Monday, September 2, 2013

"Five Reasons The NRA Is Not The NSA"

Five Reasons The NRA Is Not The NSA

How The NRA Built A Massive Secret Database Of Gun Owners

  I've seen articles about the NRA gathering data on gun owners on several different sites. Apparently gun owners are supposed to be worried about this revelation. Perhaps we were somehow under the impression that the NRA would not keep our names and addresses when we send in our membership dues? Maybe some people signing up for NRA instruction thought that their names would not be entered into a computer when they completed their training?

  This made up issue is amusing to me. Everyone gathers data on the consumer. It doesn't matter if you're buying jeans at the mall, or filling out a NRA membership. We expect it today.
  Anyone that has ever joined the National Rifle Association knows that they literally bombard you with junk mail. I wish that they would use the money that they spend on postage for better causes. I'm going to assume that the same junk mail goes to those that take their training courses.
  Here is a news alert for the media. We gun owners know that the NRA has our names when we send them a check. It's not a surprise. The story is no doubt meant to decrease their membership, splinter their base, and dilute the organization's power.

  The NRA is not reading my e-mails, tracking my cell phone location, recording my texts, or keeping my credit card transactions on file.

  Here is another nugget of information.
  The NRA information gathering is voluntary.
  The NSA tracking is not.

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