Monday, September 9, 2013

Outstanding Revolver Tutorial

  About 70% of new handguns purchased are semi automatics. The last statistics that I saw stated that roughly 75% of police officers carry pistols instead of revolvers. I'd guess that semi automatics out number revolvers by 10 to 1 at my local range.
  Sometimes it seems that wheelguns have become the red headed step children of the handgun world. I still use my revolvers now and then, but I have to admit that only the Ruger LCR gets shot regularly. Like most people, I prefer semi autos for home defense and fun.
  But... revolvers aren't going anywhere, even though they are eclipsed in sales by pistols.
  The video below is a very good tutorial on operating a revolver. I'd recommend it for beginners, and even those that have owned one for years. Unless you're a professional shooter, you should get something out of this vid.

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