Sunday, December 15, 2013

In The News

NYPD Targets Gun Owners
Gun Store Owners Discuss Challenges
Harvard Survey: Fewer Than 1/3 Of Young Will Sign Up For Obamacare
Obama Meets With Sebelius ONCE In 3.5yrs Before Obamacare Launch
IRS Commissioner Visits White House 157 Times
Timeline Of IRS Targetting Conservative Groups
George Zimmerman's Girlfriend Changes Her Mind About The Shotgun
Will The Free Shit Army Media Update Their Story On Zimmerman?
3D Gun Ban Extended By Dems & Republicans
ATF Uses Rogue Tactics In Store Front Stings Across Nation
7 Nelson Mandela Quotes You Probably Won't See In The US Media
Caveat On Nelson Mandela
Top 10 Things To Know About Post Mandela South Africa
Under 21 And Owning Guns In VA
Denver Post Scrubs "Socialist" From Description Of School Shooter
School Shootings: Arapahoe Vs Sandy Hook And Police Response Times
Less Than 1/3 Of Americans Work A 40 Hr Week
Sharia Zones In (formerly Great) Britain
Earth Was Warmer In Roman & Medieval Times
Scientists Predict A Century Of Global Cooling
Falsified Lab Data And 40,000 Criminal Cases
Elderly Nun Raped In Church Parking Lot
Smart Gun Failures?
Michelle Cockblocks Barry
No Domestic Charges Against Zimmerman
Top 20% Pay 93% Of Income Taxes
Tactical Derp?
CNN Poll: Support For Gun Control Drops
The "Media," Race, Crime, And Some Snark From Coulter (Worth A Read)
Global Warming And Hurricanes
Fact Checking Harry Reid

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