Sunday, August 11, 2013

In The News

AK vs AR vs Mosin-Nagant
The Plastic Gun
Working With The French Army
Obama's Dog Gets His Own Plane
4 Foods That Last Forever
Red Dot For M&P
Treating Wounds With Super Honey
The Real Truth About Working With The French Army - Pt I
The Truth About The French Army - Pt II
The French Don't Run - Pt III
Gun Ownership Up 50% - Gun Crime Down 73%
$100 Million Dollar Bet On Bringing Back Indian Motorcycles
Kel-Tec SUB-2000 Review
"This Is What Bribery Sounds Like"
Possible 8 year Sentence For Making A Joke During A Video Game
Bersa Thunder .380 Review
Dealing With HK416 Malfunctions
Retiring My 416
RIP Men Of Extortion 17
Submarine USS Miami Lost To Arson
Phony IRS Scandal
100% Of Liberal Groups Approved By IRS
Hilarious Product Reviews
Words From A Bosnian Survivalist
Handgun Steel Cased Ammo Test
The World Escaped An EMP Disaster
Chevy Volts Are Not Selling In Spite Of Price Cuts
Who Kills Who
Troy Industries Won't Deal With Dick's
Why One Cop Carries 145 Rounds Of Ammo On The Job
77% Of All Jobs Created In 2013 Are Part Time
Yes, The NSA Is Reading Your E-mails
NSA Says No 4th Amendment Rights Near The Border
The Infamous Mil Spec Standard
Army & Marines To Get Better Helmets

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