Wednesday, August 7, 2013

TruGlo Sights On The XDM

  I had the opportunity to spend a few hours at the range yesterday. My 4.5" XDM returned with new TruGlo night sights a few weeks ago, and I've been dying to try it out.  This won't take long to summarize.

1) The sights are well made, and metal.
2) They aren't exactly inexpensive.
3) Dawson Precision did a great job installing them. The slide came back with the sights zeroed (as they were when it was mailed off), and the turn around was very quick. I believe that my slide was back home in under two weeks. I am 100% satisfied with their service, and will use them again.
4) I originally would have preferred a red or orange front sight with a green rear. After handling my XDM for a while, I'm pretty happy with the green front/yellow rear combination.
5) The sights show up a lot better in low light, and dark conditions (duh). I keep a weapon light on the XDM, so I'm not that concerned about shooting when it's pitch black. There are times, however, when I'm shooting in low light conditions, and it's difficult to see the sights. That's no longer an issue.
6) The TruGlo sights have fiber optic tubes, and they show up much better during the day as well as at night.
7) I'm thinking about changing the front sights on my Kimber, and Springfield Loaded after using these sights.
8) I have a 4.5" XDM, and the 5.25" Competition version of the XDM. The 5.25" model has a red fiber optic front and black adjustable rear. I like the TruGlo sights better.

  There's not a lot to say. I'm satisfied with the sights, and they definitely help these middle aged eyes. I would much prefer a weapon light in pitch black areas, but these sights absolutely rock in low light conditions. The local indoor range that I use can be a bit tardy in changing burned out light bulbs, and the outdoor range that I shoot at can get a bit dark on rainy days.

  It was close to $200 for the sights, and installation. 

  As I said earlier, there wasn't a lot to say. The product works as advertised, and I got exactly what I expected. How often does that happen?

This gun did not like this budget ammo. I'll edit in a description in the original XDM review that was done last year.


Original XDM sights pictured above


The target below was shot at 15yds. These are my first 6 rounds with the new sights. Obviously I forgot about needing a 6 O' clock hold with this pistol.

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