Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In The News

14 Year Old Shoots Armed Intruder
18 Little Known Facts That Prove That Guns Make Us Safer
Uncovering The Camp Bastion Coverup
Springfield XDs 9mm
XDs Failure To Feed
The Problem With .40
XDs Grip Safety
9mm XDs Review
Troy Industries Just Lost A Lot Of Customers
S&W Shield Owners: Safety Alert
Remington Thunderbolt Recall
Former White House And Gov Employees Make Up NSA Review Panel
Great Moments In Journalism - Zimmerman Still Described As White On MSNBC
From A Firearms Instructor
.22lr For Self Defense
Armed Texas Woman Fires On 6 Armed Robbers
Accidental Shooting Was Not The First For Firearm Instructor
Militarizing The Police
Marine Corps Will Open Infantry Training To Women
Ruger SR9C Review
Sexual Jihad
Talon Grips: An Alternative To Stippling
Soldier Leads Bayonet Charge
Scots Bayonet Charge
Army Looks For New Boots For Soldiers Sore Feet
Sentenced To Death For A Sip Of Water
Another Police Dept Goes Back To 9mm

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