Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Little Snark

  The government is shutdown. Does that mean that I'll be the only one reading my e-mails and texts?

  Will the shutdown impact the constant Obama family vacations?

  Hillary will probably become President in 2016. Will those screaming racism because I oppose Obama's policies start screaming sexism because I'll oppose the same agenda under Clinton?

  Will Hillary claim to have Elizabeth Warren's Native American cheekbones? If she does, then this will allow the FSA media to claim both racism and sexism when I protest against her.

  Are the hosts on CNN and MSNBC under contract to cry racism 4 times per show? Do they get a bonus for exceeding that?

  I once thought of starting a drinking game. The plan was to do a shot, or take a drink, every time I heard a MSNBC host blame something on racism. I didn't think that my liver could handle the abuse.

  When has Obama discussed the Muslim world, "Clinging to their guns and religion."

  The President is shipping arms to terrorists in Syria. Didn't we just sign a UN Arms Treaty regarding such acts?

  President Obama likes to proclaim that my AR is a, "Weapon of war." How many weapons of war is he sending to Al Qaeda in Syria, and how many are used to guard his family?

  Aaron Alexis used a shotgun in the Navy Yard massacre. Are the victims any less dead? Did it slow the shooter down? Will Slow Joe Biden walk back his statements about getting a shotgun?

  A woman with a history of mental illness tried to ram the White House barricade yesterday. When will we take these assault cars off of the road, and expand background checks for drivers?

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