Wednesday, January 1, 2014

In The News

A Revolver Shooters Lament
Keeping The AR15 (And M4 Carbine) Gas System Running
The Big M4 Myth
M&P Sport Review
Outstanding Gun Training Library
AR15 Clearing A Type 4 Malfunction
1911 & AR Malfunctions
Ruger Goes Big Bore: SR-762
Windham Weaponry SRC 308 Details Emerge
CNMG Announcing A .308 Rifle
Bolt Together AR15 Lower - No 3D Printer Necessary
NRA Stays Quiet On Extending Ban On Plastic Guns In US
Polygonal Or Lands And Grooves? The Glock Tests At BBTI
Arapahoe School Shooter Was Proud Socialist
The Truth About The Arapahoe High School Shooting
Navy Yard Shooter Liberal
Chris Dorner Liked Lefty Media Types
Barbara Walters Thought Obama Was Going To Be "The Next Messiah
Stingray - C Review (9mm)
How A Handgun Works - M1911
Kel-Tec PF9 Review
Zimmerman And Girlfriend Pick Up Their Guns From Sheriff
"The Book That Trayvon's Parents Should Write"
Laughing At Liberals
Maximizing The Combat Grip
AK47: How It Works
Obamacare Humor With Pajama Boy
More Pajama Boy/Obamacare Humor
Pajama Boy Dating
Gov AIDs Statistics And Facts
Anal Jihad In The Arab World
Arab Butt Bomber Tries To Kill Saudi Prince
The 50yd Zero For 5.56mm
Pairing Ammo And Twist Rates
Very Weird Story In Which A Taser Didn't Work
Hundreds Of Teens Trash Mall
FBI Crime Stats - Murder
FBI Crime Stats - Criminals
Gun Bans Result In Higher Murder Rates
Murder And Homicide Rates Before And After Gun Bans
Gun Ban Utopia (Chicago) And Death My The Numbers
Romney's Grandson And The Usual MSNBC Asshattery
MSNBC Host Apologizes To The Romney Family
Amusing Story On Global Warming
Marine Pull Standards For Women
Hate Crimes, Eric Holder, And Uneven Enforcement Of Laws
Obamacare, Fraud, And Those Stuck With The Bill
Fast And Furious Whistleblower Tells All
Criminal Case Study: Bad Guys Have Experience
Gun Confiscation Has Begun In New York
Registration Never Leads To Confiscation? Ask A New Yorker
Liberal Logic 101
"Armed Citizen Should Have Just Left The Store"
Climate Change And The Majority Of Scientists
US Ranks Poorly On Education Testing
Most Convicts Vote Democrat

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