Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Stand Up To Stand Your Ground"


  It should be obvious what this video is supposed to imply. I would like to see the neighborhood watchman shown with a broken nose, and lacerations to the back of his head. I suppose that this video is about as accurate as much of the reporting that we've seen on CNN, and MSNBC over the last year. The mainstream media couldn't even get Zimmerman's race right on a regular basis. An anti gun group cannot be expected to do any better.

  The Stand Your Ground law was never used as a defense by George Zimmerman. When the media consistently talks about this law in regards to the Zimmerman trial, they are misleading the public.
  Let's just call it lying, pushing an agenda, and taking advantage of an uninformed audience.

  There are many in our government, the media, and (make believe) civil rights organizations that are working to end Stand Your Ground laws, and replace them with Duty To Retreat legislation.
  I recently saw a Jesse Jackson interview in which he stated that last year about 135 Blacks were killed by armed "Vigilantes." I prefer to replace the term vigilante with "Armed Victim."  Oddly enough, Jackson neglected to mention how many of the slain were involved in a criminal act.

  I'm a supporter of the Castle Doctrine, and Stand Your Ground laws. If others wish to push for Duty To Retreat legislation then they should call it what it is.

  "Keep Our Felons Safe" (KOFS)


  "Safeguard Our Trash And Criminals" (SOTAC)

  Perhaps this will work.

  "Thug Protection Act" (TPA)

  Working to criminalize self defense shows that they damn well aren't interested in the well being and safety of law abiding citizens.  Is it any wonder that the same people that support gun bans also favor Duty To Retreat laws?

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