Thursday, August 1, 2013

In The News

The Army's New "Green" Ammo
3.8" XDM Review
The Patrol Rifle: Pistol Calibers
FBI - Expanded Homicide Data Table 6
FBI - Table 49
FBI - Table 43
A Short Recap Of Clips And Magazines
"Cheap" .308 Ammo Test
Translations Of Anti Gun Propaganda
If They Were People: Knife Company Personalities
Response To Tyranny
1/4 Of Today's Youth Too Fat And Dumb For Military
Was Juror B29's Statement Edited By ABC?
Criminals For Gun Control - Pt 2
Criminals For Gun Control
Willie Nelson Is Against Assault Weapons?
Broken Promises And Hired Lobbyists
Phony Scandals And Dead Americans
More Media Malpractice In The Zimmerman Case
Teats, Bulls, And The 40S&W
The Fading 40

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