Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Help Our Al Qaeda Brothers"

  Yes, this is a gag by a Rightwinger pretending to be a young Liberal college student. This was worth mentioning since a few people didn't get the joke in some of Liberal Chick's earlier videos. Apparently her portrayal of a young Lefty female is too accurate.

   I have just a few quick points to make about the vid.

1) Statistically, it's extremely likely that most of those asked to sign the petition are Obama voters, (or at least supporters) and Democrats.

2) She's on a college campus. I wouldn't say that college students are the most informed element of our society, but they should have at least slightly above average intelligence. This video makes me wonder about that belief.

3) Liberal Chick told everyone that Al Qaeda would be getting aid from the US, and Obama. She was pretty clear in that regard.

4) As I said, those asked to sign were told that they were helping Obama to send aid to Al Qaeda. You might remember this group as the terrorist organization that brought down the Twin Towers, attacked the USS Cole, and bombed several US embassies. They've been killing Americans for a long time. Their name should ring a bell for everyone over the age of 12, or with an IQ over 70.

5) Do you think that she would have gotten many signatures if this was done outside of a gun show, or at a Tea Party rally?

  We have far too many Low Information Voters (idiots) electing our leaders. Unfortunately it's a problem with no solution. When a large part of America gets all of their political information from Jon Stewart, SNL, and Politics Nation, we're guaranteed to end up with the incompetent, unqualified, and sometimes stupid leading our nation.

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