Saturday, October 26, 2013

In The News

More Women Buying Guns
Quickstrips For Odd Calibers
Michigan CCW Carwash Killing
84yr Old Accused Of Pointing Gun At Anti Obama Protestors
COPS, Guns, And ADs
Shocking Facts About Gunfights
Vet Killed By SWAT Team
How Not To Do A Raid
Sight Movers
You Don't Need A High Capacity Magazine?
Lies My Government Tells Me
How To Choose A Personal Defense Handgun
An Alternate Look At Stopping Power
Taurus 24/7 Review
Taurus 24/7 DS Recall
50,000 Rounds On A M1911
Love The M1911
More Open Carry
The Perils Of Open Carry
Thanks Idiots
Stay Classy Open Carry Guys
Why We Criticize Open Carry
Dallas Police Get A Military Vehicle
UN Climate Panel Ignores 15yr Pause In Global Warming
Condors, Wind Farms, And Lead Bullets
3D Pepperbox Handgun
Eating Their Own
I Want An Assault Weapon Ban In VA
CA Not Counting The Unemployed... Again... National Numbers Look Better
NIPPC Report - No Climate Change
Top Reasons Why A Gun Background Check Is Failed
More Voters Than Citizens In Colorado
The Real War On Women
Welcome To The Police-State Of America
Just Voter Fraud - Nothing To Even Be Surprised About Anymore
Support For Gun Control Down 13%
Gun Neutral Franchises

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