Thursday, January 30, 2014

In The News

ATF Agent's Book On Fast And Furious
Obama Donor Heading Up IRS Tea Pary Abuse Investigation
A Sorry State Of The Union
Leftwing Response To The SOTU
Greg Gutfield Response To SOTU
Journalist Fanboy Compares Obama To Wounded Warrior
College Students Against Actually Having Descriptions Of Criminals
Yale Pediatric Study Includes 20yr Olds
Top Ten List Of America's Stupidity
What I Saw At The Coup
Millions Of Hi Cap Mags Disappear In Connecticut
Anti Gun Senator Makes Fool Of Himself
Stunning Dem Idiocy On Guns
Possibly The Most Clueless Anti Gun Politician Ever
Man Crashes Car Into Chicken Restaurant, Strips, ... Um...
Winchester .22lr Recall
Crime Falls As Gun Ownership Rises
Know Your Knife Laws
Why The 9mm?
If It Was Your Money
40 Maps That Explain The World
Half Of Female Marines Fail Pullup Requirement
Army To Destroy Syrian Chemical Weapons Aboard Ship
Experts: Most Newtown Type Mass Shootings Could Be Stopped
California Gun Law Paves Way For Confiscation
CA Gun Law Expands Infrastructure For Confiscation
CA: DOJ To Start keeping Long Gun Ownership Records
More DC Gun Registration
Fewest Police Officers Killed With Guns Since 1887
Behaving Like An Idiot With A Handgun Laser
Iron Sights Before Red Dots?
Concealed Carry Means Fewer Murders, Says New Study
NYT - Reporting On Benghazi Or Covering For Hillary In 2016 White House Bid?
Yet Another Fast And Furious Gun Found
What Catastrophe? An Unalarmed Climate Scientist
2013 Gun Sales Set New Record
Dem Politician Has Negligent Discharge
Statistics, Race, And Arrests
4 In 10 Households Have At Least One Gun Owner
Obama Donor To Head IRS Tea Party Abuse Investigation
Large Round Count Colt Report
7 Lies That Young Americans Are Told
Pennsylvania's Voter ID Law Struck Down
Another Year Of Global Cooling
Mass Shootings Are Not On The Uptick
OK For Cops To Shoot At A Truck... Any Truck
Reasonable To Shoot At Wrong Truck
NSA Data Mining Hasn't Prevented An Attack Says Presidential Panel
Surprisingly The FBI Is Not Expected To File Charges In IRS Scandal
The Historical Reality Of The Muslim Conquests

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