Monday, August 5, 2013


   Believe it or not, I actually found some 9mm over the weekend. Of course it took 3 trips to the store to get this massive haul. There was a 1 box per day limit on handgun ammo, and it didn't matter if it was a bulk pack or 50 rnd box. I'm heading back today with the wife.
  Since I added about 700 rnds to the stash, it seems like a reasonable celebration is in order. TheDaywalker'sMom and I are headed to the range in a bit.
Edit:    Just picked up another 500 rnds of CCI 22lr at the Dick's down the road. $40 per bulk box.

  What's the ammo situation like in central VA? Most of the local gun stores have a decent amount of ammo in all calibers except 9mm, and .22lr. Walmart is a total waste of time. Dick's Sporting Goods is usually the best bet when trying to find 9mm, or .22lr. This really sucks for me, since I'm trying to boycott them. They caved waaaay too quickly, and have stopped selling assault weapons. If you haven't heard what they did to Troy Industries then check out this article.
  9mm JHP in various flavors is available with a little looking. It's taking me an average of 10 trips to the store in order to find target loads. I've heard that things are better in West Virginia (from a friend that recently visited).

  I plan on shooting my 4.5" XDM with these new sights, and a friend's Kel-Tec SUB 2000 will make an appearance. Reviews will follow (at the usual snail's pace).

  I also have 2 boxes of .22lr that have been in my truck for the past two years. If there's time, I hope to shoot them and see if there's an unusual number of misfires after being exposed to wide temperature changes. It's cheap ammo, so I expect at least a few normal FTFs per box.

  BTW, I'm still trying to be a very nice guy, and help out friends that cannot find ammunition. I have a minimum round count for my personal use, and find myself helping out a friend or two per month (as long as they voted the right way). A few of us have a phone tree in place, and keep each other up to date when running across hard to find ammo. It sounds stupid, but it's the reason why I can still find enough 9mm to shoot every 3 or 4 weeks.

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