Friday, October 4, 2013

Starbucks And Guns

  I'll be honest. My first thought when anyone bans concealed carry in their business is for me to boycott them. When a group or business donates to anti gun causes, I try to give them as little of my business as possible. After reading the statement put out by Starbucks, I initially planned to stop buying their products. As I said, this is generally my first reaction to those that are against the 2nd Amendment.
  I was wrong about Starbucks. They aren't anti gun. They just want to be left the hell alone, in regards to the gun debate.

  After hearing from 3 different sides on this debate, I've decided that while I don't agree with the company's policy, I respect it enough to keep giving them my business. I've heard what the anti gunners have to say. I've listened to the open carry crowd that seems to think parading around with ARs and shotguns in a coffee house is a good idea. I have listened to those that say that we should simply continue quietly bringing our handguns in while buying coffee.
  The third group is the most persuasive in my opinion.

  Starbucks hasn't told me that I can't carry in their stores so I'll continue to do so. They haven't actually banned guns. They simply asked that we not bring them into their shops.
  My answer is no. When they actually ban them, I'll stop. Until then, it is business as usual for me and my CCW gun of choice.
 I understand that they just want to sell overpriced coffee instead of getting involved in politics. While I wish that they would come out our side, I respect their desire to remain neutral. When they actually ban firearms, I'm done with them.

  I like this guy's channel. He's smart, articulate, and his gun politics usually match mine perfectly.
  In this instance, I don't agree with him. My opinion more closely matches those stated in the first video. I don't think that Starbucks asking us not to carry in their stores is anything like discriminating against gays or interracial couples. This was an over reaction on Colion Noir's part.
  A bunch of asshats parading around with rifles and shotguns in a coffee house is not normal. If their safety and gun handling is professional, then I'm personally fine with it.
  It's not my business, or my decision.
  From the Facebook pics floating around, these people cannot even keep their weapons slung on their shoulders. I understand why some are worried. Their behavior appears unprofessional. I eat, sleep, and breathe guns yet their actions would make me pause as I down my coffee.
   I don't want to sit in Starbucks watching a SEIU rally. I'd hate to see a Pro Choice protest going on inside one of their stores, and I would definitely leave if the HopeyChangey Church Of Barry decided to hold a revival meeting inside of a business.
  I can understand if Starbucks doesn't want to be forced into the gun debate, or provide a location for a 2nd Amendment rally. They just want to sell coffee.
  As I said earlier, as long as they allow me to carry while buying their products, I'm happy. When I'm told that I cannot carry openly or concealed in their stores, then we are done. Simply asking me not to show up dressed for a raid on the Bin Laden compound isn't going to offend me too much.
  It's best summed up like this. Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should do it. We are in a never ending battle to keep our gun rights, and bringing an AK, AR, or shotgun to a coffee house or restaurant isn't going to win any fence sitters to our side. 

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