by, "The One."

2) There's no reason why an attack like the one in Kenya couldn't happen in the USA. It might not go on as long, but we could easily see something with a similar death toll.

3) Have gun free zones ever made anyone safer?

Upcoming Posts

  I've been a bit lazy over the last week in posting new content, but I did get to do a little shooting recently. I went out to the range twice, and gathered a little data on a couple of guns.
  The plan is to do a brief side by side of the 4.5" XDM and 5.25" Competition XDM over the next few days.
  I had the opportunity to borrow a friend's Glock 22 (4th Gen), and I'll post my initial impressions.
  Over the next month, I really hope to make a range trip with another friend that just purchased a new Arsenal SAM7SF and Taurus CT9 carbine. I'm chomping at the bit to shoot and review these weapons.
  I'm sure there will be some snark, news, and bitching about the White House as well.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Navy Yard Shooting

  Several days ago, America suffered yet another tragedy at the hands of a crazed gunman. My condolences go out to the families of the slain, and to the wounded.

  As with every mass shooting, politics and opportunism replace common sense, as we strive to understand and prevent future murders. In the hours after the Navy Yard massacre, we were treated with the spectacle of the media hysterically running around screaming, "AR15!" One would almost believe that the gun either walked on to the base on it's own, or possessed the soul of Aaron Alexis.

  We quickly learned that Alexis used a Remington 870 shotgun to commit the murders on Sept 16th. Other than the base guards using carbines, AR15s were not part of the story.
  Regardless of the facts, many in the media continued to imply that the gunman had an assault weapon. We also saw several politicians use the opportunity to call for more gun bans, and background checks. Neither would have prevented these horrible killings.

  Alexis bought his weapon from a gun shop in  Northern VA. He passed a background check when purchasing this firearm. I fail to understand how expanded background check laws would have kept him from buying a gun. The killer already had a record of shooting out someone's tires, and possibly shooting at a neighbor in the apartment above his own. He had also recently filed a complaint with law enforcement officers because he believed that someone was using microwaves to tamper with his mind.
  Where's that NSA spying data gathering program when it's needed?
  I'll say it again, he passed a background check when buying this (or a similar model) shotgun. He passed an earlier background check in order to get a security clearance to work on the Navy base.
  If there's a problem with an individual that hears voices and shoots out tires passing a background investigation, then perhaps some of our more anti gun politicians could address that issue (instead of babbling the normal useless rhetoric).

  Some in the media implied (actually lied) that Alexis was denied the purchase of an AR15 due to his failing a background check. That's simply not true. As an out of state resident, Alexis could not buy a handgun. He could however purchase longarms with the proper paperwork and investigations. If one can buy a shotgun, then he/she can also buy an AR in VA.

  Obama, and others in the anti gun movement, often talk about "Weapons of war" not belonging in the hands of civilians. The problem is that most firearms, or firearm designs originated as weapons of war.
  The shotgun used by the killer is roughly the same Remington model that I used in the Marine Corps. It's also the same shotgun that many of us have hunted with. This firearm has been in production since the 1950s, and is one of the most popular shotguns in America. It's carried by hunters, the military, and law enforcement. Many use this weapon for home defense. 10 million have been produced since it's introduction over 60 years ago.  The pump shotgun design has been around for well over 100 years.
  Does Obama consider this a, "Weapon of war," or does it need more black plastic before becoming scary enough for him to use that euphemism? I suspect that the 870 is too mainstream for that classification, and the anti gunners will continue going after the low hanging fruit... assault weapons.
  I wonder if there's any firearms that are approved of by those advocating, "Common sense," gun control? Perhaps Slow Joe's double barrels are it.

  The anti gun dance will continue after every high profile murder. The self defense shootings will be buried on page 20, or simply ignored. We'll be told on the cable news shows that self defense shootings are almost unheard of despite that thing that I like to call... the truth.

  Devastated family members of the slain will be trotted out to mumble something about gun control that makes little or no sense. While I greatly pity these people, they are experts on grief and not guns.

  Here's a quick recap of this story for those that have been living in a cave for the last week.

1) Aaron Alexis passed a background check when buying a shotgun. This came a mere month and a half after he filed a complaint with the Rhode Island police dept, about 3 individuals using a microwave mind control device on him. Alexis passed a different background investigation when getting cleared to work on the Navy installation.
  He had used a handgun in a crime in 2004.

2) Alexis never tried to purchase an AR15, and could have bought one in VA if he wanted. The same check that allowed him to buy a Remington 870 would have sufficed for the assault weapon. When the media claims that Alexis was stymied by background checks, they are lying or grossly misinformed. I suspect it's the former.

3) The pump action shotgun used in the massacre would have remained legal everywhere even if Feinstein's gun bans had became law earlier this year. This firearm was on no one's radar, and still falls under the hunting gun category that the anti gunners claim to approve of.

4) Alexis bought 12 shotgun shells (12 to 24 depending on the source) for his weapon. The number of pellets in shotgun ammunition varies depending upon the length of the shell, and shot size. I don't know what load he was using, but let's say that he was carrying 3" shells with 00 Buck (average self defense or hunting load).  This ammo will have an average of 15 pellets per shell. Carrying two shotgun shells gives you the same number of projectiles as an AR15 with a fully loaded 30 rnd magazine.
  He had 12 shotgun shells, and would have had the same potential number of projectiles as someone carrying 6 thirty round magazines.
  If he went down on shot size or used 3 1/2" shells, then there would have been even more pellets. This is why most gun owners consider assault weapon bans to be useless.

5) Politicians and the media used this tragedy as yet another opportunity to lie to the American people about guns, laws, and the facts around the murders.

6) This was another gun free zone. We've seen it time and time again. Gun free zones are hunting grounds for the homicidal.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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Obama Waives Ban On Arming Terrorists
Judge Halts Detriot Bankruptcy Because It Dishoners Obama
Two States Underreport Jobless Claims
Another Reason Not To Do Press Checks

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Replacing Your Handgun With "Pepper Spray"

  There's a great many people out there in American society that believe pepper spray is a substitute for a firearm. Obviously very few of those people are gun owners. Even less are shooters, or have any training in self defense.

  So how effective is pepper spray?


  I would think that OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) spray, or pepper spray, is extremely effective after watching these videos. The problem is that when I watch the clip shown below, I begin to question trusting my life to this product.

  Luckily the gentleman in the bar was a goofy drunk, instead of becoming violent when intoxicated. Some might say that this isn't a fair example since the partier is clearly inebriated, and alcohol dulls pain. I have to ask, "Do you want to count on an attacker being a tea-totaller," or anti drug?
  Let's take a look at another person being sprayed. This individual is sober.

   Not every situation rates the use of a firearm, and OC spray definitely has it's uses. There are times when deadly force isn't justified, and tasers or pepper spray are the best option. 
  IMO, the non lethal tools are a backup to your firearm, instead of being a substitute. Just don't over estimate their effectiveness, or become over confident because you have a little pink sprayer on your keychain.
  This YouTube clip is a decent tutorial for those considering buying pepper spray.

Past Gun And Knife Reviews On This Blog

Here are some past gun and knife reviews on this blog.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Help Our Al Qaeda Brothers"

  Yes, this is a gag by a Rightwinger pretending to be a young Liberal college student. This was worth mentioning since a few people didn't get the joke in some of Liberal Chick's earlier videos. Apparently her portrayal of a young Lefty female is too accurate.

   I have just a few quick points to make about the vid.

1) Statistically, it's extremely likely that most of those asked to sign the petition are Obama voters, (or at least supporters) and Democrats.

2) She's on a college campus. I wouldn't say that college students are the most informed element of our society, but they should have at least slightly above average intelligence. This video makes me wonder about that belief.

3) Liberal Chick told everyone that Al Qaeda would be getting aid from the US, and Obama. She was pretty clear in that regard.

4) As I said, those asked to sign were told that they were helping Obama to send aid to Al Qaeda. You might remember this group as the terrorist organization that brought down the Twin Towers, attacked the USS Cole, and bombed several US embassies. They've been killing Americans for a long time. Their name should ring a bell for everyone over the age of 12, or with an IQ over 70.

5) Do you think that she would have gotten many signatures if this was done outside of a gun show, or at a Tea Party rally?

  We have far too many Low Information Voters (idiots) electing our leaders. Unfortunately it's a problem with no solution. When a large part of America gets all of their political information from Jon Stewart, SNL, and Politics Nation, we're guaranteed to end up with the incompetent, unqualified, and sometimes stupid leading our nation.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Help Kickstart World War III"

  It's as if someone took every annoying stereotype that I have to deal with and put them in a video. The accuracy is almost eerie.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Outstanding Revolver Tutorial

  About 70% of new handguns purchased are semi automatics. The last statistics that I saw stated that roughly 75% of police officers carry pistols instead of revolvers. I'd guess that semi automatics out number revolvers by 10 to 1 at my local range.
  Sometimes it seems that wheelguns have become the red headed step children of the handgun world. I still use my revolvers now and then, but I have to admit that only the Ruger LCR gets shot regularly. Like most people, I prefer semi autos for home defense and fun.
  But... revolvers aren't going anywhere, even though they are eclipsed in sales by pistols.
  The video below is a very good tutorial on operating a revolver. I'd recommend it for beginners, and even those that have owned one for years. Unless you're a professional shooter, you should get something out of this vid.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Public Service Announcement (NSFW...maybe)

  This video should be OK, but you might want to watch it in private if you work with a bunch of hyper sensitive asshats.
  If only real public service announcements were this good.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Morning Crypt Keeper Snark

"We have to go to war in Syria, so we'll know who we're fighting,"
Nancy Pelosi

(Not a real quote, but it's not that hard to imagine her saying it. I think that I first saw this bit of high quality snark somewhere on weaselzippers.)

Thursday, September 5, 2013


   If Obama really wanted to punish Syria, he would move over there and become their President.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Little Snark, A Few Questions, And Random Musings

   My first question is, "Are Chicken McNuggets really that good?" I remember eating one now and then when my daughter was little. It's been a lot of years, but I don't remember them being that tasty. They certainly weren't worth committing assault and battery for. Did anyone else want to see her, "Assume her ultimate form?"
   I read somewhere that about 10% of Americans need some form of mood altering substance to get through the day. This could be something like prescription medicine for being bi polar, alcohol for alcoholics, or illegal drugs for those with drug addictions. I have no idea what the problem is with the woman in the video above. She clearly needs something (other than mediocre chicken products) to even out her emotions.
  One thing that preppers often worry about is what their locality would look like if the trucks stopped making deliveries for a few weeks (or longer). What would happen if the meds stopped reaching the pharmacies, and the booze stopped making it to the stores.
  It's worth considering what your neighbor, coworker, family member (or yourself), is going to act like if you're stranded in the middle of another San Francisco Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, or LA Riot. Are you going to be on the receiving end of a Chicken McNugget rampage, or perhaps something worse?
   It seems that President Obama is vowing to cut down on weapons being trafficked to drug cartels. If you aren't getting the irony of this then you're probably here by mistake, and should be on MSNBC.
  Did your media choices spend the last year showing pictures of Trayvon Martin at the age of 12? It doesn't matter if you believe that his shooting was justified, or not. You should consider whether your news outlets are trustworthy. These are the information providers that help to shape your world view. Do you think that showing the 17 year old's 6th grade picture is accurate, or were they shaping the story instead of reporting it? Did you spend the last 12 months being informed, or duped for political reasons?
  My daughter has had dozens of trips to the range, and has shot up thousands of rounds of ammunition. She's taken instruction from a professional, and even participated in several matches. I made it a point to take her shooting at every opportunity because I knew that once she became 18 years old, she wouldn't be going to the range with her old man.
  This practice didn't make her Annie Oakley, or Jeanne Assam. It did, however, make her much more competent than many people twice her age.
  But... she cannot buy handgun ammo in my state until she's 21yrs old. Oddly enough, she's allowed to buy long guns, and rifle ammo.
  What are the government's legal expectations of this young woman? TheDaywalker can vote, be charged as a felon,  and can run up so much debt that she'll never be able to pay it off. She can marry, and join the military. She now pays taxes. This 18yr old is held responsible for her actions, as all adults are.
  She cannot, however, buy a handgun or handgun ammunition.
  Bear in mind that the same people who believe that she is too immature to own a handgun are fine with a 13 year old making the decision to abort a baby without consulting her parents.
  I have an AR15. Obama calls it a, "Weapon Of War." The anti gun groups and their pet politicians call this firearm an, "Assault Weapon." Law enforcement officers call this gun a, "Patrol Rifle." When DHS orders AR15s, they're called "Personal Defense Weapons."
  The military simply calls my semi automatic AR15 a, "Rifle."
  I think that's probably the most accurate term (paraphrased from something I saw on
  There's a lot of talk about allowing concealed carry on college campuses. The anti gun side say that it's too dangerous having guns in classrooms.
  We're told that college students are too immature to have handguns on campus. I'm not willing to concede that point to the gun banners, but let's talk about those that are never mentioned in this debate.
  Is the 22yr old veteran on campus too immature and inexperienced to carry concealed? What about the 30 year old janitor, or the 45yr old maintenance supervisor? College professors are not intelligent or mature enough to carry a pistol?
  If the concern was merely about drunken fratboys, then those listed above would be allowed to carry concealed.
   3/4 of all jobs created in 2013 are part time. You and I consider a full time job as having 40 hours of work per week. The government used to count 32 hours per week as a full time job. 30 hours is now considered by Uncle Sam to be full time employment.
   We keep hearing that our current inflation rate is running about 2%. Bear in mind that this doesn't count those crazy things that no one uses such as food and fuel. The real inflation rate is closer to 8%.
   We're told that the Unemployment Rate (U-3) is currently about 7.4%. This doesn't take into account those working part time jobs because they can't find full time work, or those that have simply quit looking out of disgust with the job market. The Total Unemployed Rate (U-6) is 14%. Over 47 million Americans are on food stamps.
  We aren't changing the employment numbers in real life. All that the government is doing is shifting people around from unemployed to part time work, or they're simply not counting them anymore. The last 5 years and trillions of dollars have been wasted, if this is considered what's now the norm for our economy.
  Back to "Assault Weapons." I usually try to keep most of my personal information off of the internet because there are too many people out there with really good computer skills, and too much time on their hands. With that said, I'll mention that I spent part of my time in the Marine Corps guarding nuclear weapons. There's a small portion of the Marines that guard nukes for the Navy. The job itself is really nothing to brag about, but you do have a secret security clearance and will sometimes be within a few yards of a nuclear missile. It's not a huge thrill, but the military usually picks some pretty trustworthy people for this duty.
   It boggles my mind that my government would trust me to carry a M1911, or M16A2 while standing several feet from a nuclear missile, yet they don't trust me with a semi automatic rifle such as an AR15.

   I predicted that ammo prices would be back to normal by now. Clearly, I am not psychic.

   If this is your concealed carry method then you're doing it wrong.

   All of my friends and family know that I'm a gun guy, and most have a pretty good idea of what's in my safe. Several months ago, the anti gunners in DC were proposing a long list of draconian gun Bills. Guns and ammo became scarce around this time, and people lost their minds trying to find something (anything) to buy. I had friends asking me to sell ARs. Those with no previous interest in builds were looking for stripped lowers. People that had no prior interest in "Assault Weapons" were desperate to find an AK or AR. Some were willing to pay a premium just to get a Ruger 10/22.
  Sooo... now guns are readily available again, and prices are near 2012 levels. Ammunition (except 9mm and .22lr) is becoming easy to find. Prices are a little high, but not obscenely expensive. Magazines are everywhere, and retail for normal amounts.
  ... and these same people now have no interest in putting away ammunition or in buying that firearm they were desperate to find back in Feb.
   In 6 months or a year the cycle will probably start all over again.

Monday, September 2, 2013

"Five Reasons The NRA Is Not The NSA"

Five Reasons The NRA Is Not The NSA

How The NRA Built A Massive Secret Database Of Gun Owners

  I've seen articles about the NRA gathering data on gun owners on several different sites. Apparently gun owners are supposed to be worried about this revelation. Perhaps we were somehow under the impression that the NRA would not keep our names and addresses when we send in our membership dues? Maybe some people signing up for NRA instruction thought that their names would not be entered into a computer when they completed their training?

  This made up issue is amusing to me. Everyone gathers data on the consumer. It doesn't matter if you're buying jeans at the mall, or filling out a NRA membership. We expect it today.
  Anyone that has ever joined the National Rifle Association knows that they literally bombard you with junk mail. I wish that they would use the money that they spend on postage for better causes. I'm going to assume that the same junk mail goes to those that take their training courses.
  Here is a news alert for the media. We gun owners know that the NRA has our names when we send them a check. It's not a surprise. The story is no doubt meant to decrease their membership, splinter their base, and dilute the organization's power.

  The NRA is not reading my e-mails, tracking my cell phone location, recording my texts, or keeping my credit card transactions on file.

  Here is another nugget of information.
  The NRA information gathering is voluntary.
  The NSA tracking is not.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Blocking The Importation Of Antiques

  The Obama Administration is planning to ban the importation of M1 Garands and M1 Carbines from South Korea. Both weapons were lent and/or sold to the South Koreans during the 1950-1953 Korean War. These firearms are highly prized by collectors, and there have been efforts to import these rifles back into the USA for several years.
  Barack Obama issued an Executive Order yesterday to keep these weapons out of the country.


  Let me summarize the reasoning behind this order. "Blah, blah, blah... weapons of war, blah, blah, gibberish, blah." I just saved you the time needed to read his explanation.
  It would have been more honest for him to simply state that he'll ban every gun that he legally can.

  Let's look at the nonsense of President Obama's Executive Order.

1) Yes, these rifles were weapons of war... 60 years ago. If these guns were people, they would now be on the verge of collecting Social Security.
   When politicians state that "Weapons Of War" do not belong in the hands of Americans it causes me to worry a bit. I'm afraid that they actually mean what they say (usually unthinkable for a politician). Consider this.
   Blackpowder rifles were originally designed as "Weapons of war," and there's a long history of them being used in battles all over the US.
   My 6 shot revolvers are of the same design that both law enforcement and the military used for many decades. There is no real difference between my revolvers and those carried by our troops in WW1 and WWII (not all used M1911s).
   Single action six guns, and lever action rifles were used by the military.
  We were issued standard Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 shotguns when I was in the Marines. I doubt that there's a hunter in the US that hasn't used one of those firearms at some point in his life. These "Weapons Of War" are some of the best selling hunting guns in this country.
   Never mind that the Marine Corps still fields bolt action sniper rifles that are not much different than the Remington 700s that are available at Dicks Sporting Goods or Walmart.
   The "Weapons Of War" argument used by the White House is simply asinine. There are very few firearm designs that have not been used by our armed forces at some time or another.

2) Today, I'd consider the M1 Garand more of a hunting rifle than a battle rifle. Yes, it was state of the art in WWII. That was a long time ago.
  The weapon holds 8 rnds of 30-06. This caliber is very popular with hunters, and 8 rnds is not considered a lot of ammunition in 2013. Hunting rifles commonly have a 5 rnd capacity. 3 extra bullets is not exactly a lot.
  When you compare the M1 Garand to ARs and AKs, it clearly is closer to being a hunting rifle than a modern battlefield weapon.

3) The M1 Carbine is known for being underpowered, and there are countless reports of those using it in WWII and Korea complaining about a lack of stopping power. Ammo is expensive, and somewhat difficult to find. This firearm takes 15 to 30 rnd magazines, and they too can be hard to find without going online.
  I would think that the anti gunner in the White House would prefer an underpowered carbine on the market instead of the more common (and powerful) "Assault Weapons" such as AK47s.

4) Times are tight for most, and Americans have less money for non necessities than in the past. In this economy, buying a gun can be a huge purchase for many.
   If I was an anti gun President, then I would realize that firearms are going to be sold no matter what is said by politicians, and the media.
  I would welcome Americans paying hundreds of dollars for M1 Garands and M1 Carbines instead of buying ARs and AKs with their finite disposable income.
  It's just ridiculous that these weapons are not being imported. I have no desire to buy one at this time, but I will buy another rifle this year. It will not be 60 years old, and will be definitely be something that causes hissy fits from Schumer, Feinstein, and "The One."
  Let's pretend, however, that I really wanted to buy a M1 due to nostalgia. If you were an anti gunner, which would you prefer me to purchase... a 60 year old M1 Garand or an AR15 with a half dozen 30 rnd magazines?
  Obama isn't even intelligent enough to be a good anti gunner. It's almost as if he wants to sabotage their cause.