Monday, August 5, 2013

In The News

A Beginnners Guide To Buying Defensive And Practice 9mm Ammo
Police Dept Going Back To 9mm
9mm: Cool Again?
From A Marine Captain In Afghanistan
More On The Benghazi Coverup
Smart Gun: Dumb Idea
US Turning Into A Part Time Economy
Who Is The Man Behind Kel-Tec
The Best Budget 9mm
The PF9: Kel-Tec CCW Goodness
My Glock Has PMS
Matt Damon Is A Hypocrite
New MRE Lineup Introduced
FMK 9mm: Inconsistent
Why You Take Squibs And Hangfires Seriously
Trayvon Supporters: Why We Should Support "Duty To Retreat"
Good Learning Experience About .38spl Ammo
Concealed Carry Alternatives- Pepper Spray
FEMA Buying Up Survivalist Food?
Kind Of Hard To Out Run The German Shepard With Your Pants Falling Down
Ruger LCR-22Magnum Revolver
Average Police Response Time In Cities Is 10 minutes
Police Abuse
Only In The Mind Of A Liberal
Third Robbery Stopped After Buying A Gun
5 Underestimated And Cheap Handguns
Scare Tactics: Family Misled By Local Cops About Google Searches
Want To Bet On CNN & MSNBC Covering This?
The FBI Can Spy On You With Your Own Phone
Vast Majority Of Jobs Created In 2013 Are Part Time
Family Interrogated For Googling Backpack & Pressure Cooker
Obama's Two Dozen Scandals

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