Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Replacing Your Handgun With "Pepper Spray"

  There's a great many people out there in American society that believe pepper spray is a substitute for a firearm. Obviously very few of those people are gun owners. Even less are shooters, or have any training in self defense.

  So how effective is pepper spray?


  I would think that OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) spray, or pepper spray, is extremely effective after watching these videos. The problem is that when I watch the clip shown below, I begin to question trusting my life to this product.

  Luckily the gentleman in the bar was a goofy drunk, instead of becoming violent when intoxicated. Some might say that this isn't a fair example since the partier is clearly inebriated, and alcohol dulls pain. I have to ask, "Do you want to count on an attacker being a tea-totaller," or anti drug?
  Let's take a look at another person being sprayed. This individual is sober.

   Not every situation rates the use of a firearm, and OC spray definitely has it's uses. There are times when deadly force isn't justified, and tasers or pepper spray are the best option. 
  IMO, the non lethal tools are a backup to your firearm, instead of being a substitute. Just don't over estimate their effectiveness, or become over confident because you have a little pink sprayer on your keychain.
  This YouTube clip is a decent tutorial for those considering buying pepper spray.

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