Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In The News

Kenyan Mall Attack: Murder, Torture, Mutilation
Media, Politicians, Wrong About Gun In Navy Yard Shooting
California's Sweeping New Gun Laws
Semi Auto Gun Ban Passes
Interesting Gun Stats With This Opinion Piece
NYPD Shoots More Bystanders
Deploy The National Guard In Chicago?
Skip The Slide Stop: Power Stroke
Myths About The Navy Yard Shooting
Know Thy Enemy: AR-15
Could The Rape Jihad Come To America?
A Poll: What Gun Owners Carry And Shoot
New .22lr "Smart Gun" Enters The Market
Mandatory Tracking Of Kentucky Gun Owners
NYC Gun Crimes Increase After Ending "Stop And Frisk."
US Almost Nuked NC
Sights Of Choice, Trijicon HD
Jon Stewart Rips CNN
42 Days After "Microwave Mind Control" Complaint, Alexis Kills 12
Who Betrayed Seal Team 6?
The Most Disgraced Name In News
Global Warming Alarmists Wrong
IPCC Report Says World Stopped Warming In 1997
US Military Disarmed On Bases By Bill Clinton
Fact Checking Bill Clinton's Rhetoric On Voting And Assault Weapons
Media Lies About Navy Shooter Using An AR15
MSNBC Pretends That Shooter Had An AR
Navy Yard Shooter DID NOT Try To Buy An AR15
Navy Yard Shooter More Of A Liberal Type
Navy Yard Shooter Felt Discriminated Against
Then Again, He Was Scared Of His Microwave
NSA Spying Prevented ONE Attack, Not DOZENS
Obama Waives Ban On Arming Terrorists
Judge Halts Detriot Bankruptcy Because It Dishoners Obama
Two States Underreport Jobless Claims
Another Reason Not To Do Press Checks

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