Saturday, August 17, 2013

In The News

The Myth Of The Cop Killer Bullet
Does The .40S&W Get Enough Credit?
Why Nine?
9mm: Cool Again?
Teats, Bulls And The .40S&W
The Fading .40
Ruger Expands Production - Buys 3rd Factory
Identifying Counterfeit Shooting Products
M1 Carbines Still In Use By Israeli Tour Guides
Getting Started In 3 Gun Matches
The Inspiring New "Old" AR
Glock Funny
Ammo Registry In California
24 Things That Require A Photo ID
New Taurus CT9 Carbine
More Fast And Furious Weapons Show Up At Crime Scenes
AP Retracts Bogus North Pole Lake Photo
Not Much Global Warming
No Constitutional Rights Along The Border Says DHS
ACLU Assails Constitution Free Zone
CA Wants Ammo Registry
CA Proposes Lead Ammo Ban
Why Can't We Talk About IQ?
There Was A George Bush Rodeo Clown In 1994 - No Crying Hissy Fits Then
Kid Praying To Obama (I know Adults That Do This)
George Bush Rodeo Clown
Army Colonel Was Fired For This Rant
12 Year Old Defends Herself With A Gun
25 Great Quotes From Liberals

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