Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rodeo Clowns And Racism

  There have been numerous articles and opinion pieces regarding an Obama mask wearing rodeo clown. If you haven't heard about this huge scandal then you're probably living in a cave somewhere. I originally decided not to bother writing anything about this issue, but it seems like it won't disappear from the nightly news.

  I'll summarize the story. A rodeo clown in Missouri wore an Obama mask while making fun of the President. Barack Obama was called a clown, and some reference was made about the bull getting him.
  That is literally it.
  You've just read the entire description of the incident... until the Free Shit Army media and the grievance industry decided to step in. The story has now been changed to a tale of racism, and woe. Apparently any jest about the President is now automatically racist. Bear in mind that no racial epithets were spoken, and no generalizations about Black people were made. The rodeo clown (and the announcer) simply poked fun at the man in the White House.
  I never realized how delicate our President is, and wonder how a simple joke about one man becomes a racial slight against all African-Americans.

  Of course the media isn't the only one experiencing hysteria, and possible PTSD over a masked rodeo clown. The NAACP has called for an investigation into the incident. They've asked the Secret Service to investigate the clown, who is now permanently banned from working the Missouri State Fair. We're told that this individual committed a hate crime. It seems as if the bar for what constitutes a hate crime is getting lower and lower.

  This doesn't even seem like we're living in America anymore. What the hell happened to this nation? I expect a little stupidity, and a few hissy fits from those that make their living off of crying racism. It's even expected for the Leftwing media to promote stories that deflect information away from the disaster that is our economy, and foreign policy.
  But to put this much effort into demonizing a rodeo clown that called Obama a clown... seriously? This is the most worthwhile use of their time? The media has no other stories to cover in the finite amount of hours in the day? Things are so good in the Black community, that the NAACP doesn't need to concentrate their limited resources into changing Black crime rates, unemployment, illegitimate births, dropout rates, etc?

  I have two quick points to make. The first deals with the hypocrisy from the Left, and Obama's supporters. Those that cannot tolerate people making fun of, "The One," are fine with hateful barbs being thrown at Conservatives, and Republicans. I'm reminded of David Letterman's joke about Sarah Palin's daughter being a whore. Do you remember his defense after the outrage (from the Right)? He meant to call the oldest daughter a whore, and mistakenly referenced the youngest.
  That was his defense in a nutshell.
  How many times per week did Bill Maher call Palin a "Cunt" during the 2008 Election? Hell, he's still calling her a "Dumb cunt," now and then. Did any of her supporters ever insist that law enforcement investigate Letterman, Maher, or the countless others than attacked her, and her family?
  Some would say that this doesn't count because Sarah Palin isn't the President, and our Commander In Chief deserves more respect. Blah, blah, blah, etc. I say BS. They simply want to have things both ways. These individuals want the ability to attack those that they don't agree with while still having their own elected officials treated with reverence.

 No one ever received more criticism and vitriol than our 43rd President. Examples are easy to provide. There was a George Bush rodeo clown dummy in 1994, and I cannot remember any outcries. There were two television shows about how inept "W" was during his term in office. HBO even used a Bush head on a stake for a decapitation scene in one of their series. My favorite example is the "Journalist," Erin Burnett, calling Bush a monkey on live television.

  Guess what? The abuse comes with the job. Only big boys and girls should be able to sit behind that desk in the Oval Office. They don't need hysterical supporters, or worshippers.

  One final thing. There are nations all over the globe in which citizens have no freedom of speech. A criticism, joke, or disrespect shown towards their rulers can result in death, imprisonment, or torture. The same can often be expected for their family members. It's a common punishment in the Middle East to have a wife or daughter dragged off to be raped when someone speaks out against a government official.
  One thing that makes America great is that we have Freedom Of Speech (for now anyway), and can criticize our leaders. This right isn't reserved only for wealthy Hollywood talk show hosts, or Leftwing "Journalists."
  The American people don't vote in Messiahs, prophets, kings, or dictators. Politicians are elected, and no other group in this nation is more deserving of ridicule (except perhaps lawyers. As Obama is both, he deserves a double serving of scorn).

  I'll be honest. I don't really mind the attacks on the rodeo clown by the mainstream media, and pretend civil rights organizations. Their claims are so ludicrous that anyone with an IQ over 80 will easily see through them. The same can be said of the recent Zimmerman trial, and Saint Skittles. A pattern of fake racism claims is forming.
  The Leftwing loses a few more people after every false tale. The more stupid or ridiculous the claim, the more doubters they create. If those on the Left want to trash their credibility then I applaud them, and wish them the Godspeed.


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