Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Arming Teachers

  I'll make this post short and sweet. We've had yet another school shooting over the last week. If we're honest, we'll admit that it's going to happen time and time again. Some will call for more gun control (because it's worked so well in Chicago and DC), and others will insist on arming teachers.
  Obviously I'm against more gun control. Let's discuss the alternative.

  I support the concept of arming educators, but only with certain strict conditions.

1) The teacher, administrator, or staff member needs to demonstrate superior marksmanship and gun handling skills.
2) Those carrying concealed in the classroom need to keep the weapon on their person at all times. Having a firearm in a purse doesn't count. It doesn't go into a desk or filing cabinet for convenience.
3) The teacher, administrator, or staff member carrying a weapon has to use a retention holster.
4) There should be a zero tolerance policy for mistakes.

  I considered adding one more condition, the ability to retain the weapon during a struggle with a student. I decided to drop that consideration as it's unreasonable to expect 105lb female teacher to win a tussle with a 200lb High School athlete.

  Some will take exception with the conditions that I listed above. Sorry, the expectations have to be higher for those carrying in a classroom. I would like to see teachers become the Air Marshals of the concealed carry community. For those that don't know, Air Marshals are some of the best marksmen in law enforcement.
  I don't think that it's a burden to expect those that are tasked with watching our children to be more competent than the average CCW permit holder.

  My wife is a teacher. I've met some of her coworkers, and most are not gun people. I would not want them carrying in a classroom full of children after simply passing an online course, and getting their carry permit. Most of them would never dream of carrying, and a great many of them are anti gun.
  That's fine. They're entitled to their beliefs, and I wouldn't want every adult on school grounds carrying anyway.  You only need a handful of people carrying concealed to be an effective deterrent. Those that disagree are invited to tell me of a Gun Free Zone that works.
  I once read that prison guards have to be on their toes at all times because the inmates know everything about their habits, and schedules at work. The cons have nothing else to do besides watch their jailers.
  Schools are similar in that regard. The kids are expected to watch their teachers. Once one child discovers that an educator carries a weapon it will be known by everyone... forever. If a disturbed student or gang wants a gun, they now know where to find one.

  Let the teachers arm themselves if they wish, but ensure that they are competent with the weapons that they pick. Make sure that they can live up to the responsibility.

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